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The New SEO Formula for Plumbing, HVAC & Electrical Contractors

On this video we share share the latest strategies for getting your plumbing, HVAC, Electrical or Home Service website ranked on PAGE ONE for the most important keywords in your service area.

SEO is still important for home service companies and requires a comprehensive approach to maximize rankings and leads. Focus on keywords, on-page and off-page optimization, user experience, and automation to build authority and trust and improve search engine rankings.

What You're Going to Learn

  • SEO still matters and is a key driver of results for plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and home service companies. Despite changes in search results and the rise of local service ads, 71% of clicks still go to the maps and organic listings, with 67% going to the first five results.
  • The new SEO formula involves focusing on driving leads through organic, paid, and database strategies, maximizing conversion, and optimizing results. A comprehensive approach is necessary for digital dominance in the local market.
  • SEO is still important for home service companies and can lead to lower cost per lead and higher quality leads. It is important to focus on technical, on-page, off-page, and user experience factors to improve rankings.
  • The new SEO formula involves identifying the most important keywords based on search volume and commercial intent, optimizing Google My Business profiles, focusing on on-page factors, prioritizing reviews, and building authoritative backlinks.
  • The first step in improving SEO for a plumbing or HVAC business is to figure out the keywords that customers are searching for with commercial intent. This can be done using tools like Google Keyword Planner or SEMrush.
  • Once the keywords are identified, the business should create pages and content on their website that target those keywords, optimize for user experience and site speed, and build off-page authority through link building and citations. It's also important to track the results and make adjustments as needed.
  • The first step in an SEO strategy is to figure out the most commonly searched keywords and where your business ranks for those keywords. This can be done through a free analysis provided by companies like Plumber SEO.
  • On-page optimization is important for improving search engine rankings, and includes having strong website content with multimedia, creating pages for each service and city, and using metadata and schema to boost relevancy. Additionally, blogging with syndication can help improve website authority.
  • Blogging with syndication can be a more effective strategy for creating authority and passing links than just blogging on your own site. By posting to new sources that sync to your website, you can create new links from a variety of different sites and news sources, which can help move your rankings up for second and third tier keywords.
  • Proper on-page optimization is crucial for each service and city/town page on your website. This includes having unique pages for each service and city/town, unique title tags and H1 tags, great unique content with multimedia, and calls to action. By doing this, you can create a better user experience and increase your chances of ranking higher in search results.
  • To improve your rankings on Google, it is important to focus on both on-page and off-page optimization. On-page optimization includes creating unique content for each service and city, optimizing titles and H1s, and ensuring a good user experience. Off-page optimization includes claiming and optimizing your Google business profile, building citations, getting online reviews, and building links back to your website from other relevant websites.
  • Automation can be a powerful tool for improving your online reviews. By tying review requests to your dispatch system and following up with customers who haven't clicked the link to post a review, you can increase your review count and improve your rankings on Google Maps.
  • Building authority and trust through on-page and off-page SEO strategies is crucial for improving search engine rankings and generating results for a plumbing business.
  • Leveraging tools like Google My Business, data aggregators, and syndicated services can help drive online reviews, consistent citations, and news links back to a plumbing website, ultimately boosting its authority and visibility.

Action Items

  • Visit for a checklist on optimizing a plumbing, HVAC or Electrical website for SEO
  • Use tools to determine keywords with search volume and intent
  • Create pages and content for each main service and surrounding cities/towns
  • Optimize for user experience and site speed
  • Optimize on-page content for homepage, service pages, and city pages
  • Build off-page authority through links, citations, and web references
  • Track results and adjust strategy as needed
  • Schedule a complimentary ranking report analysis with Plumber SEO to determine where your website ranks for commonly searched keywords in your market.
  • Create pages for each of your different services with thick content, images, and multimedia to improve user experience and increase probability of ranking for keywords.
  • Consider creating pages for 10-20 sub cities and towns that you operate in.

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All right. Hello and welcome. I’m so excited to have you here. I’m so excited for today’s session.
We’re going to be talking about the new SEO formula and what’s interesting is what’s happening with search engine optimization and the Google algorithm and the things you need to do to make sure your company comes up in the organic search is constantly changing and the, you know, the balls constantly moving, that’s why I do this session at least once a year, talking about, what’s new, what’s changed and what you need to be putting in place in order to improve your probability of ranking and I’ll be talking about some new changes in the algorithm. Also, we’re talking about some new changes in in the industry that, you know, are probably going to move things in a different direction. How many of you guys are paying attention to what’s going on with AI? Artificial intelligence, just type AI in the comments if you’re kind of keeping a pulse on, what’s going on with chat GPT and, and some of the new AI tools coming down the pipe.
Absolutely. Like this is a Trend that’s happening in the industry. The other thing we’re seeing is, you know, the potential for the first time in almost a decade for for Bing to become a bigger player, right? Because you know, Bing is the one that’s really ahead of the ball which EBT and what they’re doing on that front.
I’m typing in the comments. If you started, you know, using being a little bit more. I know that in the tech space, A lot of people are starting to use Bing again because they like that functionality baked right into it Emily’s using Thing, I know I’ve started toying with it. I still prefer Google today but these are some of the trends and some of the changes that you need to be abreast of and you can be paying attention to and you need to be making sure that your strategy is moving to where things are going.
So you can be ahead of the ball and you could be showing up. Most importantly, where your customers are where your prospects are searching, right? Because if we can be where they’re searching, we can be the one that they connect with and that they call into the engage with when they need our services. So take me all around SEO and search engine optimization and making sure you’re coming up organically.
This is part of our accelerated growth model, right? Everything we do. And they’re all of the webinars that we run really cover this strategy on. How do we help you accelerate the growth of your plumbing HV?
AC Electrical Home Service Company and it really boils down into these three key areas, right? We’ve got to drive leads, we’ve got to maximize conversion and then we’ve got to Demise or results, right? And when it comes to driving leads the three key buckets. We focus on organic paid and database.
Right? Organic being what we’re going to talk about today, paid being like running Facebook ads. Running Google ads, running local service ads and the database being like marketing to your existing, customer base and getting them to use you again. We’re getting you them to refer you to somebody else and there’s lots of things we can do on the database front.
So we’re going to talk in all about organic SEO today, but it is Part of the bigger strategy that you do to drive leads convert those leads and then optimize your results and your growth. So I’ll make sure you get access to this. But you know, as you think about your overall internet marketing strategy, don’t just think SEO, don’t just think you know pay-per-click. Don’t you think local service ends?
You want to have a comprehensive approach? And that’s really what we call, our digital dominance method. So, couple of housekeeping rules now that you guys are all in. If you could turn your cell phones off, close your other tabs.
If you’re serious about getting the latest information on how to get ranked how to generate better results online. Let’s give this your undivided attention over the next 60 minutes. I’m going to give you some of my best ideas and strategies. If you can do that, just give you a one in the comments.
