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Advanced ROI Reporting for Accelerated Growth

We are so excited to introduce you to our brand new ROI Insights Report. Have you considered that the effectiveness of your marketing hinges on the quality of your tracking and reporting? When you can't trace the actual generated revenue, you're left to make educated guesses about what's effective with your marketing efforts.



What You're Going to Learn

To boost the growth of your plumbing, HVAC, or electrical business, it's crucial to have the capability to monitor and assess the impact of every marketing channel and accurately determine the true ROI. During this session, we will delve into:

  • The significance of precise ROI reporting for optimizing your growth and achieving desired outcomes.
  • Distinguishing between projected ROI and True ROI Matching.
  • Techniques for tracing your return on investment to actual customer sales through synchronization with your dispatch system.
  • Plus, a host of additional insights.

All right, hello, and welcome. I am super excited for today’s session, we’re going to be talking all about advanced ROI reporting. And really more important than just advanced or AI reporting, really how to accelerate your growth, take your plumbing, HVAC, electrical home service business to the next level, by having the right data so that you can make strategic decisions. So you can double down on the things that actually generate results. And I want to promise you what we’re going to be sharing with you on today’s session is not something that is old information. This is brand new technology that’s just become available over the last couple of months. And so kudos to you for being on today’s session. And for kind of getting an ear on the latest technology that you can leverage to enhance your reporting. And to take your business to the next level. This is a plumbing an H back SEO client specific session. So I’m super glad to have you guys on here. As clients, I’m really excited about this session. And we’ve got a couple of guests with us, as well. So so let’s get into it, what we’re going to cover on today’s session, or really, the main thing is going to be how to accelerate your sales by getting your internet marketing right and talk a little bit about the accelerated growth model and what we’re implementing for you guys, as clients to keep the phone’s ringing to keep the trucks running and to keep the business booming. But really what we’re going to talk about for the meat and potatoes is why true ROI reporting is essential to accelerate your growth and to really dial in your results. And we’re going to talk about the new, the new ROI Insights report that will sync with your actual dispatch system connect to the service Titan housecall pro systems that you might have in place, so you’ll know exactly not like, Hey, I think we generated X amount of revenue from this because we’re using projected ROI. But we will know exactly what the ROI is down to the channel. So that’s pretty exciting. And you’re pumped for this, give me a one of the comments. Again, I love interaction. So let’s read I’m not just talking to my screen here. Jamie’s with me. For those of you guys that don’t know, I think most of us do. My name is Josh Nelson. I’m the founder and CEO of plumbing and H back SEO. And I’m the author of How to triple your sales by getting your internet marketing right and honored to work with literally hundreds of plumbing HVAC home service companies across the country, helping them dominate their local markets and take their businesses to the next level. And this is what we do like we truly have a passion for helping you guys, our clients, plumbing HVAC, home service contractors, triple their sales, grow their business by getting their internet marketing, right. And our mission as an organization, our mission as an organization to triple the sales of 1000, plumbing HVAC home service companies. And I think what we’re going to be sharing with you today is going to be a big part of us accomplishing that mission and continuing to take things forward. I’m also really excited to have a special presenter with us Kevin Lewis age from search light, he’s going to be showing you the technology really walking you through how it works, we’ve been able to partner with them. And they’re the ones that developed this technology to develop the ROI Insights report, which is a massive, massive game changer. So let’s get into it. I’ll be I’ll be bringing Kevin in here in just a minute. Really the accelerated growth model, and I believe this is the model to triple your sales, regardless of where you’re at right now, whether you’re going $1,000,000.05 million dollars, $10 million, really comes down to these three key things. If you can get these three key things humming in your business, you can triple your sales over the next 12 to 24 months. And so first thing we have to do is we’ve got to drive leads, right? And usually when you think about us and