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Your Q3 Digital Marketing Plan for Plumbing, HVAC & Home Service Contractors

Are you accomplishing the goals? Is your business where you wanted it to be by this point in the year?

In this video, we have unpacked "Your Q3 Digital Marketing Plan" and what you need to do to MAXIMIZE your leadflow via the internet in your plumbing or HVAC business going into the remaining half of the year.


What You're Going To Learn

Set Clear Goals & Targets for the Quarter
Realign KPIs & Tracking to achieve outcomes
Map out our PLAN for accomplishment
Set you up for massive success in the 3rd quarter & 2nd half of the year
Let’s roll up our sleeves and map out an updated plan to crush it in the 2nd half of 2021.


Click here to view the video transcript:

Welcome, thank you guys for joining us today, I am super excited for today’s session, we’ve got a great, a great session lined up, we’re going to be helping you guys map out your plan for

for the third quarter, if you can believe it, we’re already halfway through this year time is flying by. And if we don’t take a minute to consciously hit the pause button and say, Okay, how am I doing? Am I on track? Am I off track? What are my goals, what are my targets, and read kind of revamp and kind of reset the the targets on the year just kind of passes you by and you wind up with what you’ve got. So let me share my screen, I’ll kind of walk into the agenda. And, and we can hit the ground running. Like I said at the beginning, this is going to be more of an interactive session, you know, it’s going to be less of me talking to you and more of you, proactively thinking about your goals, thinking about your targets, and then we’re going to as a group, we’re going to be working in evaluating our own online market, we’re going to be looking at our websites, we’re going to be looking at our rankings, we’re going to be looking at our overall strategy and and seeing what’s working, seeing what’s not. So if that’s okay with you hit just kind of hit one in comments, just so I can make sure that works for you. And you’re okay with making this more of an interactive session and less of a teach session, Yana. I’ve got one from you, climatecare. I’ve got one. Awesome, appreciate the feedback. And it helps me if you guys do engage. Because then then I know that what I’m saying is on point and that you’re sticking with me and you’re we’re on the on the same page.

Kevin says fine with me, but it’s my first day in the industry. Good. Well, hopefully, we’ll get you up to speed quick and make this super productive. Ted, Josh? Frank, Kathy, thank you for the ones thank you for the engagement. So here’s the plan for this afternoon and for what we’re going to do, and then we’ll get you guys off to your Friday, Fourth of July festivities as quickly as quickly as possible. So the first thing is I want to make sure you get clear goals and targets for the quarter, right? We know that successes, goals, all else’s commentary. And if you don’t consciously pause and say, okay, July, August, September, what are the goals? How much revenue? How many jobs we have to run to make that a reality? What do we need to make sure our average ticket is in order to bring that into fruition? Then there’s no way you’re going to hit it. Right? If you’re not clear on the targets, you’ll never hit those targets. So how many of you if we can just get really clear on the goals and the KPIs More importantly, which we’re gonna talk about here in a second? We’ll feel like this is a productive use of your time. Just give me a yes in the chat. Kevin, thanks for raising your hand. Give me a yes. If we can just get the goals and the targets lined up, that would be a pretty productive outcome.

Excellent. Okay. Thanks, guys. So we want to set goals and targets. The next thing we want to do is we want to realign our KPIs and our tracking. So goals are great, right? And you know, goals are, you know, help. But a goal without a plan is a waste of time. So for me, the next thing we have to figure out like if, if the goal is what it is, let’s say it’s 50k 100k 120k in revenue during those months, the more important thing for us to solve for is

what what will we need to do? How many jobs will we need to run? And more importantly, how many leads will we need to generate for for our business in order to make that a reality? Because when we’re clear on our targets, and we know, okay, I need 77 leads in order to get that number of book jobs in order to hit that revenue target, then we can organize action plans, we can organize strategies, we can figure out what we need to do more with SEO Pay Per Click social media, or website as a whole. So we want to realign our KPIs. Make sure that we get the proper tracking so we can see. Okay, are we on track in January? I mean, in July, August and September, or are we off track.

From there, we’re gonna map out the plan, right. And all of us are coming at this from a different place. So if you guys run really successful plumbing HVC, home service companies, others of you are more in the early phase of your business. Some of you have really aggressive strategies with SEO and pay per click and Facebook ads, others of you you’re just trying to get the foundation in place. And so what we’re going to do is help you map out the plan based on a checklist based process and based on the goals that you uniquely set for yourself so that you can walk away from this session saying, okay, here’s the goal. Here are the KPIs we have to hit. And here’s what we need to do with our online marketing strategy this quarter, to make that to make all of this our reality. And really my objective is to set you guys up for a massively successful third quarter.

And more importantly, a really successful second half of the year. So you can close 2021 as productively and profitably as possible.

So with that said, we’re going to dive into the workbook. Now, Christine, if you can drop the link to this in chat, I want all of you guys to open up this document right here.

It’s the 20 2020, the quarter, quarter three, planning session, workbook. And excellent. I see a lot of your faces coming. If you have any, any issues with this, this is in Google Docs. So it’s just a normal Google Doc, we want to we want to make this as something easy for you guys to work with digitally.

And once you’ve got it open, what I want you to do is go File, make a copy. So you just hit the file button, you hit make the copy, and then rename it for yourself quarterly planning worksheet, and then name it your company name. So

you know, Joshua’s plumbing and heating, Mark Francis, plumbing, heating, whatever your company name is quarterly planning workbook, and you can make this your on.

Again, this isn’t very, very, like you’re doing the work me kind of guiding the process type session. So you know, be sure to take a couple seconds, open this up so you can follow along.