If you’re good with, you know, these rules of engagement will just kind of give this our undivided Focus here today. And here’s, we’re going to talk about The the rules and kind of what? We’re going to be talking about on today’s session. We’re going to walk with latest changes in the Google algorithm.
I’m going to talk a little bit about Ai and kind of where things are headed on that front. We’re gonna talk about things. You want to make sure that you don’t have in place anymore. Like I said, the what, what might have been working really well for you?
A year ago, two years ago, if you read a like, one of the older books on SEO, or maybe you hired, one of the the SEO companies that are using outdated strategies. It might have moved you right to the top. A couple of years ago. Could actually be significantly negatively impacting your rankings will talking about some things that you might have been put in place that could be hurting you and most importantly talk about the new SEO formula really what you want to be doing with your website with your content with your SEO strategy in order to get ranked as well as possible in the Dominate in your local market who I am and why you should listen.
My name is Josh Nelson, I’m the founder of plumbing and HVAC SEO. On the author of how to Triple your sales by getting your internet marketing, right? I’d say, you know, most importantly, the reason you should listen is at this point, I’ve had the opportunity to work with hundreds of plumbing and HVAC AC companies and some of the most competitive markets across the country and been able to see them you know, move to a place of dominant dominance in the marketplace. Many of them seeing millions of dollars in Revenue growth as a result of working together.
And so, what I’m sharing with you today is it going to be based on Your hypothesis. It’s based on real-world in the trenches experience with companies, just like yours. And this is what we do here at Plumbing, HVAC, SEO, day in. And day out, we build the websites, we do the SEO work, we write the content we stay on The Cutting Edge of what’s going on with internet, marketing, SEO, and what’s actually working.
And so, if you’re not already a client know, we’ve got a couple of clients on with us right now, so glad to have you here. But if you’re not on your client and you love to talk with us, we’d love the opportunity. Portunity to chat, but that’s not the only purpose of today’s session. We’re going to be sharing our latest and greatest strategies whether you decide to do something with us or not.
I think, Christian just dropped the link if you’re interested in scheduling a time where we can look at what you’re doing today, go to plumber, SEO dotnet /schedule so let’s get right into it does SEO still matter write and you know you might be thinking well, the search results have changed, right? I used to be SEO was the first thing. Saw when you searched for a plumber or an AC contractor or electrician in your area and now you’ve got different things on the search results, right? You’ve got local service ads which is moved things down and then you get the paid results which is move things down.
And so with the changes that are happening, does SEO even matter. Like should we even focus on it? Is it worth the energy and the attention? And what I’m going to say is I believe that it does and I’m going to show you empirically that it absolutely does still matter and it’s going to be a key driver of your results when you’ve got your SEO dialed in or data per day, despite everything that’s happening with the search results in with local service ads, is it still 71% of the clicks when someone searches for a plumber AC contractor electrician in your area, 71% of the clicks, go to either the maps and the organic listings.
And more importantly, 67% go to the first five. Results. And so yeah, they’re still paid search. Yeah, Google is absolutely optimizing in order to get paid every time somebody clicks.
But today’s consumer, still knows the difference between the paid and the organic and they gravitate to the non paid listings. And so yes, SEO still matters. I’m going to show you kind of some data for a couple of clients on this front, as we go. But I’ll say, one of the companies we work with is the meridian Advantage.
They’re based in East Lansing Michigan, their Plumbing HV AC Electrical and remodeling. And you can see they come up really well. Like if you research this company, you know, they rank really well for plumber Plumbing. You know, all of the different keywords.
You can see they come up in maps in the organic listings. Really? What I want you to see is where the money goes and kind of what the results are so that you can kind of validate in your mind. Yeah.
Who cares. If the most of the clicks go there but to the calls go there and it’s actually generated return on investment and Ingredients case, we spend about eight thousand dollars a month in digital marketing, that’s through management fees with us and their ad spend and everything else. We just, we track about 417 leaves and that’s phone calls from various sources as well as web submissions, that comes to an average of about nineteen dollars and 32 cents per lead. But what I want you to see is the breakdown.
So that’s 95 from organic 127 print, PPC, 173 from Google Maps and 22. Two from web forms so SEO, as I Define it. Search engine optimization really accounts for almost 65 percent of the lead flow from Reading advantage. And so, you know, this is just an example that yes pay-per-click Works.
Yes. You want to have that extra dial that you can turn from local service ads and other channels, but if all you did was paid search, you’d be missing on a Lion’s, Share of the opportunity. Give me a 1 if that makes sense and if it’s helpful to kind of see some real examples, A of this yes SEO still matters and when you get it dialed in, you’re going to get a lower cost per lead. You’re going to get a higher quality lead at the end of the day as well.
And it’s got a longer tail right it’s like you don’t have to continue to spend like you do for paid search and local service ads once your ranking really really well couple of other stats and we’re trying to stay on the latest on what kind of what is being said in the industry and in the forums and by the expert. Experts in the space on sixty-eight percent of online, experiences begin with a search. Fifty-three percent of all web site traffic’s comes from organic search SEO drives 1000% more traffic than other social media channels. So, I’m a fan of, you know, doing Facebook and Instagram and other strategies for your home service companies, but the reality is the traffic from organic search versus like your social channels.
It’s not even comparable, right? This is really where the opportunity is where the money is in your business. Six sixty nine percent of search queries contained four words or more and we found looking at this and looking at the data very very closely is that you have a higher close-ratio on SEO leads than you do want paid links for whatever reason like and we can hypothesize about like why would that be? Is it because they maybe they searched a little bit more.
They specifically chose you as opposed to just clicking the first thing I don’t know but we know for a fact that you’re Version rate on SEO leads are higher than they are from repaid, leads. So yes, SEO matters and we’re going to get into some of the latest changes and some of the things that are coming out and some of the the latest trends in SEO. But if you’ve been on any of my sessions in the past, it’s not lost on me that you guys don’t want all the technical mumbo-jumbo. You want, like make this specific and actionable to me as the owner of a plumbing HP, AC Home Service Company.
And so I tend to focus on the 80/20, right? The, the 20% of the things you need to know you need to be aware. Air of you need to understand that actually drive 80 percent of the results. With that said, like we’re staying on The Cutting Edge of what’s happening.
What’s changing? We are in some of the highest paid masterminds as a relates to SEO. We work with some of the top experts in this space, and we’re aware of like a lot of the different trends that are happening with the core algorithm updates featured, snippet, duplication Bert, that’s happened, right? All of these different things that are happening.
Copyright infringement. But really what it boils down to right now, when it comes to getting your plumbing, hvc Home Service Company ranked for the most important keywords in your area, there’s really four key buckets. There’s technical on page off page and then the users experience, right? I’m going to try and I’m going to take this from high-level to eye level.