what we do for you, that’s what you think, right? Okay, they’re going to help us get ranked organically, they’re going to help us drive pay search, they’re going to help us make sure the websites converting, right, we think we’re going to drive leads. And that’s massively important, we got to drive leads in order to generate lead flow in the volume. But in tandem to that, we also have to maximize conversion, right, we have to be really good at converting the visitors that get to our website, the people that call in not just from a lead, but actually to a book job, right. And we also want to convert that one time customer into a repeat buyer that uses us again, that refers us to others. So we’ve gotten really good at converting the opportunities that we generate. And then we’ve got to optimize the results. And this is something we’re constantly working on. We’re constantly trying to innovate, which is a how do we make sure we’re spending enough to help you hit the growth targets that you’ve set up? How do we make sure that the average cost per lead makes financial sense and that we’re helping to drive leads through the channels that were best whether it’s SEO, pay per click local service, ads, thumbtack, whatever it is, that’s the latest flavor of the day, and then ultimately, optimize results for return on investment. Right? How much do we spend, how many leads that we generate, how many jobs were actually generated? And it’s really at the end of the day, ROI, all about return on investment, when you’ve got the ROI dialed in, you can confidently say I’m going to spend $1. And we’re going to get 567 dollars in return. And I just want you to type yes, in the comments. If you can confidently say, we’re spending $1 And getting 567 dollars return, I want to spend that money as quickly as I can. So we can continue to grow the business, give me a couple of yeses, guys. And this is really the gap that we’re looking to solve for today that we’re looking to solve for is that in the past, we’ve got great reporting, where we can show you here’s how much you spent, here’s how many leads you generated, here’s your average cost per lead, but we’re projecting the ROI, right? We’re saying What’s your average conversion rate? What’s the average transaction value on a per job basis. And based on that, based on the industry benchmarks, we’ve been able to say, we project that you got a 10 time return on investment this month. And that’s good, it’s actually better than most of the other reporting mechanisms in the industry. But the feedback we’re getting from you guys, is we need to know the actual return on investment. And this actual reporting is gonna give us the ability to no longer have the gas where you can confidently say, Man, I know we’re getting results, I know which channels are getting the best results, and we can double down and more effectively spend our dollars. Right. The other thing is that insight internally here, plugging in a check, SEO gives us the insights to say, hey, what’s actually working best, let’s shift some of the money that maybe that we’re spending over here on local service ads to Google ads, for instance, because we see that that’s working best and we can use more of your budget more effectively. So that’s what this is all about. Give me a yes in the comments. If this sounds good, if you’re excited about this, he says this is a big gap for us right now. Again, if we’re looking at the accelerated growth model, when we’re driving leads organic pay database reactivation, this is a big part of what we’re focused on for you guys converting that one time customer into a repeat buyer. Joe, it says dollar signs with the yes love it, maximizing the conversion, making sure the website is built to convert, making sure we got a great reputation with lots of online reviews from our real customers and our real service area. And then we’re leveraging automation with with conversion to follow up with the leads very quickly via phone via SMS. And then we’re also putting them to to nurture sequences so that we can convert more and more the leads that we generate. But again, today is all down here on the optimization of results. And making sure that we’re dialing in the return on investment we know that return on investment, and we can get it honed in. How many of you guys have heard this quote, I know this is a super, you’re gonna start with this quote, I’m gonna steal your thunder. No, I love it. One of the most famous advertising and Business Growth quotes there is I don’t know who this guy is Lord Leatherman, whatever, but the quote itself is half my advertising spend is wasted. The trouble is, I don’t know which half, right. And that’s what this is about. That’s what we want to help you guys solve for with our ROI insights reporting. So with that, I’m going to hand it off to Kevin Lewis, he is going to walk you through how this works, and really what we can do to sync your leads and close jobs back to the revenue back to the source of the marketing.