If you could in the chat, just give me a one, when you’ve got your workbook up, just just so I can know that I’m not moving too quick. Yanis. Got it.

Frank has is

Katie, awesome. Lisa.

Wayne says one, w o n. Excellent. Excellent, excellent, excellent.

Christian, as people log in, potentially, you know, while we’re going, please drop the link again. And again. So we can make sure everybody has because this is this is going to drive our session. And so if you scroll down, the first thing, you know, I want to make sure that we’re all clear on is if we fill out the plan that we’re planning to fail, and that’s, that’s universal. So the fact that you’re taking the time out right now, to plan out the quarter to break it down by month, and to build an action plan, you know, set yourself up for success. And I’ve got a visual here that in our mind is the digital dominance method. It’s really what you want to do to maximize your lead flow across the internet. And it just spells out right like, we want to make sure we’ve got a great website that’s ranking organically, we want to be tapping into paid search, whether that’s Google ads, or local service ads, we want to make sure that we’re retargeting people that get to our website and bringing them back as we know, not everybody converts, we want to make sure we’re not sleeping on the paid online directories, things like Angie’s List, and, you know, local plumber and different sites like that. Recently, I’ve heard from a number of our clients, Angie’s List is working pretty well, thumbtack next door, right? People look at these at these services more and more. And so you want to make sure that you’ve got at least you’re aware of them. And you’ve got an idea like should I be in those should I have a free listing or paid listing,

that we’re, we’re also looking at repeated referral strategies to take our existing client, make sure they use this again and again, and that they’re referring us to their friends. And we’re referral business, we want to make sure that we’re looking at some of the paper lead options. And so that’s maybe like your home advisors, your local plumber networks, those types of services, not a huge fan. But I think if you’ve got a great mechanism to follow up with your leads quickly, you can monetize those leads, and make sure that you’ve got all of these different buckets to pull from to make sure you’ve got the lead flow required to hit the hit the targets. And then we want to make sure we’re thinking about paid media like Facebook ads, YouTube ads, and then we’re also doing some type of proactive follow up either via direct mail or email at a at a very, at a very minimum. So this is just a visual, like as you look at the big picture of your internet marketing strategy, something for you to go back to and say okay, what do we what do we shoot? What should we be doing for really want to maximize our lead flow. And what I find is when companies are literally aggressively doing like three or four of these, they can really control their destiny in the terms of the number of leads they generate and the number of jobs they book into the field. So moving past that, let’s dive into the plan where we’re right now in the middle of the the start of the third quarter. And what we want to do is map out July, August and September. You really clear in those goals. He really clear on those targets. Before that we need to make a snapshot. And so snapshot is just putting a flag in the ground as the beginning of

July, where do we sit as a business? And so I want to have you guys all for just a quick second, going here and enter. What’s your average monthly revenue right now? Are you doing 50k 75k 100k? What’s your average monthly revenue? How many jobs? Are you running on a typical month? And then some of your other important metrics, because you’re going to need this to fill up the worksheet I’m going to walk you through here in a minute, which is what’s your average ticket?

What’s the average conversion rate in the field? So once a technician gets out into the house, what percentage? Are they actually converting into a job? And then how many trucks do you have in your business right now. So I’m going to give you guys a couple of minutes, actually, I’ll put three minutes on my timer. And you guys are all just updating the current snapshot. And if you’re getting to the rhythm of doing this on a quarterly basis, it’ll be good for you. Because you’ll be able to look back and see, okay, our average monthly revenue is up or down, our average ticket is either up or down. And there’s lots of things you can do within the business to control that. And that’s, that’s just business metrics that will really determine the success or failure of your of your marketing. So three minutes, get your snapshots in, this will help drive everything we’re going to do from this point forward. If you have any questions, while you’re filling this out, let me know.

And for those of you that are willing, I’d love to have you share this with me so that our team can look at it and, and help you know, help fill in some gaps for you. So to do that, all you have to do is hit share in the top right hand corner, and then just share this to Josh.


Don’t have to it’s your document. This is yours to do, as you see. But if you’re willing to share it, we can help you a little bit more by going share. And then and to bring that Josh Nelson, I’m seeing

Kevin says and this is information I haven’t been able to obtain, since since my first day, Will I still be able to follow on Yep, you’ll be able to follow along, don’t sweat it, you know, enter it if you know it, if you don’t, these are things you’re going to want to know, right? Especially if you’re involved in the marketing and the business, you need to know what our average ticket is, you need to know what our average conversion field is. So that you can build strategies that are going to be as effective as possible.

So I don’t want to give too much time. But I also don’t want to rush anybody along. So if as you’re going through this worksheet, if you’ve got a done, give me a one. And you know, Kevin, that would indicate to me in the chat one, good to go on ready to work on the next thing, I’m ready to keep moving down the worksheet. Just give me a one a chat. When you’re ready.

Kathy’s good?

goddess good.

Once I have a couple of you that say you’re ready, I’m going to start to press forward.

If you’re pulling this up, either in service Titan, or you’re pulling it up in your accounting system,

I’m going to give you guys a couple more seconds to get this fleshed out

average revenue on a monthly basis kind of what’s what’s what what did you do in June? What did you do in May?

How many jobs? Are you running on a typical monthly basis to get to those revenue numbers? And then what’s your average ticket? What’s your average conversion rate in the field? And then

how many trucks Do you guys have in the operation?

Okay, I

think it looks like most of you are done. If not, you know this, you’ll be able to go back and spend more time on this as you go.

I think it’s really important to kind of connect with your long term vision every quarter. And so I’m not going to spend 20 minutes on this. But just really quickly, if you can project forward to 2025. And everything went according to plan and you know, just businesses where you want it to be? What would it look like? How much revenue would the company be doing on an annual basis? How many trucks would you have?