We’re going to get specific here in just a minute. But technical there’s lots of little things. You probably not going to want to know about, you’re not going to be one to be aware of, but that really Drive some of the outcomes. In terms of how you rank like, how you’re redirecting your broken links, the foundation, and indexation your site Maps, your robots.txt, all of that stuff, and I don’t really want you guys to get into the Weeds on that, right?
Find a company like ours that specializes, it find it, you know, find a contractor that you can work with. They can really understand that for You, um, but the, the fundamentals of on-page and off-page SEO, aren’t that complex, right. We want to have very specific content for the different services that we provide and then we want to create structured data in terms of the titles and The Meta descriptions and the way that we write that content so we want to structure our website. I’m going to show you specific examples here in a minute so that this doesn’t seem quite as abstract.
And that’s that’s probably like Thirty percent of the battle, right? If you get good on-page SEO, you get the right Pages. You’ve got the right structure in the way those pages are put together. The rest is the off page stuff, which is the number of Link’s, the number of citations the actual relevancy in terms of your company and your website specifically.
And so we’re going to talk about some specific things you can do to build up that off page Authority, that’s really what moves the rankings from being in the index for a keyword Two, being like in the top couple of results for specific keywords, but the new part really, and what’s kind of rolling out, as of the last 12, to 24 months is the experience metrics. Google’s really looking at how long is somebody staying on the website? Are they strolling? Are they taking an action?
And so you don’t want to just have your website filled with content, that’s SEO data, that doesn’t create a good user experience. Gore. Vidal switch is how fast, the, site’s the site load on desktop, and on mobile like, do you have that part dialed in speed of interaction, mobile responsiveness, safe to the browser’s? Are you not using pop-ups and things?
I know that this is a lot of information especially for me being this far away from the screen, but to make this as simple as possible, really it boils down to what we call e80 expertise, Authority and trust and so everything we do From an SEO perspective. Really wants to be around. How do we position your company, your website as the expert, right? You’re writing good relevant, content, The Authority, right?
You’re the one publishing and there’s certain things we could do to pass the authority and Trust, right? When we can, we can dial that in. We can really own the day from foremost. Search engine optimization and rankings perspective.
Again, I don’t want to make this too complicated. I’m going to get very specific on this. I do want to make sure that I’m sharing some of the latest information and some of the latest trends that you guys want to be aware of, this is what I call the 2023 local ranking factors, and it’s kind of on a part. Pike.
Right here, is this probably kind of hard for you guys to see kind of coming to the screen. I’ll make sure you get a link to this, but right now what we’re finding is some of the main things are. Your the optimization of your Google, my business profile, which is your Google Map listing. I’ll be talking a little bit about what you need to do there.
You’re on page. Stage factors which is the actual structure of the website content on the website. Your titles, your H, once again, I’ll getting a beginning of that in a minute, your reviews are probably the third most important ranking Factor today, write having true reviews from your real customers in your real service area. We’re finding right now is is Mission critical.
And so I know you guys are on on most of you on the Forefront of this. Give me one in the comments if you’re making sure that a review request goes out after every service. Call and you really are aggressive with getting reviews. Yeah, I know.
If you’re on this session, you probably are. That’s, that’s super important. But the next one that is hard for you to do as the as the actual Plumbing. Hvc electrical business owner is links like getting authoritative links from other websites that you know, aren’t junk but actual relevant organizational, back links back to your website and to your City Pages into your service pages is The The fourth most important ranking Factor again, I don’t want to get massively into the weeds but you know these are just some of the things in 2023 that are most important that you’re focusing on from an SEO perspective.
So just like yes in the comments if you want me to simplify this for you and take it from. All right. Thanks for all this information to like let’s make this actionable. Just type yes.
In the comments for me. Okay, awesome, thanks guys. Okay, so this is the new SEO formula in a very simplified fashion. Let’s get right into it.
Number one, is we have to figure out what the most important keywords are based on your services and based on search volume, right? If we figure out what those keywords are, that’s the foundation of the new SEO formula, right? Figuring out what the keywords and keyword combinations are that we can really focus on from an SEO perspective. And there’s Google there’s great tools for this, the Google Keyword tool Stream, spyfu Google ads.
We will actually run a report for you on this. If you like, I’ll kind of give you a link here in a minute but it starts with figuring out what those keywords are and really knowing what your customers are typing and you know, basing that on two major factors search volume, right? Because sometimes we pick a keyword because we think hey, that’s a cool keyword. Like Let’s just say trenchless.
Sewer repair in Denver, right? That seems like a good word, but is anybody searching for it, right? Is there any search volume? I’ll tell you that there is.
But there’s, there’s opportunities to pick keywords that have no search volume and you spend a lot of attention and focus on something that actually isn’t going to drive any outcomes for you. So first, is that is search volume for it? And section of all is, is there some level of searching tent-like? Are they planning to solve a problem?
Or are they just getting Any information we want to prioritize search volume and Commercial intent, like, where they’re actually interested in doing something. So that’s the first step. Let’s figure out what the keywords are. Second step is, we’ve got to create a great website, that targets those keywords with content.
Now, all of you guys have a great website in today’s market, just let me know in the comments, like, give me a 1. If you feel like you’ve got a pretty great website already, right? I think most of us do work too. If you don’t feel like, you know what, I think you’d probably be much better.
Yes. Emily. You guys have a great website dancing room for improvement. Brad says, room group.
Okay, so all you know, you guys are being honest, right? You know, like there might be some room for improvement on the website stuff, but we want to make sure that it doesn’t have to be new it, but we want to make sure that our website is properly targeting. Those keywords the right keywords that people are actually typing that have commercial intent and so, what that means is we want Pages for each of our main Services, write usually at the most basic, Eric, you know, one of the things we do plumbing, drain cleaning water heater installation, water, heater repair trenchless, sewer replacement, not AC installation, indoor air quality, AC repair furnace, repair rate. We want to have Pages for each of those, and we’re going to talk to you a little bit of how to optimize the content for them and then Pages for each of the subsidies and towns that we operate in, you know, usually we serve a main market like in my case on my own time in Miami so So if I ran a plumbing HP AC Home Service Company, my main, you know, site would be targeting the keyword Miami plumber.
Miami drain cleaning, right. But then we usually have at least a 15 to 20 mile radius that we serve. And so, we want to make sure we’ve got Pages for each one of the sub cities that we operate in. So in the case of Miami you’d have Miami and Palmetto Bay and Kendall and pint breast, like all those little sub cities and towns.
And I think here, you know, like most of you have done this. Well, if you’re on this webinar, probably done it. Give me a one if you’ve already got Pages for each of your services and then Pages for each of the Moor. At least most of the little surrounding cities and towns, 2, if you have it, just like it’s just interesting to see.
So some of you haven’t, so it’s a good opportunity, right? Create those subsidies in the sub count, Again, having the pages is the first face. The second phase is off-page building The Authority for those pages so that they can rank. But the other thing is making sure that those pages have unique content that actually answer the questions that your prospects are asking and serve the consumer serve the person that searching.
