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The 2021 SEO Formula for Plumbing, HVAC & Home Service Contractors

Would you like to ensure that your website & content strategy is set up to win online?

How about finally getting your website to rank on page one for the most important keywords in your area?

On this webinar, we're going to cover how to set up your website, build authority, and get ranked for the most important keywords in your service area and much, MUCH more!

What You're Going To Learn

  • How to get ranked for your most profitable plumbing & HVAC keywords? Hint: You need to think beyond just "plumber" or "AC repair"
  • How to build authority so that the pages on your website rank
  • How to build relevant links that will move the needle in the Google search listings
  • Why having duplicate content on your city pages could be killing your rankings
  • How to communicate your "true service area" to Google automatically
  • What are the most important online directories you should be listed in?
  • How to get rid of bad links that could be holding your company back
  • What are the most important plumbing & HVAC keywords that I should be targeting?
  • Can I still use fake addresses or UPS addresses on Google Maps to rank?
  • What are the most important online review sites? ... and much, MUCH More!

If you want your plumbing, HVAC, or home service business to stay at the front of the pack in Google searches you’ll need to make sure that you understand the latest SEO formula. The Google algorithm changes all the time which is why we offer this webinar yearly. In this webinar replay, you’ll learn what you need to know to organically rank on the front page of Google. Press play now to hear the full details.

SEO is one part of the bigger equation

SEO should be one part of the bigger equation in your overall marketing strategy. If you want to dominate the search engines you have to have a comprehensive strategy. You’ll need to have a few details in place to have an effective marketing strategy: a top-notch website that is built to convert, an organically ranked website, be leveraging paid traffic, and run Facebook ads. What does your marketing strategy look like? Are you doing everything you can to drive traffic to your website?

Is SEO even important anymore?

With Google Maps, pay per click, and service ads taking up so much space in Google searches, many small business owners wonder if SEO even matters anymore. To answer this question let’s look at the numbers since the numbers don’t lie. 71% of searchers scroll down to click on organic listings rather than click on the paid ads. So, yes, SEO still matters! You can't rely on pay-per-click and service ads alone. SEO can end up being your lowest cost per lead, so you’ll want to make sure to utilize it. Stay relevant; don’t slack on SEO.

The 4 biggest changes with the algorithm

Google is always changing its algorithm to ensure that searchers get the most relevant information. Take some time to understand the changes so that you can understand what you need to do to keep your plumbing, HVAC or home service business relevant in Google searches.

  1. You can’t get away with duplicate content as you have in the past. Reduce the number of pages on your site to avoid duplicate content or invest in unique content on each page. The text needs to be unique on each page of your website. You need quality pages with quality content.
  2. It used to be all about the links--quality and relevancy didn’t matter as much. But now, Google wants to serve the best results. Make sure all of your links serve your consumer. Have someone that understands SEO clean up your link profile.
  3. You need a physical office. Google doesn’t want any fake listings so make sure to use a real physical address in the city you want to rank. Uncle Joe and your friend Pat’s house won’t work anymore. You need a real location now.
  4. Site speed matters more than ever. Your website needs to come up quickly on both desktop and mobile. Listen in to hear how you can test your website speed.

This webinar is jam-packed full of relevant information to the new 2021 SEO Formula, so make sure to press play to hear it in its entirety.

Outline of This Episode

  • [2:12] If you want to dominate your market you’ll need to have a comprehensive strategy
  • [7:46] Is SEO even important anymore?
  • [12:28] The 4 biggest changes with the algorithm
  • [22:38] Site speed matters
  • [30:18] What you need to do next
  • [39:04] Some real examples
  • [47:09] My suggestions for website optimization for webinar attendees
  • [51:20] Develop a strategy to create online reviews
  • [56:40] Get a free website analysis!
  • [1:05:22] There are automation tools that you can use to get more online reviews
  • [1:12:33] A checklist for you to review

Connect With Josh

Click here to view the video transcript:

All right. Hello. Hello, welcome. Thank you so much for joining us on today’s session. What are we talking all about SEO, what I’m what I’m calling the new 2021 SEO formula and really unpack what you need to do to get your plumbing hpac, or home service business ranked on page one for the most important keywords in your area. And this is a webinar we do every single year, because what’s what the Google algorithm is doing is shifting all the time, right. And some of the same strategies that were really effective last year, two years ago, if you go back and watch some of my trainings on this that were really effective are now things I’m saying you have to not do that. And so that’s why I think this session is so important that you remain on the cutting edge of what’s going on with SEO to make sure that you’re not doing anything to put yourself in the bad graces potentially of Google. And that you can make sure you’re doing all the right things to move the needle and or your your your providers. So give me a changes in the comments. If you’ve noticed, there’s been some changes with the Google algorithm and you’ve kind of experienced where it’s like, man, I thought I had this all figured out. And now it’s the game is the game is changing.