And I want you to just write a brief paragraph underneath on why why is that important for you? Why is getting to that level important? Is it so that you can buy a new house as is that you can, you know, employ more people in your local market? Is it just so that you have the financial freedom to feel confident What’s going on? If you’re the marketing director, this might be harder to answer. But if you’re the business owner, just a couple minutes long term, where do you want to see the

business by 2025. How many trucks Do you want to be running? And and What’s the reason?

We gave you guys two minutes connect with your long term vision. And if anybody’s willing to post their why I think everyone would benefit from hearing, you know, why is this? Why is this important to you? Why is growing it growing your business to that level, something you’re striving for right now.

Simon Sinek says start with why. And the more connected you work to the to the why the the more powerful it is for you, the more powerful it is for your team, the more powerful it is for everybody on board more likely that you actually hit the short term goals and the long term goals that you’re striving for.

So somebody in chat we get we got a solid group live with us. What like, what’s your Why? Why are you so focused on building your business? Kathy, Yana Kevin

Wayne, somebody chime in for me here,

Jared because he wants to build it for sale. Awesome, powerful, right? The more revenue, the better the profitability, the greater valuation, and you can have a great exit at some point down the road. Thank you. Thank you for sharing.


it looks like most of us have it. Kevin says Warner standards to provide environmental environment that focuses on employees and quality of life. Very cool.

Okay, so let’s, let’s get into the let’s get into the the quarterly planning part of this. And so if we scroll down, you’re gonna see 90 day goals that basically take us through September 31 2021. And what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna break this down, month by month. So what I want you guys to do this, this is a kind of a manual way to do it, I have a worksheet that I put together for you guys, it’s going to make this really easy. So you can either click it directly from your worksheet, or I’m going to share this document for you.

And now we’re getting to the actual goals and targets for the for the quarter.

And if you don’t mind, look at my screen for a minute. And you’ll be able to see kind of what I’m going to do here what the plan is, again, same thing you’re gonna file, make a copy. But on this first tab says quarterly goals, what I want you to do is put in what’s your current monthly? So let’s say you do $125,000 typical month,

what’s your average ticket? So let’s say average ticket 750. It’s different for everybody. And then what’s your lead conversion rate? That’s for every lead that comes in either SEO pay per click, they saw your truck, they heard your radio ad, whatever it is, what percentage of those are you booking to a dispatch job? Some of you know if you monitor this closely in service Titan, or some other platform, put the actual number, if you don’t know, um, you know, I would say probably guesstimate somewhere around 55%. So we want to put it in number I’ll just put 55%.

So these are the key metrics at the top the things in green are the things you’re going to have to add. And then what are the targets for July August and September, like literally how much revenue reasonably Are you going to generate within your business. So let’s just as this example, I’m going to put 125,000 in July, then we’re going to go to one

we’re going to go to 135

and then we’re going to go to 150 let’s just say it’s pretty aggressive goals but

that’s what I want you guys to have in and then the automation will help us drill down like Okay, so how many jobs would we need to generate in order to make that a reality? How many leads would we need to generate in order to bring that in into fruition? And then you know, you can also put in what your average cost per lead is from your marketing and that will tell you how much you probably need to invest to hit those targets. So start here guys just enter the top cells and then the you know, the the sales targets month by month, July August and September.

Gimme done in the chat once you’ve got this filled in and if you have any questions please let me know so I can help

guide you.

Yon has done, Yana what’s the goal for September by the time you guys get to September what what revenue target Are you guys shooting for

Some of you just logged in, we’re working through the q3 planning worksheet.

Hey, you’re gonna need at least 6000 leads per month. Wow. Okay, big targets. How much revenue does that generate? I’m curious. How did you guys focus format predominantly on water heaters?

gets me to dodge. Okay, fair enough. Yep. If you want to keep that private, that’s totally fine.

So if you’re, if you’re tracking along with me, this should make it pretty simple for you to see. All right, here’s how much we’re at right now.

Here’s what our average ticket is. Here’s where we’re gonna shoot to be on July, August and September.

And here’s how many jobs we generate. Here’s how many leads we need to generate. And here’s how much we’re going to need to invest in our advertising budget. And that’s not just online. That’s your entire internet marketing budget.

Give me a one if you feel like this is helpful, just kind of having a framework to see what the targets are. And kind of what the benchmarks you need to shoot for.

Josh says one, okay.

Excellent, sustained good. And in the comments here, if you’re good, Jonas is so helpful. Kevin says helpful helps me understand where to start. Excellent. Just so you guys know, there’s a second tab that says lead lead generation targets.

Oops, the third one over average lead cost by source.

This just gives you some benchmarks to work from. So within, you know, within PPC plumbing, you’re gonna be looking at 40 to $50 per lead on plumbing and hv AC LSA is going to be like 3035 and 17.

repeater referrals should be very low at $5 per lead, on average in $1 spent advertising your existing customer base, a blended average, we’re seeing somewhere between 25 and $50 per lead. So you know, if you don’t know this should give you some some target to shoot for. So if your plumbing selling somewhere like $25 per lead, if you’re HVC, something like $32 per lead, obviously, your age, your plummet, your PPC leads are going to be a little bit more than your organic leads, and leads that come from other sources.

So we should now have our targets. Ideally, you can go in and update this average cost per lead, let’s say the $32. And that will tell you what you need to spend right between 10 and $12,000 per month on your in your marketing to generate that lead volume to hit that to hit that target.

What I want you to do now is take your numbers from here, and just bring them back over to your planning workbook.