And so, you know, a lot of times I see, like, where people go wrong in this particular area, Yeah, is they’ve created Pages for each of the subsidies, but they just duplicated it across their entire site. And now, they’ve actually had all of their City Pages filter. So none of them Rank. And so it might be a, you know, it might be in some cases for some of you guys that have already done this work or somebody else.
Did it actually going back and re-engineering the content. So that’s unique enough that it can be indexed correctly and not negatively impacting your search results. That’s one of those gotchas that we’re seeing with, with organizations that did. Improperly or they had someone that implemented it in properly.
All right, so first thing was we figured out what the keywords are that people are typing. Second thing is we’re going to actually create pages and content for each of those particular pages, so that we can be targeting those keywords in this key phrases. Number three. And this is some of the newer stuff is we want to optimize for the user experience site.
Speeding core vitals. So this is more on the technical side of things. It used to be, we could just put a bunch of content on a page, you know, just spin content, have lots of keywords and it was a hey that’s going to win the day because we’ve got the keywords in there, we’ve got a lot of links and now that page can rank organically, but will Google’s now looking at is, are the pages that we’ve got ranked in the top three top? Five results are the people actually scrolling through the content?
Are they clicking? The next thing are they engaging in a way that’s meaningful. And if you’re not optimized for user, Experience. Your rankings are going to be penalized, you’re going to move backwards in the results.
So it’s super important to look. Not just at your homepage, but each of those pages to make sure you’re creating that right user experience and insight speeds, just mission-critical, right? The website has to be loading fast, on mobile on desktop. I don’t want to get super into the technical details, but Christian, if you can drop the link in there for the site speed, check for for Google GT metrics, it’s really important that your site speed will impact your SEO strategy on the Level side of the equation.
So from there what we have to do so we’ve got we figure out what keywords are right. We set up a great website that’s targeting those keywords. We’ve optimized for the user experience and site speed from there, we need to optimize on page. I’m going to talk about this stuff.
I’m going to share the 80/20 of what you can do on the homepage. The service page is the city pages. So that we’re in the index where in the search results for the most important keywords, and then we’ve got to build our Authority, which is the off-page stuff which is Building the links, building the, the, you know, the web references, building the citations building the authority. So that those pages can rank really, really well in the search results.
And then we want to track the results, right? We need to know if these are the keywords we’re shooting for. How are we ranking? You know, we’re coming up on Google, we pay attention to being at this point now that you know chechi PT is a bigger issue, are we moving up in the search results, for those keywords and Sometimes it’s, let’s go add some more content, right?
In, there’s lots of tools we can do to figure out like what’s the proper keyword? You know, density and how many, how many like? How many words does the page need to have theirs on page stuff that we can tweak and then there’s off-page stuff. Sometimes you can have everything properly set, but it still doesn’t Rick.
And it’s a function of getting more links, more citations, more, proper Authority, pointed back to those pages. Hopefully, this is clear. Give me a Liked. Give me a yes, in the comments if you’re tracking along, I tried to take a relatively complex concept and make it a little bit more concise.
Okay, perfect. Well great guys, I appreciate that that feedback. So I’ve got a checklist for you that we can use as we go through this and you can use this as a point of reference. After if you had a plumber SEO dotnet /sco Dash checklist plumber.
SEO dotnet /s your checklist. This will walk you through those key steps that you want to be focusing on on your website in order to really move up. Up those those outcomes. So the very first thing that I talked about, the first thing we have to do is figure out what are the key words that our customers are typing that actually have search volume and that have search intent.
And I talked about some of the tools you can use to figure that out. A lot of those are paid tools if you really want to get into the nitty-gritty and you want to get access to the most valuable data. Fortunately, at this point, we’ve had the opportunity to work with Hundreds of plumbing and HVAC AC, Electrical Contractors and some of the most competitive markets across the country. And we’ve got this data, right.
We’ve really figured out what the most commonly searched keywords are and which ones have the most commercial intent. And so, what’s interesting? And what I want to talk about your briefly is it’s not just what you think, right? It’s not just plumber and Plumbing in your city or in your main Town, there’s lots of the sub services, that actually, Have search volume that are much higher, commercial intent, right?
There’s less competition and the value of the click and the value of the lead is much greater and so, don’t just think plumber. Plumber plumbers plumbers near me, like also think about burst pipe repair and gas line, repair and gas line installation and some pump installation. Like there’s lots of those types of keywords that have volume, but less competition. Give me one if that make sense like just About your keyword set, you know, outside of just the obvious plumber, plumbing and things like that.
Fantastic. And then on the HV side we’ve also got a list. I think Christian dropped a link in the comments. If you go to Godot plumber, SEO dotnet /.
Keyword Dash list you can you can opt in for this list and we’ll just get it to you. It basically shows you the keywords with their search volume and a little bit of a description on how you want to Sure your website and the on-page factors like the titles and the H ones and things in order to properly, Target those keywords, if you’re so technically inclined. So you can grab that there. What I’ll say is I think most of us intuitively get.
Yeah, we need to figure out what the keywords are. We then need to combine those keywords with our city, right? Our main city. And then, the subsidies and sub towns, and there’s an easy way, and a hard way to do it, right?
The easy way I’ll say, You in a second, but the hard way would be. Let’s go like right in Google search for, you know, Miami plumber, Miami plumbers, Miami water heaters, Miami bath remodeling, way me hydro-jetting. And let’s like, create a little sub list and see where we’re coming up for all those keywords, right? And that would be very time consuming and it’d be very hard to track to see whether you know, like, you’re with how you’re doing for those different keywords.
The easy way is we can run this data. For you and because you’re on this webinar and because you’re on our list, we can weave gladly run that report for you. We’ll figure out what Market you’re in. We’ll run a result report that shows you what the most commonly searched keywords are will help you combine that with the cities that you operate in.
And then we’ll show you exactly where you rank on, Google and Bing, which are the only engines that matter at this moment. I don’t even care about Yahoo today, and will show you. Look, here’s where you rank. May be your number one.
Maybe your number five, Your number 17, maybe you don’t rank it all and that awareness is really where your entire SEO strategy needs to start, right? Because if your dominant for keywords that’s great, but if there’s keywords you’re not ranking for at all, that’s an opportunity and so if you’d like us to run that analysis for you, it’s completely free of charge, you can go to plumber, SEO dotnet /schedule, we will do that. Due diligence will run. The ranking report will show you, exactly where you are today, where there’s room for improvement and then if it makes sense, Kind of walk you through what we do and how it, you know, how we can help you get ranked better but if not, we’ll give you the list and you can take it and run with it from there.
I think Christian dropped in the link. It’s plumber SEO dotnet /schedule complimentary no pressure If it’s not a fit that’s fine, but you will get this data that is super valuable in terms of structuring, your SEO strategy going forward. Okay, so that’s the first step. We’ve got the keywords, right?
