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How to Triple Your Sales By Getting Your Internet Marketing Right for Plumbing, HVAC & Home Service Contractors

We will share with you the roadmap that triples sales through all aspects of internet marketing - SEO, Google Maps Optimization, Website Conversion Elements, Link Building, Content Development, Social Media, and Paid Online Marketing.

What You're Going to Learn

  • A blueprint covering the MOST important online marketing medium that you should be tapping into for your plumbing or HVAC business
  • How to get your plumbing or HVAC business ranked on PAGE ONE for the most important keywords in your area
  • A proven strategy for getting your company to rank on the Google Map in your area by establishing your NAP, Citation Development & Reviews
  • Our step-by-step strategy for getting more repeat & referral business via Social Media

All right. Hello and welcome. I’m so excited to have you with us today. I’m so excited for today’s session, we’re gonna be talking about how to triple your sales by giving your internet marketing writing your plumbing, HVAC, electrical home service business loves to make these these sessions as interactive as possible. So if you don’t mind, turn on your webcams unmute yourself and have the ability to kind of chat in if you want, find the chat box and put a one in the chat just so I can make sure that you know how to chat with me. And we can make this a two way conversation.

So here’s what we’re gonna cover on today’s session, I can see that the the screen is a little bit hard to see. And so if anybody gets super frustrated by the screen, let me know and I can shift to showing sharing my screen maybe I want to cover is the accelerated growth model. And kind of the model we’ve been packed over the last 12 years in this business that has helped our clients really accelerate the growth, number of leads, number of book jobs, number of sales, we’re going to unpack that accelerated growth model the most important online marketing channels that you want to be tapping into the lots of different things at play right SEO and pay per click local service ads and thumbtack and retargeting and all of these other channels with social media, we’ll talk about the ones that we’re finding work best for growing your plumbing, HVAC, electrical business, I’m talking about how to turn your website into a lead machine, one of the most important things you need to make sure is that your website where your customers land, actually converts visitors into callers and that you got a process to convert those callers into book jobs and answer revenue. And so we’re gonna talk about what things you can change what things you can modify on your website to help them convert at the highest level possible. We’ll talk about the key strategies for getting ranked organically. I’m all for paid search I love like tapping into paid traffic sources. But still, some of the highest quality traffic you can get comes from organic from people searching and finding you in Google and finding you on the non paid listings. And so we’ll talk about the key things you can do with your website. And with your online strategy to make sure you’re showing up and all the places your customers are looking without having to incur a cost for every single click, we’ll talk about how to win with local service ads. This is a big thing that’s coming down the pipe. A lot of you guys already doing local service ads type LSA if you’re already running a local service, as we’ll talk about not just how it works, but how to win with local service ads, how to really optimize your results and maximize your outcomes, and then how to how to improve the conversion rate that you get from lead to book genres. Lots of new things that have come out in terms of marketing automation to a text messaging, chat via text that we found can really amplify the conversion rate from, you know, website visitor to an actual lead. So these are the key things I’m sure we’ll be talking about other things as we go. We’ll be filling in a lot of different gaps. But just give me a yes in the comments. If we can cover this during the next 60 minutes. This will feel like a really productive use of your time. Just give me a yes. In the comments. I’d like to make sure I’m talking about what you want to hear. And this is going to be relevant.

Excellent. I’ve seen yeses. So thank you guys for interacting. Thanks for using the two way chat. Real quick. Who am I? Why should you listen? My name is Josh Nelson. I’m the founder of plumbing and HVAC SEO, digital marketing agency service for plumbing HVAC and home service companies. I’m the author of How to triple your sales by getting your internet marketing right, the book type book in the comments if you’ve got this book or you’ve read the book. This is kind of the the core presentation that I like to share that explains our key strategies or key

techniques that we found work really, really well for helping companies grow book in the comments if you have it. If you don’t like it, let us know we can we can get a copy out to you. This is one of the top selling books on digital marketing for plumbing HVAC and home services. But I’d say more important than the fact that I published a book and then I’m involved with next door QFC and service roundtable and all of these different organizations, I’d say most importantly, I’ve had the opportunity now to work with hundreds of plumbing HVAC, home service companies and some of the most competitive markets across the country, taking a lot of them from relative obscurity online to the point where they’re now the dominant company in their market coming up very strong, organically generating hundreds and hundreds of leads every single month. And a lot of our clients have tripled their sales. Many of them have seen millions and millions of dollars in increased revenue by implementing the right online marketing strategies. And so what I’m going to share with you today isn’t based on theory, it’s not based on some blog posts that I’ve read somewhere when I read on Search Engine Land, it’s based on real world in the trenches experience working with plumbing HVAC, home service companies, just like you and this is what we do all day.

A day in and day out. Our mission here at plumbing and HVAC SEO is to triple the sales of 1000, plumbing HVAC home service companies over the next 10 years. And this is what we do every day. Like we’ve got a full team, United States International that all day every day, we build the websites, we write the content, we do the work, we put in the automations. And we have a passion for helping home service companies generate better results and grow their businesses. And so if you’re interested in having us review what you’re doing with your online marketing today, look at your website, look at your SEO strategy, look at your paid click and actually give you a personalized assessment. You can go to plumber, SEO dotnet slash schedule, just pick a time, I’m going to give you great insights today. But sometimes it’s nice to have a magnifying glass on your actual strategy and show you what’s good, what’s bad, where there’s room for improvement. So that’s us. That’s who I am. That’s why you should listen.

Why? Why are we even doing a session about online marketing, how to increase your sales? Why is this important? I like to store all my

all my webinars all my sessions with this kind of as a as a mental frame. The reason I think it’s important is because at the end of the day marketing will make or break your business. Right. If you do not have good marketing, if you don’t have phone calls, if you don’t have inquiries, if you don’t have new customers reaching out on a consistent basis, you can have the best technicians in the world, you can have the best systems in the world. But if you don’t have lead flow, and you don’t have customers, you don’t have a business, right, there’s not money to pay the bills, there’s not money to grow the businesses, there’s not money to bring on that new truck, there’s not money to put that recruiting strategy in place to get the next Tech and to continue to grow the business. I think the other reason this is super important is that you guys make a massive investment in marketing. But as a whole the plumbing HVAC home service industry, you spent a lot of money on Pay Per Click advertising on retargeting, you’ve tried, many of you guys have tried multiple providers for this. I’d be curious, you know, our typical clients doing between a million and $10 million per year spending well over $100,000 per month per year in marketing. What what are you spending today? Like, you know, if you don’t mind the comments, how much are you spending, you spent 10 grand a year? Are you spending five grand a year are you spending 200,000, maybe a million dollars for I don’t know, put that in the comments. But what I do know is that you guys make a major investment, you’re not afraid to spend dollars to generate leads, and to keep the business rolling. But I say the other reason, outside of those two reasons that this is super important is the bigger threat, the bigger kind of opportunity cost for you is pork trucks. Like I think most of us would agree on today’s session that the bigger challenge in this industry isn’t necessarily getting customers, right, there’s plenty of customers, the bigger challenge is finding good technicians, getting those technicians to stay with you keeping them on board type recruiting, if this is a big challenge for you, in your in your business. That’s what I’m hearing from our clients. The big challenges is the recruiting and the hiring and the maintaining the technicians. And so if you’ve invested the time and the energy to hire a tech to get them trained out to get their truck stopped, and you wind up with pork trucks, and that technician winds up getting attracted to a different company or leaving your organization that is a huge problem that can be solved with proper marketing, right? If we’ve got a great marketing strategy, we get plenty of deal flow. Well, our phones were ringing, we never have to worry about that technician hopping off board. Give me a one if that makes sense. And kind of like these are the key reasons, we have to make sure that we’ve got a good marketing strategy and that we’re constantly growing, and we’re constantly staying on the cutting edge of what’s happening in marketing. Alright, good. I’m getting lots of ones coming in. That’s That’s fantastic. So so the opportunity really what we’re after what we want to solve for on today’s session. Number one is we want to nail the marketing, right, we want to make sure we’ve got plenty of lead flow coming in. Number two, we want to make sure we have a great investment from that big spin we’re making in marketing, right, we’re spending a lot of money in advertising, we’re willing to try different things. But we need to know how much they spend how many leads that I generate, am I actually getting a return on investment and make sure that we’re really getting a great result from the money that we’re spending, right. So while maximizing our outcomes, we’re maximizing the results. And most importantly, we generate enough leads to keep the trucks running to hit our targets to not worry about the technician having to go somewhere else but to constantly keep the trucks in circulation and have a confidence play that as you find that next deck as you roll out that extra you got the lead volume that you need to grow and to and to keep them busy. So I do have a great day that we’ve put together for this session.