And if you’ve come down to where we were quarterly targets,

just you know, what are those targets? How many jobs do we need to run?

How many leads Do we need to generate? And or what I would do probably because I think it’s it’s easier and cleaner would be just the to take a screenshot of this or copy this information and move it right over to your sheet. So as opposed to re entering it. What you could do is just paste that in with as a link spreadsheet. And now you can see exactly what your what your numbers are.

Give me a one if that makes sense. I want to make sure I’m not losing anybody. I tried to make this as simple as possible.


Briana says it makes sense. Perfect.

All right, great. Hey, listen, I’m getting I’m getting one. So this is this is good.

So now on your worksheet, you have the key basic information that you need. You get your targets, and you’ve got your benchmarks. And you’ve got your your KPIs, which is how many leads we’re going to need to generate in order to hit our job target. How many jobs are we going to have to run in order to hit our revenue targets, your entire marketing budget can be reversed engineered, your entire marketing strategy can be reverse engineered from this information. So I’m going to delete this from the sheet.

And you can now use this to go back to your marketing strategy and be like is are we built to generate that quantity of leads? Yana said she’s 6000 leads anybody else can you just put in so I can make sure you were all tracking along together what your lead target is.

Just put a number in

Do you know, month by month, or by the end of September? How many leads you’re going to need to generate to hit the sales and revenue target that you set for yourself?

If you don’t answer at least a couple of you don’t enter it in, I’m going to feel like I’m just talking to myself here.

Or that we’re not actually

following with me, which is no good. Either way, it’s no good. Alright, Marcello needs 750. Gavin says he doesn’t know because he’s new to the role, that’s fine.

Okay, a

couple of you have it, hopefully you have that. And if you need to go back and work through it, by all means, if you’d like to jump on a session with us to help you map this out, we’d be glad to do that with you.

Okay, so now we can shift from setting targets and benchmarks to what do we have to do what’s going to be our action plan, in order to get that volume, right, in order for Marcello to hit 750 leads, what do we have to do, right, and for each of you guys, that’s going to be a little bit different. And it really does boil down to this digital dominance method, it boils down to, let’s look at the different strategies that are available to us. And and break it down by checklist format. So I’m going to I’m going to walk you guys through this. But ultimately, to me, it starts with your website, right, all of your marketing, whether it’s your your SEO, your pay per click your Facebook ads, you know, the the local marketing that you do within your market space,

people wind up on your website, and they make buying decisions on your website. So we want to start with the website, make sure that the website is great that it’s built to convert. And so I’ve got a little website review here that I’d like you guys to do. And I’ll show an example, right, we want to make sure your websites are built to convert that when somebody gets there, they’re like, Okay, this is a solid company, the kind of company I want to do business with, and

make the buying decision to convert. So I put an example of a great plumbing website, as well as a great

hpac website as a as a point of reference, right, and you guys can go in and look at this, both of these websites convert north of 40%, visitor to color a visitor to inquiry. And so if you’re converting at that level, you’re going to be much more successful than if you’re not. And so what this document is going to help you do is look at your website, say like, okay, does it speak to your ideal target, target avatar, so you think about your customer, their fears, their frustrations, their their concerns, like, they just want to know that you’re going to provide exceptional service, you’re going to be available on their timeframe. And so just make sure that the messaging on the website speaks to that. So that’s the first thing if not go in and then modify that. The second thing is doesn’t have authentic imagery of your team. People want to do business with people they know, like and trust. And we’ve found to the extent that you have real pictures of the people within the company, the either the owners or the people that are going to show up and it seems real as a as opposed to

you know, just generic stock imagery, it converts converts better so you know, if you’re looking at the valley plumbing website here, you can see lots of authenticity. That’s one of the reasons this website converts as well as to Deus. Are you leveraging video, like people, you know, people say that a picture’s worth 1000 words, well, then a video is worth a million, right? Because that gives people the opportunity to get to know like and trust you. And so you can see here an example of ima master plumber that just so happens to own Valley plumbing Valley plumbing here speaking directly to their ideal customer speaking directly to that audience. And so you could have video like that on your homepage on the service pages talking about each of the different services you offer. And it will absolutely help with competition you can have a video that explains why somebody should choose you versus the competition. So I’m going to go through this checklist. I’m going to give you guys a little bit of time to pull up your websites and just kind of say like run it through this lens.

Does it showcase your online reviews and testimonials? Right? One of the biggest things that people want to do before they do business with you is see that you’re solid right 100 plus reviews on home advisor BBB accredited. And to the extent that you can really showcase your reviews and your testimonials, you’re going to convert even better. And so if we hit review site here, we can see this is a great company that provides great service and we’re thinking about doing business with them. We’re like okay, yes, professional quality. So you want to make sure that that’s front and center on your on your website.

And then you want to have some of the basic fundamentals like the phone number in the top right hand corner, you want to make sure that there’s a website webs web form that they can fill out to book an appointment, you want to make sure that you’re using those credit credibility factors, that each one of your page tells them exactly what to do. There’s a clear KPI, a clear call to action, we want to make sure there’s also an opportunity for them to engage in chat, right, more and more people have moved to wanting to chat and text versus call, if you don’t have a chat function on your website that can be really low hanging fruit, especially I like two way text message chat. And we’ve got a great platform for that if you don’t already, do it.