Give me a changes in the chat guys just so I can I can make sure that you’re hearing me you’re seeing seeing me and

and we’re all communicating effectively.

Changes in chat.

When isn’t there changes? Exactly, exactly. Let me share my screen. And we can we can get started.


All right. So here’s what here’s this is part of our

overall digital dominance method. And we’re going to look at your internet marketing strategy. SEO is part of the bigger equation, right? If you really want to dominate the search engines, you want to dominate your local market for the plumbing HVC. Home service. Keywords are the things that you do, you have to have a comprehensive strategy, you have to have a great website that’s built to convert, you have to make sure that the website ranks organically and into Google Maps. And then you want to be leveraging paid traffic, you want to be doing retargeting, you want to tap into some of the pay per lead services, you want to be running Facebook ads to get in front of them. And

this this month, what we’re really talking deep about is search engine optimization. And like the key strategies to get yourself ranked for the most important keywords. So I’m going to ask for your teaching, a lot of you guys are on with me live. And I do I do want to make sure that we make this interactive, because if I just talk to you for the next hour and 30 minutes, inevitably, you’re going to get bored, you’re going to disengage. So just give me a one in the chat. If you’re down for keeping this interactive.

Rebecca’s got one, Matt’s got a one Mike’s got. Okay, good. That’s what I want. As I’m going to ask questions. This isn’t like some pre recorded thing, like we’re doing this live. And it’s only going to be as good as the interaction that I get back from you. So thank you very much for doing that. The other thing is I’m gonna suggest turn off your cell phones, turn off Facebook, you know, if your your plumbing HVC or home service business and you’re serious about getting better results online specifically with your sto this next hour and a half could be a real game changer for you. So let’s give this our undivided attention.

Here’s what we’re going to cover on today’s session, we’re going to talk about the latest changes in the Google algorithm which is constantly changing, constantly moving, we’re going to talk about the things that you need to put in that you might have put in place in the past where your past providers might have put in place that could actually be hurting your rankings now.

We’re going to talk about how to optimize your website and your SEO based on the new SEO formula. Right and based on exactly what’s happening right now based on our experience with hundreds of plumbing HVC companies and looking at what’s working best to move them up the page for the most important key words.

So just a brief brief brief brief cool my Why should you listen, I’m the author of this book, How to triple your sales by getting your internet marketing right for plumbing and hkc contractors. I think if you guys read this book or you had you received this book from us, give me give me a yes in the chat. If you’ve received it. Yep. And if you haven’t, we’d love to get your free copy of it. So just let us know.

This is a lot of yeses. Yeah. Imagine you’re here because you maybe you read the book. Yeah, I want to go deeper on the on the SEO stuff. We’re actively involved in phcc que se a CCA we’ve spoken in a lot of the industry events and meetings. But I’d say more important than any of that stuff is we

We actually work very, very closely with plumbing and hv AC contractors we’ve worked with over now several 100, plumbing HVDC companies and some of the most competitive markets in the country and been able to take them from relative obscurity in the in the ranking results to the point where they’re now the dominant player in their market. And I’ll show you some case studies and examples by seeing this, because what we’re going to be showing you on today’s webinar isn’t based on theory, it’s not based on a blog post that we read somewhere. This is based on real world, in the trenches experience with websites of companies just like yours. So just give me an experience in chat. If you think it’s good to have somebody teaching you not based on you know, ecommerce, SEO or not based on theory, but based on real plumbing HPC in home service companies, Matt gave me experience in the chat. Thank you very much for engaging guys. I do appreciate it.

Patti says Absolutely.

And this is what we do. Like we’ve got a team of 30 full time employees here in South Florida that day in day out. This is what we do build the websites, write the content, do the on page optimization, run the paid search campaigns, put the marketing automation in place for plumbing, hv AC home service companies. And so, you know, we we live this stuff, we’re on a mission to help 1000 plumbing HVDC companies triple in size over the next 10 years. So if at some point, as you’re watching this, you think you know what I’d like to talk about having you guys do this for us. Obviously, we would love that opportunity. And Christian is on here on chat on if you want to schedule a chat. I’ll give you guys some opportunities to get that get that going. So let’s dive in. Before we can really talk about SEO and the ramifications of SEO and kind of you know what the key tactics are? The first thing we need to address is does SEO even matter? Right? I don’t know if you’ve seen but the search results have completely changed, where you get the local service ads at the top and you’ve got the paid listings, Google Maps have moved down quite a bit the organic listings, there’s only a couple showing up on the first page.