but you can access it by going to plumber, SEO dotnet, slash workbook, Christian or Rick, if you can drop that into the comments, we’ll kind of use this to help drive this the session and kind of give you some actionable insights that you can take away. That’s plumber SEO dotnet slash workbook video, Chris Christian just dropped it in.

So I want to start by talking a little bit about this accelerated growth model. And kind of the key things that come into play when we think about what you need to do to accelerate your accelerate your growth. And really, it comes down to three key things. Number one, we’ve got to drive leads, right, we have to have enough lead flow via phone calls via text messages via you know, online booking to keep the trucks running. And usually we think about marketing. That’s where our mind goes, yeah, I gotta, I’m gonna drive leads. Beyond that, though, we’ve also got to maximize conversion, we’ve got to make sure that we’ve got the ability to convert those leads into book jobs. And then we can convert those book jobs into converted sales that actually generate revenue. And then we convert those one time customers into repeat customers that use this again, and again, to refer us to offers right if you can drive leads, and then you can maximize the conversion of those leads, and those customers into repeat customers, you’ve got a great foundation for accelerated growth within your business. And then from there, we’ve got to optimize results, which means we got to be able to figure out of all of the different marketing things we’re doing it drive leads,

what’s working best? What’s getting us the best ROI? How can we double down on the things that generate results and kill the things that don’t. And so within each of these, what we’ll be talking about is when it comes to driving leads, there’s three main channels. Number one is organic, right, which is making sure we’re coming up in the non paid listings, making sure we’re showing up in the online directories where our customers look, making sure that we’re getting your word of mouth business, these are all lead channels to drive leads that we don’t actually have to incur a cost for right, it’s just organic marketing, we want to make sure we get all of the organic channels firing, because that’s the lowest cost, highest value lead that you can get. Now, in addition to that we want to drive leads through paid search. So paid search is Google ads, it’s local service ads, it’s retargeting, it’s maybe it’s Facebook and tick tock, right, it’s actually paying for eyeballs, it’s paying for attention that when you’ve got the right tracking in place, gives you a dial just hey, this is working, let’s spend more on those local service ads, let’s spend more on whatever it is it’s working. And we want to make sure that we’ve got that fully optimized.

And then number three is database marketing, which is, I think, probably the biggest opportunity for most of you is that you’ve got a database of past customers, people that have done business with you in the past past inquiries, people that maybe got your website, or they called in, but they didn’t actually do business with you. But they’re, they’re interested, they’re in the local market. And usually, we don’t do any type of marketing back to our existing database, what we found is, that’s one of the greatest sources of lead flow that you have, if you can market to those past customers and get back in the home. If you can market to those customers and get them to refer you to a friend or a colleague, this creates a very low cost mechanism to generate leads to generate both sales and revenue growth. So as it relates to this particular channel, if you just thought about this from a traffic light system, green being it’s really good. It’s nice and tight. Yellow being there’s room for improvement, you know, it’s not terrible, but it’s not it’s like right, and red being not doing anything there lots of room for improvement. I’d love for you just to personally assess where where you’re sitting, are you doing great with SEO, organic? Are you doing great with paid search, or you’re doing great with database marketing, right? Because the reds, the things that there’s not a lot of great traction on tend to be the opportunities that stand out. I’d love it. If you could just post in the comments out of all three of those, which one is the biggest opportunity for you, right now? Where do you need to put your focus, put your attention to get the outcomes that you’re after.

So that when it comes to the conversion side of the equation, right, you can generate leads right through all of these channels. But if you don’t convert those leads into sales, it’s very easy to waste a lot of money. Super important. Most marketing companies just focus on lead generation. And they’re really good at Facebook ads. So they’re really good with SEO, and that’s what they focus on. But really, as a marketing company, our goal isn’t just to generate leads for you is to generate sales, it’s to generate revenue growth. And so we have to make sure we’re focused on not just getting the lead to the website or getting the lead to the phone, but actually converting those leads into revenue. So when it comes to maximizing conversion, there’s three key things you want to focus on. Number one,

Use your website, right your website is where customers go, regardless of if it was from SEO, or from pay per click, or because they stole one of your trucks, eventually, they’re going to wind up on your website, and that website becomes the hub. And if your website isn’t built to convert, if it’s not compelling in the in the respect that somebody wants to decide to call you versus the competition, you’re going to be bleeding traffic, you’re going to be bleeding opportunity. And so we want to make sure that our website is super fast loading, that it’s mobile friendly, that it’s compelling. And it gives a strong reason why somebody should choose you versus the competition. And when we do that, we can really improve the conversion rate from our paid and organic channels. From there to maximize conversion, we also need to think about your reputation, which is what’s the reputation of the local marketplace, what kind of reviews do you have on Google, on Yelp, on Angie on Thumbtack, because what we know is that your reputation has an impact on your rankings organically. But it also has a massive impact on your conversions. Because your customer, your potential customer, when they’re looking to solve that plumbing problem, or they’re looking to change out that water heater, they’re looking to install that new AC system, they’re gonna run a search, right? And they’re gonna wind up looking at your company be like, it seems like a pretty solid company. But what what are other people saying about them? What’s the what’s what’s the review stuff saying? Right? They’re gonna go back to Google, and they’re gonna do reviews for bills plumbing, right? And if you don’t have either enough reviews, or you don’t have positive sentiment in your reviews, that’s going to cause them to look elsewhere. Right? So it’s really important that we’re consistently driving new reviews from our real customers in the real service area, or responding to the reviews that we do get. And we’re cognizant of how do we match up versus the competition? Is there somebody in your market that has 10 times more reviews than you? Or do you have a little bit of a Blackhat, maybe you a couple of your most recent clients or customers when and then wrote a negative review that will impact your conversion rate. So making sure we’ve got a great reputation management strategy, where we’re not just getting new reviews, but we’re also kind of benchmarking against the competition in terms of how many reviews they have, and the recency of reviews, because people will look at the most recent reviews and judge you based on that.