Awesome. Thanks, Josh. And I appreciate everyone’s time today. And that quote is funny because I have it from someone else. John Wanamaker and he died in 1922. But the thing is, it’s over 100 years old, and it still applies. And that’s what blows my mind, right. We think the internet’s been around for 20 years, and I’ve been in the digital marketing game 15 years, we’ve been measuring things by KPIs, and the AI stands for indicator. And you know, it’s time that we get past that. And we start measuring ROI and row as return on adspend and things like that. So this is all about optimizing results, and really identifying what’s working, what’s not working. And as Josh said, where we can reallocate to make sure if there’s an opera, if there’s a channel that’s working, and we can put more behind it, we need to know that through data, and then we can act on it. So I will share my screen and just dive right in for everyone here.

So we should be seeing the

ROI Insights report here. Is that correct? Yep. All right. Awesome. So you know, I like to tell everyone, when I go through this, my dad owns a small little plumbing company company in Connecticut, and I was always heavily invested with digital marketing. And I was like, yeah, let me blow up the company. Let’s spend some money online and let’s hire tax and he always said, I think digital is BS. You know, you can’t prove what you make until you can show me I spend X and I earn y kav. I’m not interested. And he’s a real old school plumber, like been doing it for 40 years. So that was always the premise when we designed this dashboard at search light. And just so everyone knows this is a homegrown software as search light that updates every night at midnight. So once you’re on boarded, there is no manual entries. You’re not coming in here and entering entering any information. It’s just automatically uploading. So right off the bat, what I like to highlight is just we’re going to be pulling in your spend, you can see it right here at the top. And this is across multiple accounts, right. So if you have more than one location, we can roll these all up into one corporate view, where you can see the performance over everything. If you’re a single location, obviously, you just need one dashboard. We have a custom date range here, right? So you might want to look at how you performed last month, last week, last quarter, whatever the case may be. But the unique thing about the spend is you’re spending on a bunch of channels, right might be Google, Bing, Facebook, LSA, then you’ve got Google My Business, and you’re paying a provider to manage SEO. So the way our spend works is we have integrations directly with every app platform. So every night at midnight, we’ll capture what was spent in the previous day and keep totaling it as we move forward. So again, there’s no manual inputs here. But what I love is right off the bat without a click, and I could say, hey, we spent 120 grand, and we earn just over 2 million. Right? This is just a stop, there is a lot of value. And I’ve been in that marketing seat, you know, I’ve been trying to prove that value before. So I understand the importance of this. And then if you look at how we get to that 2.1 million, this is all current events. So within that date range we have selected here, I can tell Josh, hey, we’ve got over 700 grand of current open estimates, right. In addition to that, we’ve sold just over 125k of those estimates. So those are jobs that are scheduled for the near future, but they just haven’t been started or completed yet. And in addition to that, we have our closed revenue. So this is looking at all the conversions that came in and led to estimates sold jobs in close jobs, right. And we can map the referral channel to the website, we have a tag that goes on the site to see all the website behavior. And then we have an API into your dispatch system or your CRM. So we can map the marketing channel to customer revenue and what happens in between. So if you add these three numbers together, you get that 2.1 million. Now, if you look at 120, grand spent and 2.1 million, I’ll take those numbers all day long. But what that’s showing you is that so far, we have closed a 10.93x return on our investment. Right? For every dollar spent, we’re almost we’re earning just shy of $11. But marketing is not about closing the job marketing in our case is about getting the tech in the house right a qualified lead, we booked the estimate, we get the tech in the door, no h back company is closing 100% of their estimates, at least the ones I have I’ve been I’ve met. So in this case, estimated revenue is extremely important to be measuring from a marketing standpoint, we might not close 100% of that. But the marketing worked, right, someone searched for each back company near me click the ad came to the site filled out a form, we got the tech in the house, it works. Now you might be priced too high or booked out too far, there’s a lot of variables that can happen. But in this case, that’s why we call it revenue potential. For that spend, we’ve generated just shy of 2 million and if we closed all of our estimates, we