And then are you are you following up with the leads via quick automation. So this is the checklist for your website, we’re thinking about on a quarterly basis or digital marketing plan. take a couple minutes, pull up your website and check the ones that you can say, got it, and then

highlight the ones that you like a what I need, I need a wall a welcome video on the site, I think that would help with conversion highlighted in green, I need to add some chat to my site. We’re not doing that today. Right, highlight that in green, you know, the messaging just isn’t congruent, I feel like we can do better on that front. And so that’s why I like to have you guys do kind of check mark the ones that you get done. And then highlight the ones that you don’t

Marcello, we implement for our clients a tool called conversion amp, which is a platform we’ve developed. That’s just really good. It’s got two way text messaging, it’s got chat, we can talk more about that later, if you like, where you can schedule a call with with Christian who’s on here. And he can show you a step by step demo of that.

So as you guys are pulling this up, I just want to kind of show you for Valley plumbing, as we’re showing them as an example. what’s possible when you get the website dialed in, and it’s really built to convert at the highest level possible. This is our, our tracking dashboard. They kind of shows how much they spend, how many leads do they generate, what’s their average cost per lead,

and it’s loading up.

So on a $3,310 investment, they tracked 635 leads. So the average cost per lead blended is about $5.25. That’s 435 came directly from organic, we’re going to talk about how to get the SEO dialed in, because that’s really, really important.

Six via PPC 187 from Google Maps and 10 via chat. So because they’ve got a diverse marketing strategy, looking at the digital dominance method, they’re really able to tap into a lot of different opportunities. I’m going to show you on the SEO summary here.

The website converts at a very, very high



right now you guys should be going through your website and identifying the things that you need to pull up.

Things that you need to improve on the website, things you need to dial in.

Ideally, I’d like to have all of you come back with at least two or three items that this quarter, you can change your update on the website that will move the needle for you.

So give me a one in the chat. If you’re good on this. If you’re good on the website review side of the equation. I don’t want to give too much time but I also don’t want to breeze through it too quickly.

David, the last question. Good to go.

Anybody else?

Kevin’s good. Awesome. Okay, so that’s the website review. The second thing we want to look at is the SEO review. I think the SEO review of your website’s important

because it’s easy to say let’s spend more on pay per click. It’s easy to see let’s spend more on Facebook ads. But we also want to make sure we’re showing up for the keywords people are typing in when they when they look for us. So I just real quick I went I typed in Orlando plumber, you can see shamrock plumbing comes up here at the top. You can see that he comes up very well organically. In this particular client ranks for hundreds of keywords in around Orlando for plumbing, Drain Cleaning water heaters and everything in between. And if you look at the website from a from an SEO perspective, there’s a couple of things right first of all the title tag on the site. That’s Orlando.

plumber shamrock plumbing, Orlando, Florida repiping, right? The h1 says Orlando plumber and repipe specialist, right. And there’s lots of great unique content from the on page SEO perspective that that drive the results, right? The on page is probably 30% of it, the off page, the links, the citations, the online reviews, drive the rest of the result. But foundationally, right, there’s pages on the site for each of the services. And this is why he can rank for Orlando, drain cleaning, Orlando, repiping, and Orlando, everything else. So if we just go.

I’m going to show some of this stuff for you guys. And then let you guys quickly shift, like looking at this for yourself. So there he is second spot for Orlando repiping. I’m not going to bore you with a bunch of searches, but he comes up for a lot of stuff. And this is a secondary site, we set up for MRI pipe Orlando, which ranks for almost all the repipe terms and keeps three crews busy just doing repipe jobs.

So we want pages for each of our services. We want pages also for each of the cities that we operate in. So he works in Metro West and Windermere and Winter Garden in Kissimmee, and all of these other places. So this checklist will help you look at your website from an SEO perspective, at least from an on page perspective, to help you see like, what do we need to do from an SEO perspective? So do you have the main keyword in the title tag? Which is this area up here on the homepage and the various pages of your site? Drain Cleaning Orlando right?

Try I don’t want to get too technical. But you know, that’s that’s pretty easy, you should be able to look at any of the pages of your site and see, do we have a city and a service in our title tag? Do we have pages for each of the core services we offer so not just plumbing, but plumbing Drain Cleaning, water heaters re piping trenchless sewer replacement and an hv AC, ac repair, heating repair

all of those. So like another example for like for you, HP, AC and other services, great pages for each of the different services pages for each of the different things that they do. And then pages for each of the cities that they operate in.

So as you go through this portion, we have pages for the services, we have pages for the cities to have pages for the brands that we install, is there unique content on all the pages of the site? Right? You want to make sure you didn’t like copy and paste from some other website? Does it come up for the most important keywords? And so for this, you can just run a couple searches for yourself, your city plus AC repair plus plumbing plus all those various terms. And if we go to Google, and we look for you, do you come up? And that’s you know, that’s pretty important, right?

And then are you creating new content, blogging and creating inbound links back to your website? What a lot of people think is that SEO is just about the the content, the site structure, the linking, but the reality is what really drives your rankings is going to be you know, are you consistently putting out new content? Are you getting links from other websites to your homepage to the sub pages on your site? And that’s really how you can move up the results for the most important keywords in your in your service area. So I’m going to give you guys a couple minutes, look at your website, look at it through this lens. And and you can see it

should we hire someone for website Seo? Or can we do it ourselves. I mean, if you’re if you’re a plumber, or an HVC contractor, you should probably hire someone to do the tweet. And I mean, that’s what we do here at plumbing and HVAC SEO. Like we do this for plumbing HBC home service companies across the country. If you’d like to talk with us, we’d love the opportunity to chat. So at the bottom of your workbook is a link where you can schedule a one to one strategy session where we would run a ranking report for you we’d look at your website and tell you exactly where there’s room for improvement.

But you know, that’s that’s your that’s your call.

While you pull that up, and I’ll just pull up shamrock plumbing here.