And then number three, probably the biggest opportunity as it relates to conversion, in my mind is automation. Right? The technology now exists, I’m sure you guys are hearing about chat, CPT and bar and all of the new AI tools that are out there and coming down the pipe. But automation has been around for a long time where if somebody submits a request on your website, they get a call, they get a text message. But most home service companies haven’t gotten to the place where they’ve implemented any type of automation for their lead flow for their inquiries. And what we found is if you can put automation in place to speed up your speed to lead, so when somebody requests when you you can get back faster, because you have automation in place. And you can automate how frequently you follow up with those leads that haven’t scheduled yet, you can two or three time the conversion rate from an inquiry into a book job. And further, you can leverage automation to convert that one time customer who maybe just asked you out to unclog the toilet or to repair the AC that’s not working, use automation to develop relationship with that customer. So they know like trust you. So they consider you door contractor of choice, you can convert a one time customer into a repeat buyer that uses you again and again and again. So if you’re not leveraging automation, this is a huge opportunity to accelerate the growth of your plumbing HVAC or home service company. So when it comes to conversion, I just want you to stop and look at kind of look at this from a red light system. How are you doing? Is your website built to convert? Is it? Is it just cranking away? Maybe it converted? 30 or 40%? That will be green? How’s your reputation? Are you getting your 10 to 15% of your customers to post a review after the job? Do you have an average of four and a half store? or higher? Are you within 10%? Give or take the highest reviewed competitor in your market? If so, then give yourself a green. If any of those are less, it’s probably a yellow. If you don’t have a lot of reviews or you get like a less than a four and a half star review right now that probably be read in my mind. And then automation. Do you not have automation in place? Are you not following up via SMS phone call and text message immediately after every inquiry that’s read and that’s to me, that’s probably the biggest opportunity for most of you on today’s session. So I’d love to know what’s the big opportunity out of those three? What’s the one thing you need to focus on most right now within your business? Give me hit me up with some comments here in chat.

All him says John. Okay, so we’re going to drive leads, we talked about some of the key strategies for that we’re gonna maximize get, we’re not going to forget that we have to actually convert those leads into sales if we want our marketing to work. And then number three is we have to optimize results, right? And the topic of today’s session is how to triple your sales by getting your internet marketing, right.

And really, one of the key things you probably need to think about is your total spent, right, regardless of where you’re at today, whether you’re at $1,000,000.05 million dollars, $20 million, with clients of all of those different sizes.

How much are you spending in your marketing? Right? Well, I think when I talk with contractors that are stuck, they got to a million and a half or 2 million, and they’re just they’re plateaued. You say, Okay, how much are we spending in marketing today? Right, and maybe they’re spending $5,000 a month, and that’s what they spent to get to a million dollars per year, the reality is to be an aggressive growth contractor, you need to be reinvesting 10 to 20%, let’s say 10 to 15% of your income back into marketing, right. And a lot of times, if you’re stagnated, you just haven’t increased the budget, you haven’t given yourself the fuel that you need to generate the traction to generate the lead flow. So typically, it starts with your total investment back in your marketing. Number two, it’s really knowing what your average cost per lead is right across all the marketing that you do SEO, pay per click social media, direct mail, you know, BNI, whatever marketing you have in place, what’s your average cost per lead, you have to know that you have to have a track on that. Because if you don’t, then it’d be really easy to spend a lot more money, but be way out of whack. Right? If you’re spending $500 to generate a drain cleaning lead, that’s going to be a problem, right? So we need to know like, what’s the average cost per lead for the various service lines that we have? And you need to have a pulse on that. And then ultimately, we’ve got to optimize for return on investment. Right, the very most important thing that we can put in place is to clearly see how much do we spent? So total spin, how many leads did we generate? What’s that average cost per lead? And then what’s working best? Right? Is the SEO working really well, for these particular keywords? Let’s double down on that, are we getting a five times return on investment from our local service ads, and maybe we could spend more there, but you can’t make those types of adjustments if you don’t have the tracking in place, and you don’t have somebody that’s looking at the data and making smart decisions to move things forward. So as it relates to optimizing results, what’s the opportunity for you right now, maybe you need to spend more, and you just recognize, we’re only spending 1000 bucks a month, right? And we want to grow to 5 million, we need to spend more, maybe it’s you don’t have a not like you don’t know what the average cost per lead is. Or maybe you have a track on the ROI, maybe you’re spending a lot of money. And you’re in that old adage, like I know something’s working, I just don’t know what it is. Well, the technology exists right now in today’s environment, where you can pull in your spend data, you can match it against your CRM, whether that’s service Titan, or house call Pro and know for to the dollar, how much should I spend, how much revenue came in from that advertisement? And from that marketing? And what’s my return on investment? I think most of us are happy to say if I can spend the dollar and get $10. In return, I’ll spend that as quickly as possible, which don’t have confidence that that number is correct. So I would just love to know in the comments here, what’s the big opportunity for right now in terms of optimizing your results? Is it tracking the ROI? Is it the total spend? Let me know in the in the comments here.

Roi says tracking says fresh track, Casey. Yeah. So believe it or not, we’re gonna go in depth into this over the next 3045 minutes. If you’ve got all the lead channels dialed in, you’re going to generate plenty of leads. If you’re converting those leads at a healthy level 20 30% of your leads turn into book jobs, and you’re converting a one time customer to repeat buyer. And then he’s spending appropriate now and you double down on what’s generating ROI. Regardless, if you’re at a million right now $5 million right now or 20 million in any 12 to 24 month period of time, you can absolutely triple your sales. Give me a one of the comments if this makes sense. If you’re like kind of you’re clear on what this model is and feel like it makes sense to you.

Hopefully, hopefully it does, right so I’m getting Jerry says one. Okay, thank you. So visually speaking in your workbook, I put this in right, we got to drive leads, we’ve got to maximize conversion. And then we’ve got to optimize the results. We got to optimize the key things that work best. If I just want to share