would have a row as a return on adspend of almost 18x. Right. And keep in mind, this is real data across like six of Josh’s accounts. So for the average here, these clients are spending $1 getting an opportunity to earn 18 $18 back but they’re closing just shy of 11. So it’s amazing performance. And a lot of our a lot of our partners love that simple talk track, what was that what was earned. But naturally, we want details. Right? So it’s really great, we have your business units pulled in directly from your CRM. So we don’t rename them, we just pull in exactly what you have. So if you want to see that 2.1 million spread out across my service or install business, or maybe you do plumbing and each back, you can click select your business unit and it’s going to populate your revenue potential from all of the leads that generated paying customers through that business unit. Now, probably one of my favorites when you’re proving value of marketing is are these customers new? Right? And I know there’s you know, existing technology in all these different CRMs whether it’s correct or not. We wrote our own logic to make it very simple. So the way this works is if a lead comes in its timestamps, right Kevin unless he submitted a lead on a website at Tuesday at two o’clock. Did Kevin lists age exist in your CRM before that lead came in? If he did use existing he’s already there. Right? If that lead comes in and Kevin was sage does not exist in your CRM we know is new. So now and I’ll address Knoll here in a little bit because trust So that’s like the biggest part of this whole story. But now I can say great, you generated 2.1 million and Josh, but let’s see how much what percent of that actually came from new customers versus existing customers, right. And this is great to be able to measure whether you’re a marketing, you know, in the marketing seat, or, you know, the GM of a business really just trying to drive that new customer revenue, because that’s the bowl of marketing. So in addition to that, we have categories, I mean, pretty high level organic advertising, but what really matters here, and this is the money of the conversation is breaking this all out by AD channel, or marketing channel, right? So within two clicks, anyone on this phone that was using the ROI Insights report can now answer the question how much new customer revenue that I earned through Pay Per Click last quarter, right, actually three clicks, because we have to update the date range. So previously, that’s usually involves like a data scientist type employee at the company, and you’re gonna have a data warehouse and you’re pulling in data from multiple sources, and you’re querying it, and it’s expensive, and you’re not even guaranteed accuracy. So with this dashboard, we try to get over it, we get over all those hurdles. And we try to make this easy for your average contractor to understand Am I getting a return for my investment, and where what’s working what’s not. So you know, we can boil all of this conversation down to the individual channel. And just transparently for everyone here and for Josh is like we are releasing shortly the key keyword and campaign level revenue attribution to write to get even more granular. So we can break up this data and a lot of different ways off here to the right and filter it. But the story that’s most impactful is this piece to the left. Josh, again, you guys are killing it. Everything’s green here. You know, leads are up. So we’ve joined in the last 28 days, we’ve got 3500 leads. That’s fantastic, right? But the first thing we have to do with a lead is understand what like how many are? What’s the customer of the lead. So Kevin LeSage as a customer might submit five leads, right three phone calls to form submissions. So the first thing we do with conversions and leads is we group them to a customer ID. And what you can see here is we’ve gotten 25 2600 active customers from our digital marketing over that date bridge. Now, here’s the story. What percent of those customers make it into the CRM, because if you don’t get into the CRM, you don’t make any money on it. Right? And what happens here is leads come in, they’re either bookable or they’re not bookable. We all know this, some some phone call might say, Hey, I have no heat, When can you come out? The next phone call might say your trucks driving too fast on the highway, and you guys need to fix you know, all upset? Well, they’ve, they both might come through paper clicks, searching a brand name, maybe come through Google My Business, right? They’re gonna find your business, they’re gonna click into the website, and they’re gonna call that’s, that’s a conversion. That’s a lead was was it bookable or not? Right. And the alarming thing, and this is really portfolio average for all search light is right around 35% of all conversions, make it into the CRM. And what that says right is 65% of the conversions that come in do not yet a lot of us today, and it’s no fault to us, it’s using the tools we’ve had is we’re measuring success by cost per lead, yet 35% of them make it in the CRM, and 25% of them turned into paying customers.