Give me a 1, if you’re still tracking with me, right? Our first step was to figure out what the keywords were and then figure out where we rank for those different keywords. And then what we want to do is create the content to come up for those. So, on page, now we’re setting up our website.
What we want to do is have the strong website with good content and user experience, right? It used to be just content, right? Used to just be, hey, I’m going to create these pages. I’m going to put as much content going to repeat that keyword as often as I can, but today it’s really has to be written in a way that thinks about it from the user experience, as well, as kind of the engine, the algorithms looking at, are they scrolling?
Are they clicking? Are they engaging? So you really want to be thinking about that as you structure the content. And so we recommend leveraging multimedia to improve on page.
Stay so multimedia at a minimum is entry, right? So you want to have text with pictures, ideally, interesting, pictures and engage. Ideally, if you can use authentic imagery that’s going to work best. So that’s pictures of your actual team, your actual technicians, your actual honor.
With that equipment. So, if you’re on a drain cleaning page, then get some pictures of your actual technicians out doing a drink cleaning job. So, that’s imagery. Even better obviously is, is video, right?
If you can have video of you or your technicians talking about, hey, you know, if you’ve got a clogged drain, here are some of the common symptoms. Here’s what you can do to solve it. And here’s will, you know who we are and why we, you know, why we exist? We can get out there today.
We can unclog the drain right if you can do that. It’s To improve the state time, and that user experience, which is absolutely going to prove your probability of ranking for those keywords. So good website with that user experience. Again, I talked about this prior, but having Pages for each of your different services and that having Pages for each of the different cities that you operate in, and I’ll say this one with the caveat Services, go to town like whatever service you do.
Make sure you’ve got a page for that and a really good page with thick content with images with, you know, all of the data when it comes to cities, I don’t think it makes a ton of sense to go completely crazy. I like to say, keep it to like 10 to 20 sub cities and towns that you operate in. And then make sure that the content for those City Pages are unique that you’re using metadata that you’re using schema that you’re using. Imagery you use a tool like nearby now where you’re passing heat map data to those pages, you can’t get away like you used to, with having just a little page that says, hey, we serve this little town call us today.
Write you want to talk about the town, you want to talk about what your experience in the town is you want to pull in data and sources to really beef, the relevancy of that City page and the service that you provide So unique content use nearby now or tool like nearby. Now to pass heat map data. Hey, this was actually we were actually in this town. This was the job that we did.
If you’re not familiar with nearby now it’s a great tool to do that one, you know. Interesting aside on nearby now. It is a app initially it was designed as an app that your technicians would install on their smartphones and they would go about their day and then we go to the job and they would provide the service. Yes.
And they would take out the app and they would check in and they would type what they did. And so just like you were checking in a restaurant or something, it would like Geo locate it and then it would sink back to the website to that particular page on your site that matched to the city and the concept was great. Can anybody guess where most plumbing and hvc companies struggled with this and we like, put in the comments where you think there was some struggles for you guys in terms of actually doing it. Well, I wait, I’ll just kind of I’ll tell you the technicians didn’t want to check in.
Right. The technicians are like seriously you want me to check in and you want me to type? Yeah. Like they forgot.
They don’t do it. Yeah. And so what we’ve, what we’ve been able to do is integrate. Most of you guys are using service Titan or you’re using field Edge, or you’re using house-call Pro.
And so today, what we can do is integrate with those platforms and so as you close out a job in service Titan specifically, it can Automatically sync the address and the job notes to create that check in. And so the clients that are using the automation, now we’ve eliminated the technicians from the equation and it just sinks with what you’re already doing, we can pass tons of great data to those City Pages, which boost the relevancy creates unique content on a very consistent basis and helps to boost the rankings. Works really well. The key though, is on those City Pages.
You can’t just use the nearby now. Shortcode, like, we need to have good unique content, write. And I’ve said this before, but you know, the steady one versus City to versus City 3, you need to actually rewrite what you do for each of those cities. And that’s why, you know, going 10 to 20 cities is okay beyond that.
It starts to become a stretch. Like, how many times can we rewrite this in a unique way that’s relevant. Current. That’s going to create a good user experience.
Give me a one if that makes sense. If you guys are still tracking with me, kind of what we’re doing on page, fantastic. So again, you content on every page, the the key thing, right? And this is basic, but we want to have the keyword we’re looking for in the title tag.
And I’ll show you some visual bits of this in a second and on the H1 tag. So if it’s you know, Bonita Springs drain, cleaning, And our title should say bonita, strings drain cleaning. The H1 should say Bonita Springs drain cleaning, and then we need that unique content. We need that multimedia, the pictures the videos, and we need the extra data, of course, this is just on page, right?
We’re going to talk about the off page here in a minute and then most most of the time we think meta description is a throwaway Factor like don’t even think about the meta description. But really, when you look at a search result sometimes Google Is replacing it, but for the most part, you see what the title tag was. And you see the meta description in the search result. So you want the meta description to sell the click like you want it to be almost like a text Edgewood using Google ads saying, you know, discover how to solve your drain cleaning problems in the Bonita Springs area, right?
Like so it’s more compelling that they’re going to want to click that link, right? Because click through rate, on the search results is also a big factor. Type in your search engine results and so I’ll make sure you guys get access to these slides. But you know, this is the key.
So if we want to do from an on-page perspective, local proximity, super, super important. So your schema name address phone number being in the footer to kind of anchor back to the name address phone number and then on page what we’re really finding moves the needle from from a ranking perspective is making sure that you’re blogging with syndication. So Your website has a certain Authority, right? It has a certain footprint and so a lot of times we’ve gotten conditioned to like let’s great blog post and let’s do these blogs on the different things that we do, but if the idea behind the blog is to create more Authority for your site and to create more rankings, it’s just going to be an internal link within your site.
And what we found over the years, looking at, you know, not just our clients, but, you know, probably, Words of Plumbing hvc Home Service websites is that the the the the reach for a Blog is very minimal. It’s like, it doesn’t really have much impact. So you can blog everyday, and that wouldn’t really help because those blogs aren’t really passing links. They aren’t getting picked up.
So, what we like to do is blog with syndication, which means rather than just blogging on our site, we blog to a new source that syncs to our website and so like almost like a press release Style. Post, we take that same content, we would use on a Blog. Either on a weekly basis or a monthly basis. And now, every time we post we’re creating new links from a number of different sites and news sources, which we can choose where we want to link back to write.
If our homepage is poor, then let’s blog and have those new sites, linked back to our homepage, but let’s say that’s doing really well. But our drain cleaning page were indoor, air quality pages and Performing then we write content about that and we linked back to those pages through those new sites. And so kind of the idea behind not just blogging blogging. With syndication, we can pass Authority and this is kind of an off page strategy.
That’s going to move the rankings up for those second and third, tier third, tier keywords. So this is what we’re talking about from an on-site perspective. Give me a capital Y in the comments for. Yes, if you’re still tracking with me, if this makes sense, We have this is helpful.