A quick story one of the companies we work with in Orlando, Florida. It’s called shamrock plumbing. And the client we work with in Orlando is Mark Norman. And I started working with Mark Norman all those years ago, he had grown about a million and a half million dollar per year company serving that market. But he drove through the yellow pages. So you had a double truck ad. And that was the main mechanism that helps them generate leads and sales. And over the years, it just, it started to go down. Like it just wasn’t generating as many leads, he wasn’t generating as many sales. And he realized at that time, like most of you guys have, if you’re on today’s session, that the customers weren’t going to the yellow pages anymore. Like there was a complete shift back in that time to online. And what we know today is that 97% of homeowners use the internet in some form or fashion when they’re looking for plumbing, HVAC, electrical service replacement and repair. So the question was for him, like, where did the customers go? Well, we know that nowadays, they’ve gone to Google, right? They’ve gone to Angie, they’ve gone to thumbtack, they’ve gone to the next door, they’re online, and when they need your services, that’s where they look. And so the next question for him was, okay, well, if my customers had gone online, how do I own that area? How do I make sure I’m coming up in the places where they look just like I used to come up when they needed it, and when they when they went to the Yellow Pages. And so he tried a couple of things. First thing he tried, like a lot of us was a hidden with the Yellow Pages served me well over the years and worked okay, I don’t love them. But they got me results, the Yellow Page lady came in and said, Hey, look, we’ve got internet marketing services, now we’ll get you online. And so he signed up for the Yellow Pages, internet marketing services, and they got them online, they throw up a really basic website, they got him on And he kind of stood by the phone, hoping it was gonna ring hoping it was going to be a slam dunk for him. And it just didn’t work out. Right. It didn’t get me leads didn’t get any sales. The problem with this strategy was, yes, he had a website. Yes, he was on But they did not get him into places where customers were searching, they weren’t coming up on Google, they weren’t coming up on Bing, they weren’t coming up on the various directories outside of So quickly moved away from that strategy. And so the next thing was like, well, if I’ve got a website, well, I need to make sure I’m coming up in the places my customers actually Look, right now, you’re gonna make sure that I’m coming up as often as possible. And so, you know, just from a basics perspective, I know this is a little bit hard to see, we’ve got paid search along the top, as well as Google Local Service ads, we’ve got the map, and then we’ve got the organic listings, we want to make sure that we don’t just come up and pay that we don’t just come up on the map, but we’re coming up in all of the different places. So we have the opportunity when the customer is looking for our services. And so over time, and tried a couple of different things you tried to IP, then he tried to pay per click service provider, I want to say it might have been reached local or yodel, or one of those guys, and they said, hey, look, we’re gonna make your phone ring, we’re gonna get you all over the search engines, we’re gonna track the calls. And you know, you spent like, 2500 $3,000 on one there. And it worked pretty good. Like it was okay, I’m getting some leads. But it wasn’t explosive. It felt like regardless of how much he spent, he generated just about enough to break even. And he was he was frustrated with that outcome. He’s like, Why isn’t this working? And the issue with the strategy that those paperclip companies came out with was, first of all, they kept them on a on a templated website. So his website wasn’t compelling. There was no reason for someone to choose him versus the competition. And they only got him in the paid search, right? And yes, you can generate leads from paid search, but the cost per lead is high. And if that’s the only channel that you have, you’re missing out on all of the organic, non paid results, all of the non paid traffic that you should be able to tap into. And so here’s like, man, I’ve really got to solve for this. And so I’m going to share with you exactly what we did for Mark. First thing we did was we made sure we set up a website that was built to convert right I’ll share some of the key things you have to put on your website to make sure it converts but you don’t have personality at first office and authenticity. It makes somebody want to choose him versus the competition. The other thing we did was we made sure it it came up every year right came up in the paid list and came up in the organic listings that came up on the directories right in the in the actual searches people pipe when they need your services. If you want run a couple searches for Orlando plumber, Orlando, plumbing, Orlando, repiping Orlando Drain Cleaning, he comes up really, really strong. And so over the years and we’re a little going back a decade now with Mark Normand from shamrock plumbing. We rolled out our complete digital dominance method, right started with organic in the website. And then we started doing paid search and we started doing retargeting started putting some of the automation stuff in place, and we’ve tracked the results over the years.

So this is what our tracking looks like today. We also have an advanced

benchmark tracking that actually syncs against the dispatch jobs from service Titan and or housecall, pro and field edge. But back in the day $1,600 spent 230, leads tracked average of $66.96 per lead not too bad back in 2017. Fast forward 2018 Spend a little bit more 490 $7, this is 497 leads per month, average cost per lead $6.04 2020 586 leads per month 2022 I think that is 880 leads per month. And this has just continued to grow and compound, right, we’re really tracking how many we use virgin and what that average cost per lead is and then double down on what’s working best. And he has more than tripled his sales many times over the years. And he’s been able to go from like a one man operator back in the day, just getting by to now where he’s got eight, nine technicians, and the business is going really, really strong. And I can tell you, Mark is one of hundreds of clients that we’ve worked with many have gone to 10 $20 million per year in revenue. And if it’s okay with you, I’ll share some of their stories as we go. But really, what I want you to think about as you’re on today’s session is what it would mean to you, if you knew that your marketing was working, if you knew that you had the right tracking in place, if you knew that you had a dial that you could turn up as you’re ready to grow as your technicians are ready to take on more leads and sales going. And that’s what we’re gonna do now let’s really apply this to your business and shift from story mode into action mode. And really, how do you implement these strategies in your business? Let me know how we’re tracking along so far. Give me a one if this is good, if you’re enjoying this, if you feel like you’re getting some valuable insights so far.

Fresh tech says one bill says one Okay, great. Appreciate it. Appreciate it, I’d like to check in every now and then I don’t want to talk at you for the whole entire session. So let’s get into our workbook, you’re gonna go to plumber SEO dotnet slash workbook. And that will help drive our conversation and kind of the key takeaways I want you to have from today’s session.

So the very first thing we have to do in order to triple our sales, in order to really take things to the next level, the first thing we have to do is make sure that your website is built to convert, we talked about the fact that your website is the hub, it’s where people wind up, whether they get there from your social media, or from your videos or from your trucks, they’re going to wind up your website. And if that website doesn’t convert them into a lead,

nothing you do from a marketing perspective is going to be as effective as it should be.

So this is just your typical scenario, like if you’re generating 1500 visitors per month, and you’re converting at 5%. And we look at this, our team meets with plumbing HVAC home service companies all the time. And the average is less than 10%. visitor to lead generating. And if that’s where you’re at, you’re only going to generate a couple grand in revenue from from that activity. But if you can get it to 15 20%. And usually we’re shooting for about a 30% conversion rate from visitor to lead, right, that makes everything else more effective. But even if you just went from 5% to 15%, the number of jobs the amount of revenue that you generate can triple right and so it’s really important looking at the website and making sure that it is absolutely built to convert.

And so what a good example of this is one of the companies we work with in Fargo, North Dakota is leanings. Lamy is a well known company in that area, we were tracking their website and the number of leads and the number of calls. And you can see here or call tracking before we launched their new website was about 55 leads per month like that’s how many calls were coming in via the website, we implemented an updated version of the site, I’m going to show you kind of some of the things you can put in place to get these kinds of outcomes. And before driving more traffic before changing the rankings, they jumped to 317 calls cracked from the same traffic. So that just goes to show you if you’ve got an outdated website that isn’t built to convert it will cost you and it will cost you a lead flow will cost you and book jobs. And so over the years tracking for delays, you can see your 90 130 leads tracked kind of skip forward a year 1451 leads and this is per month tracked and that is about $1.72 per lead on their $2,500 investment so this can have a really big impact on your results now on your on your outcome.

I’ve got a bunch of bullets here. I’m not going to spend a lot of time on this. I’m going to show you the key things you want to look at on your website. You’ve got this list in your checklist. So if you want to put your marketing person

on it, if you want to look at it yourself and kind of look at your website through this lens, the key things that we want to make sure we have in place are personality, authenticity, calls to action, and clear. Next steps.

I’m gonna pull up, I’m gonna pull up this example here, hold on one second guys should be able to see my screen.