Kevin says he’s a full time marketing person and they hire out for both, right? You need to like a specialized skill to to do it correctly. But it is important for you to be able to look at it and see, you know, are the fundamentals in place. Does this look good? Is there room for improvement? And so you can see here shamrock plumbing on a $3,000 monthly investment in their website in their SEO in their paid search 70 777 leads generated average cost per lead to $3 9723 cents. This is great

I don’t want you to you guys to look at this and think it’s a benchmark. This is a, an anomaly. But he just does so well organically that the results are tremendous, right. And so there’s 283, from organic 53 from PPC 363, from Google Maps 78. From from web forms. We’ve been doing this for market, shamrock plumbing. He was like one of our second or third clients we’ve been doing for a long time, we’ve built up a lot of authority. We’ve built up a lot of page one rankings. But the basic fundamentals are exactly what I just shared right are exactly what are on this checklist. So what I want you to do is highlight the ones that you need to do, maybe you need to create some more city pages, maybe you need someone that can focus on new content and link building for you. If so, we’d love the opportunity to chat this is this is what we do.

So go through that guys work through it. I’m going to post something else up here on the side. I’m going to give you guys two minutes look at the SEO review.

Give me a like in the chat, just give me a one if this is helpful if you’re tracking with me, or it’s kind of a different format for me, I’m doing less talking and more. Ideally, having you guys work on stuff. Give me a one if this is working for you.

Kevin says helpful, good.

I was smart, a smart male list what tools and processes do you recommend? David, I recommend tensas. One, thank you, I wouldn’t recommend Um,

there’s like things like

baling wire lists for direct mail or for email, okay, for email.

There’s MailChimp, there’s constant contact, we have a tool that we use called conversion amp that we can set you up on lets you do emails, SMS, text message communication, as well as, you know, marketing automation. That’s really what I would recommend at this point. And so if you’d like to learn more about that, it’s conversion amp


And it you know, great tool, lets you call out let you SMS can have automation that can follow up immediately with the leads that you generate. You can see a demo of this by going into conversion slash demo. Oops. Hey, Chrissy, can you make sure that the right link for the demo is is there? I just have it wrong in my head, I think.

Yeah, that will let you send email broadcasts and text broadcasts.

Can you manage multiple accounts? Yes. Yes, you can.

Alright, back to our workbook.

Everybody should have

everybody should have had a chance to run through the SEO review. Did anybody find anything that stuck out stuck out to them? Like, okay, here’s something I need to work on. Ideally, that’s the purpose here, find some things that are needing improvement.

Either paste them in? Or just give me a Yep, I found this or give me a yes, I found some things.

Awesome. Kevin found some thanks.

I realized that this check part didn’t get dropped into Google Maps, which is also very important.

I’m just gonna add this, you guys can either copy this to your sheet, if you didn’t get it or just look over here and look at it as a point of reference.

And what we’re looking for on Google Maps, is

have we claimed and verified the Google Map listing? Yes. Do you have access to it as the owner of your business, you want to have access to your Google My Business listing? Is it properly optimized?

And then really, when it comes to the Google Maps, the other things that really drive rankings are are you in all of the major online directory sites? So are you on Angie’s List and city search and all of those with consistency of your name and address phone number? and probably even more important is? Do you have lots of online reviews? And so the real things I want you guys to think about is do you have a proactive strategy for getting reviews every day from your customers? And are you posting to Google My Business on a weekly basis? Creating questions, answering questions, we’ve got a whole training that walks us through

that walks us through like how to optimize

For the Google Map listings, and that

if you want more information on that you can go, you can go into it. So, Kate,

Katie says the SEO aspects look good. Christian is doing a great job managing the account. Awesome, we really appreciate your business and glad glad to hear that. That’s the case.

So again, just to be specific here, let’s just do.

I spelled Orlando wrong. But

still, he’s got the number one ranking. And usually, if you look in any market, the ones that rank best, it’s not always but a lot of times, they have lots of reviews, they have a real location in the real service area. And their listing, you know, has been has been properly claimed has been properly optimized, has images of the real people just like you were on your website. And so you just want to make sure that your fundamentals are in place. If there’s one thing that you should probably focus on more than anything else, in terms of getting ranked in the Google Maps, it is online reviews, right? conversion amp has a review automation plugin, or bass clef to ever service call, the customer can get an email and a text message. There’s other platforms like nearby now, which we highly recommend. Review boss, Paul, Sam, there’s lots of platforms and lots of tools, I’m more interested in knowing that you have some type of consistent review request process going out, Yana always improve. always working with proof content. Very interesting, a version of broad, awesome would love to get with you on that. I think that could be a game changer for you guys. And I’m glad to talk more about kind of why that’s powerful, and why it really drives great results.

Okay, so now we’re through like the SEO review Part of this, we want to move to now paid search, right, there’s so much we can do from an organic perspective in terms of optimizing the website in terms of structuring it correctly. After that, what we need to do is make sure we’re tapping into paid search opportunities. And if I’m gonna go real quick, I’m just gonna run a search for

fuel they see repair. And what we can see is local service ads, a pay per click listing the maps, believe it or not, so a lot of people ton of people click on the maps, and then we’ve got the organic results, right. And this local service ads has become very prominent. And it it’s a very good opportunity for you guys if you’re not plugging into it at this moment in time. And so my first question here is, are you maxing out your local service ads budget, if you’re not, this is something you should probably look at, right. And if you’re a client of ours, we can walk you through it. If you’re not, what you would want to do is in any market, you know, just pull up the local service ads search result.