Like hopefully this is useful information for everybody. Okay. Fantastic. And then make sure that you focused on sites feed desktop and mobile.
And so Christian drop this into the comments prior, if you look like GT metrics, I don’t want to waste time on today’s session for this, but if you look up, GT metrics Christian. If you could drop the link again up, just look at how your website load speed is, it’ll give you a quick check, right? It could be green, could be Yellow Cab. Ruby red, you want green on green, right?
You need to have slight speed that’s fast. So GT and pagespeed insights will give you a really good indication. So now what I want to do is I just went through a lot of bullets and I think based on your feedback it was useful and you got comments and you were able to track with me. I want to share a live example kind of show you this in the real world because now we can really bridge the gap.
With a real example of a real company will look at their website will look at you know, kind of How this has played out where they are ranking and why this works so well. And so I’m going to go to my stream here in just a minute. But the company we’re going to look at is the plumbing nerds there, a plumbing and drain cleaning company based in the Bonita Springs Naples market. I’ll show you when search here in a minute, but if we type in Bonita Springs, plumber, you can see there the number one listing and very high, you know, off the map.
We type in Bonita Springs, drain, cleaning, number one listing, but it is brings water heater repair. Air number one listing and I just want to show you the data just so you can see kind of how this has impacted their organization. So they spent about twenty thousand dollars a month in their marketing strategy. That’s the management fees content, fees, as well as paid search about 650 to track leads per month to an average of about thirty dollars and twenty four cents per lead.
And you can see the breakdown here, 180 from organic 87 from PPC, 334 from Google Maps, 53, from web form Teams. And so the SEO portion of this has a huge impact on the results and on the outcomes. And so what I want to do now is just like walk you through their website and exactly what I showed you from an on-page perspective. Like how that plays out in a real example, give me one in the comments.
If that seems helpful. If that feels like a good use of this time, just to kind of see real world example. Okay, great. Thanks guys.
Let me make sure I share the right screen. And that’s not it. Hey, with me. Guess I just want to make sure I share the right screen.
Here we go. okay, so again, if we go to Bonita, Springs plumber. You guys are seeing my screen now. Should be the Google search.
Try to get back to my chat. Yes, okay, got it. Okay, so there is the plumbing nerd. So let’s pull up their website.
So like I talked about, is we want to have a proper on-page optimization for each of the services, each of the city. So if we look at their website here and we come in within Plumbing, right? We’ve got Plumbing, emergency, plumbing water, heaters, tankless water, heaters water leak detection repiping, right? In then View All Plumbing Service.
Like you know we go to town, right? We get, we want to make sure You get unique Pages for each of those Services, right? That gives us the placeholder, right? And then we want to have unique title tag H1 tags.
Good use of multimedia video where possible. So you can see here, here’s an example, of some multimedia on the page, a little bit longer content, right? And you want to break it up with listicles with check boxes. Like not just plane content, right?
Because that’s going to create a better user experience. Sense. Now, of course, we do want to have calls to action and kind of be compelling about why somebody should choose them versus the competition and everything else. So, again, Pages for each of the services And then we want to have Pages for each of the cities and towns, right?
So in this case, they break it down by County on and then we’ve got like within their we get Bonita Springs and Lehigh Acres and everything else, right? So here’s an example, like a unique City page, unique content for that, you know, map in bed and then unique content. And then the here is the nearby now, check-in stuff that’s happening, whereas they’re doing work in that area that stuff’s automatically syncing to that page. On the site.
So let me hit some of the key factors here. I don’t want to like, bore you guys to death, but, you know, on the, on the main page, right? We’ve got Bonita Springs plumber, sewer and drain cleaning. That’s the H1 tag, right?
We want to have our keyword in the H1. And then we want to have it here in the I mean in the title tag. Excuse me, that’s the title tag. This is the H1 tag and then we want to have great unique content throughout the site.
And so if we drill in let’s just say Two. I’m trying to come to one of the Emergency plumbing. Right? Bonita Springs.
Emergency plumbing. So if we go to Google, and we type in, You can see here like that’s that page, it’s not the home page in this case, this is that particular page that’s coming up now. They still have the map it so now they can get multiple first page rankings. So if we click on this, that page comes up the way that it does because we’ve got it in the, the title tag.
We’ve got it in the H1 tag and then we’ve got that great unique content with multimedia and a great user experience that people stay on this page. And it works really really well again. I’m only going to show a few more examples. I don’t want to bore you to death here.
So this page title Tag repiping Services in Bonita Springs, repiping Services, Bonita Springs, unique content, a unique image. You know, in this is authentic, right? This is actually like these guys pull in the pipe to do that particular job. And so let’s go.
So there they are. And again this is this isn’t the home page. This is the repiping page, right? This is why we create Pages for each of these different Services.
Some feedback guys, give me one at this. As helpful again, I don’t want to like go to into the weeds, but sometimes actually seeing the real like, okay, this is the page, this is where that title is, that’s where this content is helps to bridge the gap a little bit. Okay? Perfect.
And then like, if we’re looking at these service area Pages, the reason we create these subsidies and Towns without getting crazy. Like we want a page, like Lehigh Acres. And we got plumbers in Lehigh Acres, and we’ve got unique content. If you can do it, you can combine these subsidies with with, like, drain cleaning and all of your other services.
The whole idea is this now gives you the ability to come up for a lot of different keywords. So let’s just type in plumbers Lehigh Acres. And it’s a little bit further down, but here’s plumbers Lehigh Acres, right? This is the actual page.
So even though they don’t have a location in Lehigh Acres, which would prevent them from making on the map, they can come up organically and they can get organic graphic and calls for people in that surrounding City and surrounding Town within the greater Market of Bonita Springs. So again, without beating a dead horse, hopefully that hits the high points of what I just talked. About with bullets and kind of makes the point that that’s what we want to do, right? We want to create that unique content, for each of those different cities, and those for those specific towns, and that’s how we want to structure the titles in the H ones, and the content on the site so that we can rank the way that I just showed here.
For a lot of different keywords. Get a nice solid average cost per lead and be able to grow. Another good example of this is Irene Jansen Plumbing there in Sparks Nevada. And so we type in Sparks, Nevada, plumber.
Can see, they come up really, really well. And I could I could show example, after example, after example, but hopefully that gives you the big picture from an on-page perspective of what you want to focus on. And so really thinking about your website, what I encourage you Do after we wrap up today is just pull up the site and do a double check, like, do I have Pages for each of those services. So I have Pages for each of those different cities and towns.
Do I have the keyword in the title, The H1. And then, do I have great unique content? Does it look like a block of content, or does it have like, broken up content that creates a good user experience? So we’ve got the pages for each of the services Pages for each of the cities and then proper unique content for each one of them.
Jessica says helpful a bit overwhelming on how to pull it off. Yeah, so that’s where an organization like ours comes in, right? If you want some help. Like this is what we do, right?