This is one of the companies we’ve worked with over the years. This is Valley plumbing. They’re based in Salt Lake City, Utah. And this is a site that we built and have done a lot of work on over the years. But as you can see, the key things that help these websites convert number one is personality and authenticity, pictures of Lawrence pictures of Robbie pictures of the trucks. People want to do business with people, they want to do business with people they know like and trust. And so if you can infuse authentic imagery, it makes a big difference on how well your website converts, making sure that you get the phone number in the top right hand corner, basic thing, but the eye naturally gravitates to that top right hand corner, making sure you speak to their subconscious reasons to buy, you know that you’re not going to leave a mess that you get experienced technicians that are going to take well take great care of them. And then making sure that you’ve got other ways for them to convert, right, they may not want to call, today’s customer would probably prefer to chat with you or start a two way conversation via text message versus a phone call. So having a chat bubble where they can text into your office and get answers to questions makes a big, big difference. And again, I don’t want to spend 45 minutes on this. I’ve got a lot of the bullets and a lot of the reasons for this for you in the workbook. But really what I want you to think about is does your website load quickly? Does it easily load on a mobile phone with click to call? Is there authentic imagery of yourself? Are you using multimedia videos, welcome them to the website, do they have the opportunity to convert via text message via calling your office and or booking directly on your website. If not, those things will negatively impact your conversion rates and will impact your ability to convert. And we’ve tracked this this particular website over the years, I’m exceed about a $10,000 Spin average of $18 per lead 510 leads tracked kind of fast forward here. For tracking on analytics, we’re able to see how many visitors get to the website, how many inquiries come in. And what’s the actual conversion rate from visitor to lead. This is something we’re fanatical at here plumbing and HVAC SEO. And you can see for the amount of traffic, they get an average conversion rate of 35%. So this is the kind of the gold standard of what you want to do with your website, authenticity, imagery, multiple ways to convert. Another example I’ll show real quick, and then we’ll move on here is the meridian advantage. This company has been in business for going on.

They just celebrated their 40th year in business and the business has just flourished over the years. And I want to kind of show you this site is something we’re really proud of. And

another great example of how to make sure your website is built to convert. So you get to the website. And there’s a beautiful autoplay video that builds that personality authenticity, smiling faces. This is the kind of company you want to do business with phone number in the top right hand corner, ability to schedule your service and request service right off the bat. Having the two way chat opportunity, which comes up and really speaking to the customer avatar, explaining why somebody should do business with you always ready trusted technicians professional service, not talking to technical jargon, but getting right into why somebody chooses them versus the competition, and then putting the automation on the back end, where if you fill out this form, you’re gonna get a call immediately, you’re gonna get a text message immediately. And there’s going to be automation in place to complete that follow through and to complete that follow up. So let’s just look at the results here about a $7,800 spend a couple of years ago 677 leads tracked and you can see we can see how much came from organic how much came from paid search channel came from Google Maps $11.65 per lead, kind of as we’ve accelerated that and tracked it you can see tracking the traffic and average conversion rate of 30%. Making sure your website converts has a big domino effect on how effective all of the other marketing you have in place is another great example is next go plumbing same thing right personality authenticity video.

A Call to Action multiple ways to convert, you can see here $5,800 spending 305 135 leads average $10.99 per lead 38% conversion from visitor to color. And so what I’d love you to do is in your workbook, I’m going to rapid fire the key things you want to look at on your website to improve your conversion. But I want you to look at your website and see like, what’s the missing component? What’s the element that you could tweak that would maybe take you from 10% to 15%, or from 15% to 20%. Number one, if you don’t have personal images of yourself, your team, the real people behind the business, it’s costing you, right? A lot of home service companies put up stock imagery. So it’s a picture of a guy with a with a with a wrench. There’s a you know, a family smiling, but people want to do business with real people. And so we track this, we test it, put real pictures of yourself and your team that will help with conversion. Leverage multimedia, right, this doesn’t have to be a video that’s highly produced. This can be a video on your phone in front of your truck, talking about who you are, who you serve, how long you’ve been in business, why you do what you do, that will improve stick rate, it will improve your conversion rate, showcasing your online reviews, right reviews have a massive impact on conversion. And so leverage a widget and there’s automations that will grab your reviews from Angie and from Yelp and from your website and from Google and display it on your website make it easy for people to see what a great reputation you have. Give them multiple ways to convert, right, they can call, they can submit a form, they can chat, if you’ve got those three, you’re optimizing your probability of converting the lead into the sale, let them fill out a form that everybody wants to pick up a call.

But do have your phone numbers is still the number one way people convert. And if so do have a phone number in the top right hand corner, make sure that that is in the right place makes a big difference in your conversion rate, have a call to action. Like a lot of times we read a lot of content for these websites, maybe you wrote a lot of content for each of your services and for each of your cities. But tell them what to do next, like so often, when we look at home service companies. We’re like, wow, you’ve got this great website. But it doesn’t tell me to call it doesn’t tell me to click this button to start a chat. Tell them what to do with every page and with every block of content on your website.

Have chat available, right where you are now in 2023, head into 2024. If you don’t have some type of chat mechanism on your website, you’re leaving opportunity on the table and your customer all other things being equal would prefer to either book directly online, so put online booking of like where they can pick their time and their date, and at least have a two way text message option. So while they could chat, that’s one option, the better option would be they send that chat, they get a text message and now they’re chatting with you or somebody on your team. That’s the gold standard in terms of how you improve your conversion and communicate with your customer. Right, they would much prefer to text with you than to have to call and have a long conversation.

And make sure your website’s mobile friendly. Right? The lion’s share of your traffic now is getting there. Not on desktop, but they’re getting there from their phone. Right? So pull up your website on your mobile phone. Does it fit within the screen? Is it easy to move up and down? Can I click a button and call your office? Do I have to copy and paste it that will have a huge impact on your conversion rate. Make sure that your website is mobile optimized. And so on your workbook there. There’s lots of little things to check. Love for you to put in comments on all those. What’s the one thing you can modify? What’s the one thing you can change on your website that would have an impact on your conversion rate that would have an impact on your conversion from visitor to lead.

Versus video Excellent. Love it. Don’t just listen to me talk about this. I really want you guys to walk away with action items, I want you to walk away with things you can implement and put into place. Okay, section number two thinking about driving leads. To me, the most important thing is to make sure you’re coming up in the non paid listings that your your website’s coming up in search where your customers are looking. And so one question we often get is does does SEO even still matter? Right? And I’m going to tell you that it does, right. Yes. The paid ads have taken up more real estate. Yes, local service ads is there but what we find is 71% of the clicks go to the organic and the map listings 71% and 67%. Click on the first five listings that’s either the top three Google Maps or the top two organic and so it’s super important that you are coming up in organic Yes, SEO still matters. A couple examples of this. One of our clients that I kind of showed their website a couple minutes ago is the brilliant advantage in East Lansing, Michigan.

If you can see here, I spent about $8,000 per month in marketing, they average about four and 17 track leads on $19.32 per lead. But what I want you to see is 95.95 come from organic 129 or 27 from paid, and 173 from Google Maps. And so if you’re looking at that, if you want a couple of searches, you see they come up in the map, they come up organic for most of the keywords that are relevant to them.