And you can get more information about local services. Here, what I can tell you is the clients that are on local services are doing really, really, really well. The lead quality is good. The average cost per lead set tends to make a lot of financial sense. We’ve got a

we’ve got a very detailed walkthrough training, if anybody needs it, that explains exactly how this works. And you know, can walk you through like how you get on local service ads, how do you optimize your budget? How do you optimize your rankings? But since this is more of a quarterly planning session, the question here is are you on local service ads? And are you maxing out your budget? If you’re not you’re probably spending a little bit more on Pay Per Click than you might need to because you should be tapping into every local service that opportunity you can and then diversifying outside of that as of q3 2021 would be my suggested play. From there. Do we have retargeting in place? We should absolutely be retargeting. Basically all retargeting is is making sure that anybody that gets to your website, whether they got it from SEO for pay per click, or because they saw your ad, or because they saw your truck and pulled up your website, we want to retarget them. So they start to see banner ads, they start to see us across the internet to bring them back. We know something like 90% of the people that get to your site, don’t convert, but they’re in your market, and they’re in need of your services. And so I’m really going to encourage you to think about putting some type of retargeting in place

as it relates to your pay per click just you know, are you strategically targeting your Google ads? Like do you have different ad groups for each of your services? Are there different text ads being displayed when somebody

searches for you. Do you have landing pages that are built specifically for the pages that you that you’re that you’re bidding on? This is big, right? You do a review of your Google ads and make sure that you’ve got it structured, you know, in a detailed and smart way. Are you running Facebook ads to your ideal prospect base? Do you have a premium man on Angie’s List Yelp, Citysearch, wipey, calm Angie’s List in certain markets seems to be doing pretty well. And then at the bottom of this checklist, if you’re slow on leads, and you need more volume in your targets, there’s almost an infinite supply of leads didn’t bought at home advisor, but know that the quality of that lead is lower, it’s going out to multiple contractors. But if you use something like conversion amp, you can get a lead from homeadvisor, put it into the system, have an immediate phone call and text message, go out to that client and have an automatic marketing follow up campaign that really can convert more of your home advisor leads than you might think possible. So again, low quality, but down here, like if you’re struggling to hit your targets, that’s a good thing to want to pay attention to. So I just want to give you guys a minute kind of run through this PPC review. And is there anything here that you need to work on from a PPC perspective.

So I’m pulling up Cardinal large company in Sun Prairie plumbing, hv AC, all services really led with more on the HV AC side, larger budget also a larger company running a lot more volume $12,000 invested in online marketing 1313 leads tracked this last month $9.16 per lead on HVC is really, really very good.

And you can see a nice distribution, organic 181 on Pay Per Click 700 from Google Maps on 32 via web chat. And so don’t fall asleep on any of these right. So the reason I pull this up is that some people just want to do pay per click. And they don’t realize that look, there’s lots that come from organic, other people like I just want to do organic and they don’t realize that they can really generate good quality leads, you control their volume by tapping more aggressively in the paid ads. This doesn’t bring into account their local service ads and their ads from other services that actually generate lots and lots of opportunity for them.

Give me a one, if you’re good on the PPC review, like you feel like you’ve kind of thought that through you recognize there’s some room for my opportunity there. And it’s something you’re looking at.



Social media, you want to look and make sure that you get Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram accounts for your business. They’re optimized.

And you know, are you posting on them on a consistent basis, I really feel like social media right now for plumbing HVC Home Services is a great place to connect with your client base to develop, you know, local awareness and to drive more repeat and referral business. They’re seeing you on their social media, cute on a true social feed, they’re more likely to refer you they’re more likely to to connect with you.

I really think for you guys, a lot of you the biggest opportunity here is lead conversion. You know, as I look at most plumbing HVC home service companies, they generate leads, but there’s a leaky bucket, and that they don’t follow up with the leaves quickly. And they’re not converting them at the highest level possible. And that’s really where conversion amp comes into play.

What we can do with conversion amp is put a mechanism in place where all your leads get followed up within five minutes or less via phone, SMS, and email. It’s just a marketing automation platform. Again, Chris, you put the link in to do a demo, I would recommend all of you guys do this demo. And if your online marketing isn’t doing this today, it’s

it’s missing an opportunity. So this page right here,

plumber, SEO dotnet slash demo. six minute video walks you through, I’m not gonna waste your time on today’s session to show you, but pretend like this is a web form on your site. And you’re asking the normal things your name, your phone number, your email in a description of what they have in place. Usually that form is going to the office via email, somebody in your office has to see the email somebody in the office has to call that person back. And it only happens once or twice a day. So very few leads you’re getting a quick immediate response. With conversion app what happens is

they immediately get a text message because that’s how most people respond to anyways and they get a text message. Hey, thanks for you know, filling up

On our site, did you want to schedule a service call? And they go right back? Yes. And if they write back, yes, then it immediately takes them to a calendar page where they can tentatively book a time for one of your technicians to come out, we find that just that piece right there significantly improves the conversion rate on on web forms. But it also sends an email out to the prospect. And it also

calls the prospect in your office and you know, your office, whoever it is, that’s there gets a call, it says, Hey, you have a new week, press one to connect with them. Now that hard dials that person. So this is a great mechanism we can put in place for you, I highly recommend that we’re seeing tremendous results with it. But whether you use this or some other mechanism I want, what I want you to think about on your quarterly review here is are you following up in five minutes or less? Do you have conversion campaigns that touched your prospects? five or seven, five to seven times via phone, email, and or


Are you starting to develop a database with your customers and prospects, emails and cell phone numbers that you can work? Are you sending out an email newsletter on a monthly basis? This right here is low cost, low, low cost? If you touch your customers via email once, once a month, at least once a quarter, you’re going to get free business because like oh, yeah, that’s right. I needed this. Oh, I didn’t even know that you guys did that. And so that’s it’s a good opportunity. And then are you leveraging

email to get online reviews and to draw your customers on social media, which just means are you sending an email out after every service call? Hey, thanks for your business, please write us a review. Hey, we’d love to have you follow us on Facebook or on Instagram. So you’re building up that following. So as you put out content to your to your social sphere, it’s not just going to a vacuum, but it’s one of your real customers in your real service area. So just a quick audit there guys, look at your conversion, make sure that you that you’re tapping into all of the opportunities that are available to you to convert at a higher level.