Like we do this day in and day out, I think we’re really good at it, as you can see, some from the examples. But even if you didn’t work with us, at least you’ve got enough context to say, you know, this is, you know, this is the way liked this is the approach that works, really, really well. Now, when it comes to getting ranked on the Google Map, There’s a very specific approach to this. Give me a one in the comments if you want to get some insights here on how to get ranked on the map specifically, because we’ve talked about on page, we’ve talked about the keywords There’s really three key elements to get into when it comes to getting ranked on the map in your service area.
Number one is to claim your Google business profile and there’s some very specific things you can do with the Google business profile. There’s very specific things you want to avoid doing like keyword stuffing and putting fake name but like there’s very specific things. You can do with the imagery with the Google posts with answering questions that can really improve your your probability of ranking. I’ll be doing another session on this next month, where I’ll be going deep on Google Maps, specifically how to optimize your Google, my business profile for the sake of everybody’s time, I can’t get into the like super meat to potatoes.
So we want to claim the Google business profile. We want to optimize it from there. We need to have consistency of our name address phone number What we are finding is the the impact of citations is less than it has been in the past, so it used to be it was all about I need to make sure I’ve got this proper name, address phone number and that I’ve got as many citations as possible. I mean like in, I’m in hot frog and, you know, e local plumber and I’m in all of these online directories.
What we’re finding is Google is discounting the authority and the relevance of all of those citations. So don’t Vex over this in the same way that you might have in the past but the 80/20 principle applies, there’s probably 20 percent of the online directories that are most important that you want to actually make sure that you’ve got the right information. That you spend some extra time to flush out the profile and so those, those are the ones, your customers actually spend time on, right? And she Thumbtack, you know, those types of sites.
You want to make sure you’ve spent the time, you’ve personally claim those profiles or somebody you work with has ask, and you’ve added pictures, and you’ve added information and you’ve You’ve kind of Flushed that out so citations. That’s what we want to do there. But the the biggest determinant of your rankings on Google Maps outside of having a real location outside of having properly claimed an optimized, your your profile is reviews, right? You want to have real reviews from real customers and you true service area.
All other things being equal. Your reviews are what’s going to win the day in terms of your Google Map listings. What I encourage is, Great user experience. I’ll be talking about this next month on the webinar, but leverage Automation and leverage Automation in a serious way.
Like, you need to incentivize your team, you need to get them bought into the concept of reviews, but you also need to take this out of the hands of anybody in your company. Like if you’re still personally submitting, a review request or triggering a review request, that’s going to create friction and going to reduce the number of views that you have. And so in the perfect world you would tie this to your dispatch system, whether it’s service Titan house-call pro. And as a job is completed, it triggers automation where the customer gets a text message and an email, and it actually has some logic to follow up.
If they haven’t clicked the link to post a review, that’s where we find the best outcomes automation after the service call and some automation. After, if they have it, click the link. If you do that, you will get a lot more reviews, your review count will rise. And if you review count Rises, Is that really it makes a big difference in your rankings and then all the on-page stuff we just talked about has a huge impact on your map listings.
If you properly set up the way that I just showed you getting your schema in there, getting your name address, phone number having great unique content and it all ties together. That’s why our clients rank really well in the maps and organically is because it’s really all plays together. Very, very nicely type. Helpful in the comments.
This kind of quick high level overview of what you need to do on Google Maps. It’s helpful. Like if you’re like okay I can definitely take something away from that. Fantastic.
Great guys, I appreciate you. Engaging with me. Super good. All right, so, last piece is the off page as we talked a lot about what we do on the website, right?
Structuring the website structuring the content. And I said, earlier on page, is probably about 30 percent of the effort. Unfortunately, it’s about 30% of the effort because most of you guys have this reality is, most of you guys have a website that has Pages for the cities has pages. The services, you know.
Is there room for improvement? Yes, but I think a lot of you guys you probably like I need some more multimedia. I need to kind of break up the content a little bit, so it’s creates a better user experience. I need to go back and tighten up, you know, the load speed, right?
Maybe that’s all there. But the reality is, if all of the plumbing hvc electrical contractors in America, if like the top 20% 30% have already done this work, then what’s going to determine Your company being in the first spot versus third page, right? It boils down to what’s happening off page. It’s what’s happening with your links, in your references, and your Authority, the eat that I talked about at the very beginning of this presentation, and this is really the harder part to engineer write.
This is the harder part like it’s easy to see what you can do on the site. It’s harder to really grasp what you can do off-site. And so I want to break this down for you. First thing we talked to us, we had a claim.
Optimize the Google business profile easy-peasy. Second thing is we’ve got to get lots of citations and again that’s a little bit of a lower effector but still important, right? Because every citation you get like when I say citation that’s like you listed in a web directory of some sort, every citation you get is going to pass a link whether it’s follow or not, it’s going to help build your Authority profile across the internet. So you want to get as many citations as you can and that could be but public directories like hot frog and Yelp and Angie, right?
But it could also be industry, specific sites, like a local plumber or best plumbers are things like that. There’s very specific industry sites but then there’s also local directories that you can add yourself to. So like think about the local Chamber of Commerce, the local organizations that you know, have directories in your local market. You really want to flush that out, right?
That’s going to create more citations. They’re not usually high at 40, but it does again pass juice. It does pass relevance to your, to your website. We’ve got to build up our online reviews.
I talked a lot about this already leveraging automation, that’s going to impact your rankings, something that happens off page, but the most important thing is really building, links back to your website from other websites and you can do this in a lot of different ways. Ike, I don’t want to get It’s super technical but, you know, as simple as creating relevant content that you can share with local organizations and have them linked back to. It is relevant finding people that you already passed business to, and this is usually an underutilized strategy. But like, if you’re a plumbing company and you pass business to a damage Restoration company in your Market, there’s no reason you couldn’t say, Hey, you know, Bob, why don’t you have a link back to us as a, as a recommended Earth and linked back to our, you know, our plumbing page and we’ll link to your damage restoration page like doing that with the actual companies that you cross pollinate with is a great way for you to build up.
Links thinking about the the places where you Source your materials. So in where you buy your HP AC equipment, where you buy your plumbing supplies where you buy your electrical supplies going. Those organizations asking to be added as a contractor. Breeding content about their about their systems that they can post on their site so you can link back.
Those are all great strategies to build up your links in your any authority over time. But, you know, one of the most fundamental things that s Ce o–‘s do is to do competitive, wink acquisition, which is to look at the companies that are ranking at the top for whatever. The keyword is, let’s just say it was Bonita Springs, drink Lenny, which is when we just looked at We can absolutely use tools like aah, refs and things like that and say, okay, if that’s the number one ranked company. For that particular keyword, let’s analyze what links and citations and a 40 they have and those tools will spit out until you like these are the companies that are web sites that are linking back to them and competitive link acquisition then is the process of saying, okay?