But the lion’s share comes from organic, like if all they did with paid search, they’d be leaving a lot of opportunities on the table. 65% come directly from organic. So yes, SEO still matters, yes, showing up in the non paid listings, super matters, you can’t rely on pay per click and local service ads alone. And so the other thing that’s really important is there’s lots of keywords. But when we think organic search, most of the time, we think AC contractor, plumber, plumbing company, but the reality is your customers typing a lot of different things when they need your service, they’re typing in Drain Cleaning, gas line installation, sump pump, installation, and repair. And you want to make sure that you’ve thought about all of the different things combined with the city that you operate in. And you want to know like in like coming up for those keywords is my website showing up in my in the result or not. And it’s a lot more keywords than you probably think. And so there’s two ways to find out how you do for these keywords, right way number one would be to put it on Excel, create a massive list of keywords, and then pull up a Google search and search yourself one keyword at a time, right. And that’s one way to do it, I’ll take you probably a day and a half to get through it. The other way would be to run an automatic report that shows you exactly where you’re coming up on Google and Bing, which are the two biggest search engines today.

And we will be glad to run that report for you completely free of charge. Like this is what we do. As part of our analysis. If we were to meet with you, we’ve pulled together a list of all of the keywords relevant to your service area, and we can provide it to an Excel sheet. And then we can run a report to show you here’s where you’re coming up on Google. Here’s where you’re at in Google Maps. Here’s where you’re at on Bing. And here’s where there’s room for improvement. And so, if that sounds valuable, it is, if it sounds time consuming it is but we’ve done it enough that we’ve systematized and we can do it relatively quickly. So if you’d like us to run that assessment for you, you can go to plumber, SEO dotnet slash schedule plumber SEO dotnet slash scheduled please do that now because there’s 30 Others of you on today’s call, and it’s going to be first come first serve. So grab a time that works well for you. You can go ahead, go to plumber SEO dotnet slash schedule will show you exactly where you rank. We’ll talk about what might need to change on your website. If you’re interested in having a conversation about how we can help you generate better results. We’d love to have that conversation. But if you just want the report, that’s fine, too. So Christian already put the link in there, go there, check that out. So the next question is now that we know what the keywords are, and we know that we want to come up for as many of them as possible, what do we have to do on the website to improve the probability of coming up. And for this section, I’m going to pull up share screen, so it’s a little bit easier for you to see the bullets. And this was one of those topics I could talk about for a day and a half, literally. But I want to try and hit the 8020 of this for you guys, and give you the key nuggets that you need in order to understand what needs to be done to come up in the non paid listings for the most important keywords in your area.


you want to have a website that has a strong web presence. Are you gonna see my screen? Am I am I sharing it right now? Just give me a one in the comments if you’re seeing my screen.

Okay, cool. Excellent. I’m going to hit this SlideShare here.

Straw website pages for each of your services. So if you do plumbing, drain cleaning water heaters pair, indoor air quality AC and so you need pages for each of those. Beyond that you need pages for each of the cities that you operate in. So if you’re based in in our case, like we show the example of shamrock plumbing in Orlando, you want to a page for Orlando plumber, Orlando, plumbing, Orlando, Drain Cleaning Orlando water heater, the unit pages for each of those. But then you also want pages for the surrounding cities and towns. And usually I recommend pick the top 10 cities that you operate in. So in Orlando, there’s Kissimmee. And there’s a koi and all these other little subsidies. Think about your area and the surrounding cities and towns in your service area. You need to create a unique page for each of those with unique content that talks about the area talks about the services talks about what you do and how you’re the go to company within that market. And there’s lots of nuance to how you write that content. So it’s not spammy so that it’s not duplicate

to make sure that it can actually rank from there. We want to make sure

We’ve got the keyword in the title tag the keywords in the h1 tag for each one of those pages, we want to make sure we got the name, address phone number for local relevancy, we want to make sure that we’ve got a blog that’s building up your authority, and that the website speed is on point. So they can come up really, really quickly.

So I’ll just pull up an example here, again, we talked about Valley and how their website is built to convert, I’ll show you the Cliff Notes version of what we do on the website so that when you look at your site, you can see Oh, I see this is what I would need to change, this is what I would need to do to make that work. And so if you look up Valley, you know, and you search, West Jordan, plumber, Western and plumbing westward and drain cleaning, and all the different cities and towns, you can see they come up really, really well. So since I’ve got the the meridian advantage, I’ll kind of show you what I mean here with a visual example. So homepage, East Lansing, up here, the title tag,

and my plumber, AC repair, right? He’s Lansing, Michigan. And then we’ve got the key words on the site, right East Lansing, plumbing, air conditioning, this was an h1, we’ve got great, unique content that has our keywords in it has this semantic keywords that support it, but also, it’s got to be written for a human being right. The big thing that’s changed with SEO over the last couple of years was you used to just put the keywords and get a lot of links. Well, now, you want to also make sure that it’s a great user experience that the person gets to that page based on their click, and they actually stick around and they scroll around, and more importantly, that they convert, right. So this is we got to make sure that content is written to convert. And so when I say title tag, and h1 tag, that’s what I’m talking about the title tag up here, h1 tag, right here. And then we want pages for each of the services. So we got a page for water heaters, we got a page for gas line installation repair, right East Lansing, gas line installation repair, right, and they great content that goes along with it, we usually do like 25 to 30 services, right within plumbing within strengthening within AC within heating, right lots of different keyword combinations. And then we want pages for each of the different cities that we operate in. So in the case of

Meridian advantage, right, we got each of these different cities, and we got Plumbing Heating drink clinic, right, so let’s go to St. John’s cooling,

you can see top rated St. John’s cooling service, top rated AC contractor, St. John’s, and unique content that goes with it. And so typically, there’s two things I see with SEO that most home service companies are not getting, right. Either they don’t have these pages for each of these different services and in different cities and towns. That’s one mistake. And we just got to create the content. The other issue I see happen often is they have the pages, but they’re done poorly, which means somebody set up a bunch of pages on the site, and didn’t optimize the titles and the H ones or they just used garbage content that was keyword stuffed, or was copied or was written by AI. And now they’ve got a mess on their website that doesn’t actually rank the way that it should, because they’ve overdone it instead of doing it right. And so the whole topic of the session is how to triple your sales by getting your internet marketing, right. And really, that’s the way it needs to be done. You need content written for the human with the semantic keywords infused throughout the site. And so I can I could, you know, go through example, after example of this is a company we work with Ira Hanson in the Sparks, Nevada Reno area come up in a dominant position.

The other thing that’s really important is title tags, h1 tags, unique content pages for each of your cities, pages for each of your subsidies. And that’s just the on page piece of this. So as you’re looking at your website and kind of seeing these examples, what is it what is it that stands out for you what what’s the thing you need to do? Maybe you need to create more pages, maybe you need to make those pages unique. Maybe you need to revamp the content so that it’s written for humans? Let me know in the comments like what stands out to you in terms of what you need to do to improve your on page optimization.

See if anybody

give me a one if you’re still tracking along with me and I got a lot of a lot of information I want to make sure this is relevant. Okay, more pages says fresh AC or it says site speed right make sure that we’re loading quickly.