So now the conversation flips very quickly. And it turns into what marketing investments are driving paying customers, and what marketing investments are just driving conversions, right? Because I always joke, if you want a lot of conversions, they’re really cheap from India, or from a spam farm in Russia or something, right? But is is the form or the conversion going to actually be someone in your service area in need of what you provide. That’s a whole different story. Right? And that’s what this dashboard is designed to do is measure what happens after the conversion. So now, based on every marketing channel, we can start looking at are we getting paying customers? And what is our x our customer acquisition cost by Channel? Right, we all would expect to see Google Pay Per Click be driving a much higher customer acquisition costs than Google My Business. But now we can prove it. And if we’re mid month, and we’re falling short of goal, and we’re having a marketing meeting around what can we do? I’m coming right here to figure out what marketing investments driving my lowest customer acquisition cost with my highest average ticket. Right? And if it’s an advertising campaign, or it’s something I’m doing with Josh, all of a sudden, we can put more money behind that because we know it works. And if we don’t have more money, well, let’s take from an area or an investment that’s not driving revenue. Just trust me There’s a lot of them, right? So now there’s this n indicators, this is down to the penny, in this specific job, which I’ll show you guys here shortly, we can correctly identify exactly what marketing channel and what investments are driving paying customers, and through that become much more efficient with our marketing strategy and our budget. Before I move on to the conversion tool performance piece of this, I just want to open up and see if there’s any questions or Josh, if there’s anything you want to add.

Yeah. Does anybody have a question? Or or if you want, just put a one in the comments if this is pretty, like, if you didn’t see the value of this seems like this would be pretty great data to have access to I don’t want to put anybody on the spot. But if there’s any questions, feel free to unmute

lots of ones. All right, let’s, let’s

keep going. I think this is awesome.