Which of these links do we have and which ones don’t we? And then what? Each of the ones that we don’t have, could we go and get and then you do that for the first ranked key. The first person, the second person, and third person to poorest person.
And when you do that over time for your most important keywords you can really build your Authority, you can build your rankings and again with the rankings comes results. So this is a little bit more of an abstract concept, but give me one if you tracked along with at least a couple of things you could do to build your your Authority and build your links. For those keywords. Amazing.
The other thing you could do here by the way would be as if you’re creating content video based content and multimedia content for the different pages on your site which you should do. Anyways, from an SEO perspective for on page, as you create that video, put it on YouTube but it on Vimeo, put it on social platforms and then link from that content back to that particular page. That also helps to pass off page juice back to the website. Now the last one here is strategic content syndication.
Which I talked about briefly earlier in the presentation, which is this idea is like, as we create a new content, instead of just putting it on our website. What we can do is push it out through news release services, that would then pick up that content and pass links back to the homepage to the service pages and really build up that authority over time. I don’t really think that a simple blog post is the is this is the solution write just the posting to your blogs all day to your website. What we’re seeing doesn’t really move the needle from a ranking perspective but you know, leveraging Web syndication we found really, really move the needle really.
Because again, like I talked about at the beginning at the end of the day and this is a lot of content on one little slide, it comes down to expertise Authority and trust, it comes down to that eat formula that I talked about. And so the more that you can get yourself, picked up on new sites that are authoritative, the more Authority. Google is going to see that homepage that drain page, that emergency plumbing page that indoor air quality. Paige.
Right? And you know very very powerful strategy. You can plug into is new syndication. And so just as an example and if we’re like on any of our clients sites, if we go to the news and media site as we post a blog, instead of just posting on the site, the blog gets picked up by a bunch of local news sources and if you click on any of those local news sources, you’ll see the content is there.
It’s also on the client’s website, there’s links that we strategically Case, because let’s say we’re focused this month on. Moving up that drain page. We write a Content article about, you know, the importance of maintaining your drains or you know, key things not to put down your drains and then we link back to the drain cleaning page. Now all of those different news sites are linking back to that page as well as the organization’s home page as well as their Google, my business profile that passes a lot of signals which move the rankings up.
Yep. And so just as a visual, right? So this would be box 21 and then Residential Plumbing, now that’s going back to the Residential Plumbing page on the website. And it’s being picked up by a bunch of different news sources and this, this works really well.
I actually did a case study on just this strategy alone, and for a couple of our clients, we saw search results up. 151 keywords up 352 key words that weren’t ranking prior. As we started to do this, on a consistent basis, you know, number one, rankings for Vernon BC Heating Repair, AC repair, drain, cleaning water, heater repair and plumber, and so, it’s a function of proper on-page, optimization understanding the keywords, and then doing the right off page strategies. Now this in a vacuum isn’t going to do everything, right?
But it’s just another piece of the strategy to really move the needle to build the authorities that you can move up and the ranking results. Another example here Brentwood plumber, drain cleaning repiping, gas line repair. So this works. So we’ve talked about on page, we’ve talked about off page, we’ve talked about some of the technical SEO, I gave you guys a checklist.
I just want to make sure that you’ve got the key things you want to focus on. This is our 2023 SEO formula checklist on page Google, my business on going and then Signaled, you know, signal firing on page Pages for each of our services in the main cities we want to optimize our or keyword in the title, The H1, the URL. The image is. So this is just technical, right?
You actually want to have your key words and images that you upload in the videos that you upload that passes relevance, you need to make sure you have unique content on all your pages. I talked a little bit about AI at the beginning, right? I know a lot of us are paying close attention to a eye on? What’s happening with AI?
The Four four AI to kind of shift towards, maybe people start looking at Bing instead of Google and kind of knowing where that’s headed. One question we get often is hey if chat Chief BT creates great content. Can we just spawned a bunch of chat GPT content? And the answer is probably not right.
It would be great if you could but the reality is there are tracking mechanisms that fire from the content created by those AI platforms. And so I just want to caution you. You do want any content on your site and check GPT creates a version of unique content but it’s pulling from what’s already existent on the internet and so be very wary of, you know, somebody on your team Or maybe who you’re working with say, hey, we’re going to create hundreds of pages spawn, through AI technology, whether it’s Jasper, chat, CBT, or whatever, other content generation system, they might be using. Don’t just post AI generated content.
Write have somebody individually drafting content as well. I’m just warning you in advance. Give me one if that makes sense if that’s that’s clear. I think AI for iteration and AI ideation.
And then not generation, right? Use it to come up with what would be good topic. So I could write about on my blog, like what are the top five, you know, Plumbing tips? I could share that would be useful Jack CPT and tools like that are amazing for that, but don’t just take the raw output, use it for ideation, not generation.
So that’s what we want to do on page, Google my business. I’m going to be doing a deep dive on this but claim and optimize it, add your company to Yak stew and also make sure you’re up. Top on the data, aggregators put systems in place to drive online reviews and then it’ll drive consistent citations to very specific locations, specific directory sites. On a consistent basis, push out new block content through syndicated Services where you can pick up like news news.
Links back to your site and then you have to be leveraging Authority, you got to build links, you got to build site. Haitians, you’re going to be using map in beds and be rolling out fresh content on a consistent basis, to really own the day, from a ranking perspective again. My promise today was to get kind of give you guys the 80/20. I tried to start, you know, high level and get very specific with you, but make it practical in a way that you could track.
Along with me, let me know how I did on a scale from one to ten. One being garbage, ten being this was great. You got value felt like it was useful. Let me know how I did.
Also, I do see Chance. I got 11 from Calvin. Jessica gave me a 9 and a couple of nights fair enough. I really appreciate that.
Amazing guys, I appreciate your time. I appreciate your feedback again. The checklist is at plumber. SEO dotnet / s EO Dash checklist.
Hopefully you got takeaways. Hopefully you got some ideas. You’ll be able to go back and Implement if you’d like some help with this and so you know, like to have our company one that ranking report for you possibly even Implement these ideas for you, use our proven model help. Get you You rank better would love the opportunity to chat.
You can claim that by going to plumber SEO dotnet /schedule again will run a ranking report will show you where we will where you rank, what kind of do an analysis of what, you know, what you could do differently on your website and talk about possibly working together and how we can help you generate better results online. With. With that said, that’s the session for today. Thank you guys so much.
I think the engagement today was fantastic. Lots of Engagement. Lots of questions. Thank you guys so much for hanging out.
Thanks for being here throughout if you have follow-up questions, feel free to reach out to me or to Christian schedule at plumber. SEO dotnet /schedule the link for the checklist was Let me bring that back for you plumber. SEO dotnet /. SEO Dash checklist is where you can get the checklist.
Fantastic. All right, everybody have an amazing afternoon and we’ll see you next month. I’ll be doing a session just like this specifically on Google Maps, so that’s it for now. Thanks everybody.
We’ll talk to you soon.

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