I think as I do this presentation typically

plumbing HVAC electrical contractor stick with me and they can see what I’m talking about visually with the on page stuff, and they can track that but the reality

yours, even if you’re on page website was perfect. And you got all the pages, you’ve got all of the content, you’ve got the title tags and the h1 tags, you could still not rank, right, because there’s lots of plumbing and HVAC and electrical companies that have websites targeting your city in your town, and they’ve created this content. So the differentiator between you being in the number one spot, and you being in the 75th spot, is the quality of the content and the authority of the pages. And the authority is really what’s going to drive whether you’re in the first part of the 10 spot, right. And the things that you do to move your authority up, are really what make the difference that you need a professional organization like ours to help you with, because you have to build links, you have to build citations, you have to build web references, there’s no easy push button thing for it. And so off page, we got to claim an optimize the Google business profile, we need lots of reviews for real customers and our true service area. We’ve got to build links from other websites. And we do that through competitive link acquisition. We do that through content creation. We do that through interlinking, with contractors that maybe we do business with local businesses that we we exchange business with. And then strategic content syndication, which is making sure when we write a content piece or piece of an article, that we actually aren’t just putting it out on our website, but we’re building it to link back to us. And there’s lots of strategies that you can put in place to get that.

Michael’s asking for the link. Yes, we’ll make sure. So the question on your worksheet here and in order to really improve your rankings is are you building links and authority? Do you have a process where somebody’s looking at the number of links your website, looking at the links from your next competitor? And are you building those links? Are you building that authority 70% of the battle is he who has the most quality links to their homepage to the drain page to their water heater page to their subsidy 123 10 page, whoever has the most relevant links over time is going to be ranked first. So there’s a lot of different things that go into making sure you’re coming up in the search engines for those different keywords and keyword combinations.

Again, I don’t want to get too technical. I don’t want this to be like a dissertation on SEO. But there’s things that we want to do on page, there’s things we want to do off page. And then there’s the ongoing things that we do to build our authority to build our links over time. So kind of as you look at, you know, what you can do to improve your rankings? We’d love to know in comments like what is it that stands out? What are the things you need to put in place?

I’m going to try and get to the cliff notes here on ranking in the Google Map.

In order to get ranked on the Google Map, there’s a couple key things we got to claim our Google business profile, which used to be Google My Business, we got to get lots of Citations References, our company’s name matters convertibility that comes my way of being in all of the major online directories. And then we’ve got to have more reviews than the next competitor. Right? All other things being equal. If you’ve got a properly optimized Google profile, you’ve got lots of consistency with their name, address, phone number, those are votes in your favor. And then you’ve got reviews on Google, predominantly. But also on Yelp on Angie’s List, you can win the day and be in the top three, ideally, in the number one spot, I can show you hundreds. If we hadn’t had hours, I can just spend an hour hours pulling up our clients showing you where they rank on the map. And this is a proven process that’s worked over and over and over again, it’s not easy. But this is what it comes down to the combination of the website with the proper on page optimization with the review automation strategy. Everything else really moves your rankings up in the in the search results.

And then from there, like you’ve got the organic piece dialed in, we’ve got to drive paid traffic, right and make sure we’re tapping into local service ads, make sure we’re tapping into Google Google ads, and that we’re doing it in the in the correct way. Really, I think foundationally you want to have a good organic presence. And then you want to layer paid search. On top of that. A lot of contractors have this pyramid inverted in that they’re spending lots of money on paid search lots of money to local service ads, but they don’t have a great website that’s ranking well for all the different keywords. And so it’s much harder, right? The average cost per lead is much higher, the return on investment isn’t nearly as good. So we want to build on a strong organic foundation and then put a paid search on top of it so that it becomes a supplement to our lead flow. And we can kind of diversify the results. Give me a one crystal try

Going along with me, I know we’re an hour in, I’m gonna try and wrap up in the next 10 or 15 minutes, but just give me a one if you’re still tracking along, and you’re getting value from today’s session.

Excellent, I’m getting some good, some good feedback. When it comes to paid search, the first channel you should be playing in is local service ads, right? Google guaranteed. Really important that you know, what local service ads is that you’re playing in local service ads, I’ve got a whole hour long presentation on how to get set up and local service ads and how to win with local service ads, I just want to get to the main point on local service ads, which is

I think it’s right here.

Obviously, you got to set up the background checks, you got to get that taken care of the main things are, you got to mark your job this complete, like once you’re in the rotation, and you’ve got your budget opened up, and you’ve got the right services that you’re targeting

the leads when they call in, hit the Google Local Service ads dashboard. And you’re gonna have a list of all the leads that you’ve generated, and you only have to pay for the ones that that are legit, that are in your service area. And most contractors, just they get the leads, they’ve answered the call, their dispatcher goes out and they do the work. But they’re not going in and marking the jobs as booked. And what Google really wants is to know that they’re sending the lead to a Google guaranteed contractor, and that contractor is taking good care of the customer. And so it’s really important that you are somebody on your team, this is something we do for our clients that upgrade to our local service ads management is we listen to those calls, we dispute the ones that are no good. But most importantly, we mark the ones that are as bull. And we shoot for a high booking ratio, which in addition to our spin can really optimize us being relevant in the three pack result on local service ads. And so it’s super important that you or somebody on your team is listening to those calls redeem the outcomes. We’re dealing with the disputes. And we’re driving verified reviews, there’s reviews on Google Maps or Google business profile, and then their reviews specific to Google Local Service ads. What you want is to mark those jobs as booked, push the review requests through the profile, and then actually build up your Google Local Service ads, specific reviews. These are some very specific things you can do to improve your your probability of winning with local service ads, we we like to shoot for an 85% booking ratio, which means we’re going to make sure we answer those calls that we get somebody out there and that Google sees we’re hustling to convert their opportunities to serve their customers at the highest level possible. This has a big impact on whether you’re going to remain relevant in the results. And in order to increase the lead flow over time, we want to open up the budget, we want to expand the service area, we want to make sure we get all the right jobs selected, we want to make sure we close out all of the leads in the platform. And we’re driving those reviews on a consistent basis. This is really a great formula to win with local service ads. From there, we want to tap into Google ads, which can be very effective, quite a bit more cost costly, typically than local service ads. But when done correctly, we will have a bigger knob. Right? And not that we can continue to say hey, let me know more leads. We’re going to spend more on training where you spend more on water heaters, we’re going to spend more on service repair, we’re going to spend more on AC installation. And you want to make sure that you segmented out each of those different ad groups, you get landing pages for each of those different ad groups. The Relevancy is super high. And you can get great results with with paid search. And a lot of times I talked with contractors like I tried pay per click and it didn’t work or I tried pay per click and we got no return on investment. When you do it right, it can absolutely work. This is just an example of Cardinal one of the companies we work with 9000 or spend 224 leads average of $40 cost per lead for HVAC specific in

in a pretty competitive market. The reason most paid search campaigns fail is because most PPC management companies will set up all of these different keywords planning, emergency plumbing, Drain Cleaning, repiping, drive traffic straight to the homepage and put it all in one ad group. Really that’s the recipe for failure. That’s the recipe for spending way more than you need to on each click converting at a relatively low ratio. But to do it, right, we set up a separate ad group specifically for emergency plumbing, let’s just say a specific ad that comes up specific to that particular search. We land them on a page saying hey, if you got a plumbing

Emergency in the Dallas market, we can solve this, we can get someone out there today, when we do it like that we get a much higher click through ratio, we get a higher quality score, we can pay less per lead. And we actually convert more of the clicks into into sales and into booked jobs. So when it comes to paid search lots of opportunity, a lot of times it’s like, are you actually participating? And have you dialed in your campaigns. So in your workbook there, I know, we’re kind of covering a lot of ground here. But in your workbook, what are the things you need to think about from a paid search perspective, right, there’s a knob, which means you can spend more, as long as it’s dialed in. And there’s an unlimited source of people looking for the services, right. And if you can manage your cost per lead, you can manage your cost per acquisition, then you can you can continue to ratchet it up as you as you grow.