Cool. Cool. Well, okay, the big piece of this is obviously marketing channel lead. But the other side of that coin guys is the conversion tool performance, right? That’s a big piece of this customer journey. So in addition to having all of your marketing channels mapped, we can also map all of the conversion paths. So that means all phone calls, all forums, all chats, all schedule engines, all LSA bookings, anything where you generate a lead, or a conversation with a potential customer, we map to that revenue. So now the cool story here is, where are we? Where can we improve from an operational standpoint, not just marketing. And what I can see here, like right off the bat is through phone calls, we’ve generated $1.8 million in potential. And you can see with form submissions, the different number. So if I come in to average ticket, like it jumps off the page, to me that schedule engine has like a 3x average ticket compared to these other sources, not as many of them. But wow, like, okay, what can we do with that information? Right? Should we put more people through that schedule engine tool to make it more whatever the conversation is, right? But now we know. And then more importantly, is we have our paying customer rate. So this is telling us the really the quality of the lead source, right? What percent of the conversions are we turning into paying customers? Again, schedule engineer looking pretty hot, not as much but great percent numbers. But then what’s really important is you can start to see the match rate. So the rate at which you’re getting phone call leads into your CRM. So you can see like, we got 750, and but we left 1400 on the table. Now, there’s always going to be some left on the table, because you’re gonna get that upset person on the highway calling. And it’s never bookable. And nothing we can do about that. It’s just human nature. But what we can also do here is start and I’ll show you in another report here is looking at these lead by lead to understand, am I getting quality in market shoppers? Or am I just getting the spam from Russia or something, right. And all of a sudden, we can have much more tangible conversations, because we see it all the time where an HR company might fall into one of our partners and just be like, hey, the marketing is not working, and we’re not getting any jobs. And we come in here and I can look at the quality of the leads. And I’m like, here’s 10 needs where they were all looking for new installs, that never made it in the CRM, what happened? Oh, well, the person that answers that has been out, or we, you know, we don’t know. And all of a sudden, we’ve uncovered a large leak in the ship. And when we plug it, we’re back on track. So this is great tool to really dive in from an operational perspective to now what I will show you is the next phase. So this is the customer list that I was just talking about. So over here to the left, right now, what this is doing is this is looking at each individual job that adds up to that summary, if you were just looking at so early on, when a customer said I don’t believe we made 2.1 million off of our advertising, we would come here. And I would say well pull up your CRM, and let’s search this name or the number and they’ll find the customer. And you’ll see it closed August 14 for $30,000. I mean, it’s just it’s math, it’s all going to be linear, that the exact same information. So now we can see where each individual job is. And a lot of clients and you know, Josh, I recommend this for your team to is like come in here and filter to just your open estimates. Right. And now all of a sudden, we here’s all the open estimates that we’ve earned through digital marketing, what’s our follow up process? What are we doing to bring these things home. But probably my favorite thing, what I was describing earlier is turning off all the estimates sold and close jobs. So what this is going to do now is it’s going to show you all of the leads that came in that never made it to the CRM. Right now we can get very granular. And we have this lead details tool here. So for the sake of this conversation, I’m just going to pick let me move this real quick. I’m just going to pick the conversion app forms here. But you can see the chats you can see the transcripts from the calls. It’s You can see all of it. But now I have lead details where I can come in and I can see what was the form submission? Was it workable, or was it not? Right? And I can start clicking into jobs. And it’s going to tell me that here’s a lead that came in. And are you interested in receiving a professional, janitorial or disinfection quote for your business? Right? That is a lead that is not workable, but it came through as any other agency would call a lead. So in that case, you’re off the hook, right? No, no, no wonder why that didn’t make it in the CRM. But I can also, I gotta move this snap, sorry. There we go. If I click through, that never takes me more than two or three clicks to find that big opportunity that was missed right? meeting requests next week to discuss a project for a battery application with your teams on site. Okay, let me so these are good, right. But the cool thing here is this updates daily. And if you want to come in and say, Hey, what am I what leads? Am I getting from pay per click or Google My Business and want to see these details? They’ll be right here. And it’s not? I mean, no one’s perfect. So there’s going to be opportunities where you find missed. bookable leads, right. Architectural structural plans for an estimate. Yeah, can you kind of get the point here, this looks to Josh, no one’s really missing anything, a plumbing thumbs up, right? But trust me, there’s some times we come in here and I’m like, click after click, what happened? What happened? Why is this being missed, and then all of a sudden, the conversation shifts to maybe it’s not the lead volumous lead management. So an awesome report to really get into the granular detail. Now, in addition to that, we also have this overlaid on a zip code heat map. So this is awesome, because you guys are always trying to grow, expand, understand what where you’re pulling in customers, and I know service Titan or other CRMs can map zip code to revenue. But what they don’t have is the ability to do it by marketing channel. So I can come in here, and I can say, okay, it’s great, you know, we’re getting, you can see our top performing zip codes and things like that. But I want to know just where I’m getting Google advertising revenue, and maybe I want to know, new customer, Google advertising revenue, right? Now all of a sudden, I can have a really good conversation with my ad company. Or if this was SEO with my SEO company, and maybe this location is making a business move to go into Durham, right, and they’re going to build out a virtual Google business profile, or dumped 20 grand into pay per click, start pulling in new customers from there. Well, at the end of the 30, day, 60 day pilot, I don’t want to just see that my business marketing is up and things are working, I want to know that I’m getting new customer revenue from Durham, from my pay per click strategy that I just put in that market. Right. And if I turn this on, and I’m not seeing that I know we have a problem. So we can get extremely granular on where the traffic is coming from. And trust me by from AD analysts and building custom strategy, this kind of information to know your top performing zip codes and what’s working best. And maybe we’re not doing well in this region, why? What can we do to improve that as their competitors here, all of a sudden, I can have a four hour conversation with Josh around strategy and really diving in and what we can do to improve because we have the data. So showing Josh this break before we started the call, I will share the screenshot, it will be live in the ROI Insights report here very shortly. But in my opinion, this is the this is it. It is looking at all of your investments on the left, right. Ignore the spend it was filler data as as a screenshot, but the spend will be dynamically pulled in from each attribution channel. So you can log in here, anyone at your business with access, or Josh’s team can come in here and say, Where am I spending the most make one click and it’ll filter all your channels. Okay. Channel X, I’m spending the most Well, where am I getting the most revenue potential? One click, we can see that? Where am I getting my lowest customer acquisition cost? One click, I can see that. Where am I getting my highest average ticket, right one click again. And all of a sudden we’re answering questions that previously we were not able to answer. And I’ve been working in talking with large PE groups that have resources and data scientists. And they’re still seeing value in this right. So this brings that value that’s normally you know, million dollar investment right to the fingertips of your business. And it allows you guys like that example, earlier mid month, what’s working? When do we have to make a change on we can come right in here and we can get Josh’s team engaged and all of a sudden we just made an update that will get you guys closer to your goal because we now aren’t just, you know, looking at indicators, but we’re actually measuring what investment is driving what paying customer. And the key here is to invest where we get that 25% average customer or average paying customer rate, right? When we invest in optimizing and what’s driving revenue and paying customers, we can weed out all the other stuff and be do more with less.