And the next thing is tracking. Right? We talked about goals, we talked about targets, you want to make sure a couple of tracking mechanisms are in place, Google Analytics, which will show you how many visitors are getting to the website, how did they get there? How long did they stay, you know, is that volume going up? You want to have keyword tracking in place. So if you think about the different keywords, somebody might type in, when they look for you, you want a report that’s running on a monthly basis that can show you are you on the first page, are you on the second page, are you on the third page, this is something we can set up for you if you don’t have it, we use a tool called bright local, but there’s lots of tools that can run that for you Are you call tracking, this is a no brainer. If you’re not, you know, you need to know how many calls are coming in, you need to know how many leads are coming in. And it’s just the mechanism of conversion app, you can track it, we track it for our clients, just putting a number up in your header. And on the website that isn’t your main number. It’s a number that people byl that gets, you know, basically tracked through to your main main company number that gives you the ability to see okay, if I spent 10 grand, how many phone calls, did my online marketing generate? And hear those conversations and determine what turned into a book job What didn’t and really quantify your results, quantify your return on investment, I do recommend your call tracking be broken down by source so that you can say here’s how many calls came from SEO, here’s somebody came from pay per click here, somebody came from other marketing initiatives that you have in place.

And you have a dashboard that shows your average cost per lead your total spend and your projected ROI. That’s that’s what we put in place for our clients. I showed you a couple of examples here on it. But you know, just being able to see how much have we spent? How many leads do we generate? What’s our average cost per lead? Where did the leads come from? And assuming certain benchmarks like an 85% conversion rate, from lead to book job, that’s 944 book jobs, on average technician conversion rate of 75%. That’s 711 infield, you know,

closed leads, and then an average ticket a 450. And you know, you can dictate what your average ticket is, how much revenue should that have generated. So in this case, they spent 12k, that feels like a lot, but they generated $320,000 in revenue, which is a 26 time return on investment. The point is, as you’re thinking about your quarterly plan, you want to pause for a minute and just be like, you know, do I really know where the money is going and do I know that there’s a return on investment on the back end of that spend if you don’t it’s easy to spend a lot of money and have very little to show to show for it. And then are you leveraging the car

Ram house call pro service Titan something along those lines to really track, you know, how much how many leads and how much actual revenue is ball? I think this is kind of where we all want to wind up in terms of our tracking, we want to know, how much do we spend, how many leads do we generate how much was generated in terms of both jobs and how much revenue is there, so you can have a tangible track on the return on investment. So that’s, that’s the quarterly plan, right? We’ve looked at our goals and our targets, and we’ve broken it down by quarter. And then we looked at an audit of our online marketing, we looked at our website, our SEO, or Google Maps, or pay per click our social media or lead conversion optimization, and our tracking and our baseline tracking that we want to make sure we have in place. Hopefully, this has been helpful. Hopefully, you’re clear on the kind of what you can do to generate better results and to kind of move yourself towards those targets you set for the quarter.

I’d like to have you guys spend a couple minutes next step wise, put together an action plan for yourself.

here underneath action plan, it breaks down to my mind website, SEO paid search and lead conversion, what have you like take the key insights that we’ve taken, we’ve kind of put through in this checklist and paste them in. So on your website, like what are two to three things you’re going to change for your SEO? What are the three things you need to put in place for your PPC? You know, what, maybe new paid ads? Should you be exploring? What changes to your pay per click strategy should you put in place from a lead conversion perspective? Are you following up quickly just kind of bullet out two to three in each of these areas that you can move forward. And if you’d like some help with this, you know, you’d like to say you know, I’d love to have you guys in your team implement for me, there’s a link here to schedule a complimentary lead flow acceleration session. And what we would do there is we would run your website, your online marketing, through a complete review, we’d run a ranking report for you for the most important keywords, we give you feedback on your website in terms of what needs to change what needs to improve. And will will really give you an idea if that’s your goal. Here’s what it would look like to have us help you execute. If you here’s what your expectations can be. And here’s kind of what that would would cost. So that’s your next step, map out your action plan on schedule a time either either to look at conversion, aperture interested or to do that lead flow acceleration session. I would love to see if there’s any questions or anything that you guys need some help with on on this quarterly planning process.

Give me a one chance this has been helpful if you feel like clear on your goals clear on your targets and clear one what you need to do in order to take your digital marketing to the next level in third quarter.

Awesome, Kevin very clear, extremely helpful. We’re so one, Jada, this is great, Josh. Awesome. Thank you, john. I really appreciate that. Excellent, excellent. Excellent.

Do we work with remodeling companies? It depends on low if you’re ready to take it. Yes. Conversion amp can work really well for remodeling companies. But our main focus is plumbing HVC and electrical contractors.


Well, guys, if you would like some help, you can go to go down plumber SEO dotnet slash schedule. Again, that’s where you would schedule a complimentary review.

Thanks for your time. Again, I hope you got great value from today’s session. Feel free to shoot me an email, connect with me on social media send me a personal message if you need any help. And that’s it for now. Everyone have a wonderful Fourth of July holiday. Let’s make it an amazing third quarter and amazing second half of the year. And thanks for your time. I’ll talk to you all soon.

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