Last thing I want to talk a little bit about, actually, two last things I want to talk about, we’ve talked about the formula, we’ve talked about paid search, the big opportunity that a lot of contractors are missing is marketing automation. And when I asked like, like, what’s the big opportunity, a lot of you guys said automation. And as we’ve seen, there’s lots of things you can do to market yourself SEO, pay per click thumbtack, local service ads, Google ads, your own trucks are a great marketing resource. Typically, where we can generate a lot of leads, but we’re not converting them the way that we do. And the issue I see day in and day out with home service and plumbing HVAC companies is 50 to 60% of inbound leads go on converted and 90% or more of webforms failed to convert that is they submitted a request but nobody got back to them. Nobody followed up and it was dead. And the reason that this doesn’t work is your leads, especially when they submit a form that don’t get followed up within 15 Minutes or Less go cold, there’s too many options. There’s too many other companies out there that can answer their call that can get somebody out there that day. And the average customer needs to be touched five to seven times. And your customer today would prefer to win interact via text message, then over the phone. And so the solution is to leverage automation to solve for this right. And the automation exists where if somebody fills out a form in two minutes or less, actually, within the first 30 seconds, they can get a text message. Hey, so you fill out the form on our website. This is Bob with Vaughn Jones plumbing, how can I help you and it opens a conversation, they can get a call, because it automatically dials out to your office and the office gets a call, Hey, you’ve got to lead press one to connect now and tries to call that customer and then get an email as well, even though the email doesn’t really generate a lot.

And then we can make sure that we track the leads that are generated that didn’t book. And we don’t just say hey, we’ll wait for them to call back. We put a system in place that touches them every couple of days. Hey, just want to circle back? Did you get this taken care of, hey, we’re just still looking to get that plumbing situation resolved. Right? If you follow up with your leads, not in an annoying way, but you just touch them, hey, just want to check in did you get this resolved. This is Betty from Bob Jones plumbing, you’re going to convert more of the leads that you generate. And the system we’ve developed for this is called Conversion amp. I can spend another hour just on this. But the reality is marketing automation will amplify your conversion rate because you’re faster to follow up and you can communicate the way your customers want to be communicated. And so if you’re not leveraging automation, you can hire our services. And we’ll put all of this in place. But if all you need is the automation piece, we can set this up for you as well. Rick is on He’s our director of conversion amp. And if you want to check out conversion amp, we’ve now rolled this out to hundreds of plumbing HVAC, electrical service contractors that are getting amazing results. By leveraging automation, you can go to conversion, click the book online button. And we will show you exactly how it works, how you can implement it how you can get the the outcomes.

By automation in place if you think there’s an opportunity for you to generate more leads by convert more leads by leveraging automation, state automation in place. And I’ll tell you that the cost of this is less than the cost of one additional book job per month

actually has an exponential impact on your results. So we talked about organic we’ve talked about conversion and we’ve talked about marketing automation. The next thing is we have to track right if we’re really serious about tripping or tripling our sales but getting good at marketing, right. We have to be able to track we talked about knowing how much we spent knowing what our average cost per lead was and knowing what our true return on investment is a

couple of tracking mechanisms you want to put in place. Google Analytics tells you how many people got to the website key

Word tracking, you can put your list of keywords and have it automatically check every month to see are we ranking for most important keywords is that link building and that citation, citation development, moving the needle. So we’re coming up on our customers are searching, you absolutely need to have call tracking in place so that you can know how many calls came in, you’re gonna hear recordings of those conversations to quantify what happened, what the results were. And what’s really cool is we now have what we call our ROI Insights report, where we can take a feed and integrate with your dispatch system for me, put me in the comments what your dispatch system is today. Is it service Titan? Is it house called Pro? Is it field edge? Is it some other platform? Or is his house called Pro, most of our clients use service Titan? And so what’s beautiful as house call Pro, is we’re generating leads, right? But what you want is book jobs and revenue. And so with our ROI Insights report, we can show you exactly which war leads wound up booking a job inside house called Pro inside service Titan, and it can match that data and see how many of those actually generated revenue? Was it a $500 job? Was it a $12,000? Job? What was the actual revenue, and you’re able to see on your reporting, not just you know, how yours how much money we think you spent, and how much we think you generated, you’ll know down to the down to the dollar, how much revenue was generated versus your expense. And when you know that, and you can go down and drill down into the actual source. All right, how much of that revenue came from the SEL, how much of that revenue came from the paid search, you can more confidently double down and say, Okay, I see an ROI here on the local service, add stuff, let’s increase the budget, Hey, I see the ROI on the SEO stuff. Let’s spend more and continue to track that over time, type ROI. If you think that would be a game changer to be able to see, here’s what we spent, here’s how much revenue actually came in from that spend and quantify the true ROI. Amazing.

Absolutely. So again, I these are the key things you want to put in place. If you’re doing business with us, we can we can run the entire gamut, right? We can do all of this stuff on your behalf. If um, if you just need the ROI insights or if you just need the the conversion amp marketing automation, we can have a conversation with you about that coming full circle, right, we talked about tripling our sales and this accelerated growth model that we’ve rolled out for hundreds of plumbing, HVAC, electrical home service companies really boils down to three key things you’re going to drive leads going to maximize conversion. And we’ve got to optimize results. Hopefully you get some great insights and some great takeaways in your workbook. Please like noodle down the things you want to put in place noodle down the things that you’re actually going to implement. If you’d like our help, you know, this is what we do. Day in and day out. We would love the opportunity to talk with you look at your current website, look at your current SEO look at your current tracking and have a have a business conversation, hey, here’s where here’s where you’re crushing it. Here’s where there’s room for an opportunity for improvement. And if we can help you take your business to the next level, we can help you accomplish the goals that you’ve set out for yourself. We’d love to be part of that growth. So if that sounds interesting to you, Chris has already put it in the chat. You can go to plumber SEO dotnet slash schedule. That’s plumber SEO dotnet slash schedule or you can call us if you happen to be listening to this after the fact you call us at 866-610-4647.

Eric questions I mean, I feel like I rapid fired a lot of information. Hopefully you don’t feel like you’ve been drinking from a firehose here today. But for those of you that scheduled we’re really excited about meeting with you. Any questions that I can answer while we’re still live?

Trying to progress my slides here.

I’m not seeing any questions. But I want to thank you for those of you that stuck around for the entire session. Thanks for listening. Thanks for smiling. Thanks for engaging with me in the chat. John, Jerry, appreciate you guys. Cory, thank you so much for being on throughout the entirety of the session. I’m gonna let you guys get back to your day. I’m excited to hear how you implement this, how you grow kind of how you take your company to the next level and have an amazing afternoon everyone. And I look forward to talking with you all again real soon.

Thanks, everybody.

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