Yeah, the beauty of this, the beauty of this, you know, for you guys as clients, the whole, the whole idea is we want to make it better for you to see how much you spent and how much the ROI actually was. Right. That’s, that’s the main thing, we’re no longer guessing. But it also gives our team which is trained on this platform is going to be leveraging the data behind the scenes, gives them the ability to help you optimize your decisions help to help me show you where to spend more dollars as you look to grow and scale up. So feel you have to become an expert internally on how to use this, our team is going to be armed with the information they need to make better decisions and to make shifts and pivots off so they get the best outcomes possible.

Exactly. Love it. Any questions from

anyone or one thing? I’d

like to know guys? And unless you have a question, go ahead and type it in. Um, what what dispatch system are you using on the call right now I know most of us is service type, maybe house call Pro? If you don’t mind, type that in. Okay, a bunch of Jamie says service. I know you guys have been using service type for a long time.

Yeah, feel the edge.

Okay. So right now we’re set up to sync with service Titan house called Pro and what’s the other

field Edge Service fusion.

Most of the big ones we are all set to go with. So again, what that means is we really just get the API key. Or like in service Titans case, it’s a tenant ID that you guys might be familiar with. We connect to the API, and then that gives us that customer revenue to match to the marketing

channels. Got it, Sara?

John, I think John just mentioned is switching to sherif.

Ali right now. So Sarah, we’re working on it, if you want to email them, and let them know that you talked to searchlight and you want to get this going?

We’d appreciate the support. So

the one question I hear come up again and again is, you know, I’ve already got service Titan and service Titan does some of this reporting already. If I map my numbers, right, or I upgrade to service type Marketing Pro, can we can talk a little bit about the distinctions of why this is different than the built in service Titan reporting?

Yeah, I mean, without spending, that could be another two hour call. A couple of big key things here is we have a tag that goes on the website to give us all the website behavior, right. So we’re mapping, not just your phone calls and your emails to revenue, it’s everything to revenue. And when we did the restart, when we did the study, earlier this year, it was something like 30% of revenue came from outside of the phone call, or the phone call phone tracking. We did this report again last week or the week before it, it was 38%. So almost 40% of revenue comes from outside of phone calls, right. And if you look at other industry, guys, that trend is not going to slow down, right? Consumers want convenience, we want first as a two way text, right. And, you know, I’ll be on my kids game on, on my phone, buying a car today, right or scheduling an appointment for H fac. And you can see that over time. So the point being there is everything gets mapped to revenue. And another big piece of this is we’re not leveraging Google Analytics. So a lot of contractors and agencies struggle with Google Analytics, right. And if that’s not set up correctly, and you don’t have all your conversion goals set up correctly, then you’re just feeding incorrect data back to Marketing Pro. So we don’t need that step. Your Google Analytics can be a mess, it doesn’t make any impact on our data whatsoever. And I think those would probably like without getting too technical. Those are probably some of the biggest ones. So holistic measurement. We don’t need Google Analytics. Yeah, and I’ll leave we’ll leave it there for now.

Excellent. Jeff was asking, how’s this different than Vince? Did you get our current reporting? So our current reporting we’re able to show you exactly how much you spent exactly how many leads came in and a projected ROI so it’s it’s it’s projecting based on industry benchmarks. This is actually matching to your dispatch system. So it’s not a guess it’s like actually matched this was the lead this is the customer this is how much lead flow or how much revenue was generated. Hopefully that makes sense. The distinction

out I want to add to this too, am I muted?

No, we hear you. Okay, cool.

So the other key thing to hear that I just want to point out is service Titan, you really need to leverage like their approved vendors to to get it to work, right, like ad agencies and whatever the case may be. We just worked directly with The setup. So you don’t need to play with Josh, for example, right, we just connected all of his call tracking to our portfolio our system. And we didn’t ask Josh to change his call tracking system or update x to y and change his process. So everyone can continue doing what your normal what you’re currently doing. And we’ll just map that system into this dashboard.

So we don’t want to change your process. Love it,

if you have any questions, pop them in, if you don’t mind stopping the share for a second, Kevin, I’ll just kind of talk through. So that’s the report. Again, it basically it’s the match rate to booking rate revenue, potential advertising channels, business units, customer types, this is something we’re bringing to you as clients. And we want to add as an additional layer of value, there is a hard cost a pretty significant hard cost for us to set this up and to keep it running for you and on an ongoing basis. So as clients, we have a premium option where we can add this for you for just 397 per month. And you just need to get with your account manager, this is I’m not trying to sell you on this on the call. But if you’re interested in having this additional layer of reporting, and being able to really help us help you get better results, let your account manager know, hey, I want to get the ROI Insights report set up again, it’s 397 per month, and long as you’re getting value.

Josh, that’s like less than three, you know, substantially less expensive than Marketing Pro two, right? You’re getting more for less short answer there.

Yep. So any questions? I

know we have some great clients on here. Any questions about this any feedback or thoughts?

on mute, or typing in the comments. I like the tough questions. So we are moving to Sara. Cool. We have a meeting. We’re in the process. Now currently, we feel that we spent a lot of time manually going through every single work order that was was created. And so you know, what happened to the call? Did it convert to an estimate? And then what happened to the estimate? Did it turn into work? And then once everybody’s closed ratio, you know, how are they doing out in the field with the calls that we’ve you know, that we’re actually sending them out on? It, it’s, it takes a lot of time. Now this this, we did that manually

for like six months do so I can relate? Yes, that’s how we found these problems to solve.

So this is going to give us that information. Outside of what Sara is gonna give us or anything like that, if if all the information is flowing through directly the way it’s supposed to. All I need

in Philly, and I worked with this product team. i The conversations have gone deep. He just we just kind of prioritize it on their end. So yeah, short answer is all I need is an API key to your version of Sarah. And that gets me where you’re entering your estimate sold and closed and I can do the rest.

Big stuff. Huge. lied about it. Good question. He appreciate that.

And I’m serious to like if you’re reaching out to your you have a call mentioned and I talked to search that I really want to get this set up and make sense for my business. Right. Like, I’ve made my argument my pitch stability, but nothing’s more credible than your own paying customers. Well,

I think they’re in that position right now where they’re, they’re really listening. Because it reminds me of where we were at maybe two years ago with field edge, you know, and, you know, so we’re taking a little bit of a jump, because there’s some things that they don’t necessarily have up and running yet. And you know, it’s the thing. Yeah, it’s, we’re working on that. So but they’re listening. And so we’re like, Okay, I think where you’re at right now is good enough for us to join, jump in. And we’ll just go for the ride and see, you know, where it’s gonna take us, but I think it’s, you know, it’s gonna be way

better than field edge. Yeah, the feedback I’ve heard from Sarah has been phenomenal, right? I have nothing but positive things to say. And transparently, Billy used to seeing the platform. He was really excited about it. But any technology company knows there’s a lot of competing priorities. And there’s only so many engineers. So

it’s no different than any other business. So many

texts, right? Exactly. No different. Yep.

Thank you.

Of course question. Glad we can get that clarified. Any other questions? Well, we’ve got you guys. We talked about advanced ROI reporting. We’ve kind of showed you how it works and kind of the importance and the value of it. We talked about the accelerated growth model. Again, our team just wants to generate more and more results for you. We want to help you get the outcomes that you’re after and I think implementing this is going to have a huge impact on that front, I see Ks on with us or Director of Client Relations, anything you want to say on this, Kay?

Just how really excited we are to get this going for our clients, it’s going to be a groundbreaker. We are excited to be able to be more transparent than we are already. And give the details that they’re asking for this is going to make it so much easier and so much more clear. So, really stoked. Thank you so much.


We still got Jamie and Jeff and Whitney on with their cameras on any questions from you guys?

No, no. Okay. Did you raise your hand, Jeff?

Good question. So, I mean, this dashboard was launched in January. So like we were transparently doing advertising at one point, we found the problem of Miss attribution. And my background is in analytics. So we brought on an engineering team that has tons of background and custom analytic reports. And we started from ground up and really listened to clients the entire way. So we’ve been building this plane as we’ve been flying it. But to that point, I mean, Josh said it early on, this is brand new technology. And the ones who adopt it early on are going to be able to make those smarter decisions wrapping up this year and making their plans for next year, right, because they’re gonna know what drove paying customers throughout the year. So I do think, you know, the people that are adopting this early on are going to see that that success. It’s all about love. It’s true. And we’re macroeconomic economic times, right, we can admit they’re slowing down for each factor bit. So all of a sudden, we want to get make sure every dollar is bringing a return. And it’s not just you know, what it was the last few years. So I think the timing works out well, too.

Yeah, so just going back one more time to this quote, half my advertising spends wasted, the trouble is, I don’t know which half this solves for that. And it gives us your plumbing, nature back SEO, the ability to help double down on the half that is actually working. Imagine if we could take that extra 50% and put it towards the channels that are actually resulting in more leads and more sales and more revenue, you’re gonna get better results, we’re gonna feel better about the services we’re providing. And that’s really what this is all about. So I know you guys time is valuable. I’ll get you back out. If you don’t have any other questions. Again, get with your account managers, they can set this up for you. The good news is we can kind of hit the ground running with this for you very, very quickly. And it’s no risk, right? Well, we’ll set it up. If you see the value, and it’s useful. We’ll keep it going. If you don’t, we can always turn it off and go back to the reporting we’ve had in the past. So that’s it for now. Guys, thank you so much for being on. We appreciate your business. We’re so excited about helping you grow and scale. excited about what we’re going to accomplish in the in the months ahead. And Kevin, thanks for being on here today. And thanks for unpacking it for everybody.

Of course anytime. Yeah, thank you guys. Take care.

Thanks, everybody.

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