So give me a question mark in the chat. If you’ve ever felt like, I don’t know, like maybe SEO isn’t really even important. Maybe I should just put all my attention on local service ads. And maybe I should just do all my focus on pay per click advertising. Just a question mark, if that’s ever been a thought for you, like, I don’t know, maybe maybe sto isn’t? isn’t all that important.

Tim says Do they matter? Question mark.

So here I’m going to share based on the data that we have access to and again, we work with hundreds of plumbing HVDC companies.

here’s here’s the reality, even though local service ads has kind of moved to a more prominent place in the results, the reality is still 71% as of the latest data 71% of consumers, like your customers, when they search wind up clicking on the organic listings, right, they click on the maps, they click on the organic listings for whatever reason, a lot of them are still bypassing local service ads, a lot of them are still patent bypassing the paid listings. And more than 67% of the clicks go to the first five results. So yes, it still matters, right? We know our customers, when they when they look for plumbing hpac Home Services, the first thing they do, they take out their phone and they run a quick Google search. They click around they make a buying decision. If we know that more than 70% are going to click on the organic listings, we absolutely want to come up for that. Give me a one. If it’s clear, like yes, SEO still matters. And I’m just going to make this illustration a little bit tighter here. So you see some data behind it. So one of the companies we work with is the meridian company in East Lansing, Michigan, their full service plumbing, hv AC electrical remodeling. And we’ve gotten a very well ranked organically for almost all the keywords in their area. And I’ll talk about the most important keywords and how to do this as we go on. But they come up in the maps, they come up organically for something like 92 different keyword combinations. Um, I just want to show you that ranking in a vacuum, who cares, but ranking in a way that generates calls and generates books jobs is really really valuable and really, really useful. So this is the report that we run for all our clients on a monthly basis where we can see okay, how many leads are we actually generating via the internet? How much are we spending, what’s our average cost per lead? And where are those leads?

Coming from how many are coming from paid search, how many are coming from SEO, how many are coming from the Google Map. And so in this particular case, they’re spending about $8,000 a month in their online marketing, that’s management fees to us to kind of manage everything for them, and pay per click advertising.

So for that spend, they generated 417 leads last month, so 417 leads, they spent $8,000. That’s an average of $19.32 per lead. But here’s what’s interesting, if you look at this 95%, I mean, 95 of the calls came from directly from organic. And we tracked this because we’ve got

different mechanisms to really track the source. So if somebody types in East Lansing electrical services, and they click on the organic listings, and they wind up on the website, we we display a different number. So that’s how we can track what came from organic and what came from from Google Maps. So 95 of the 417, directly from organic 173, from the Google Maps, you can see that there and about 127, from from pay per click. So you can see 65%

of the phone calls and leads that they generated came from organic. So give me an SEO in the chat. If this makes it clear, like yes, you don’t want to sleep on SEO, you want to make sure you’re ranking because in this particular case, you know, the lion’s share of their leads, even though they’re generating results from a variety of sources are coming from from the organic play. So yes, SEO matters, you can’t rely on local service ads and pay per click along, I do think you want to have that as part of your overall internet marketing strategy, the SEO, the pay per click everything, you know, as it’s a comprehensive solution, but don’t sleep on SEO, some of your highest quality leads, and your lowest cost leads come from the organic strategies that we’re going to be showing you throughout the course of today’s session.

So let’s talk a little bit about the four biggest changes that have happened with the with the algorithm. And, you know, if you’ve been doing SEO for any period of time, you know, for yourself, or like hiring third party companies, or maybe trying to learn how to do it on your own in your business.

You know, that like things have changed, right. And a lot of a lot of the contractors that we audit, and we do audits where we’ll review, the website, we’ll review like where they’re coming up for the most important keywords, a lot of the contractors that we know have spent a lot of money over the years in SEO, put $1 sign in chat, if you’ve spent some money that in your own mind, like you feel like we’ve spent some money on SEO, remix given me $1 sign.

And when we look at it, we say yeah, they spent a lot of money, they did a lot. But they’re not ranking well, because some of the money that they spent went bad, right. And most of the strategies that they put in place, instead of helping are now actually hurting their rankings. And so I want you to be sure you understand what these changes are, so that you can recognize it and shift course as needed. So four big changes. Now, number one, is that you really can’t get away with duplicate content in the way that you have in the past. And where we see this most prevalent is on like city pages and service pages.

I’ve been teaching this for a long time, there was a there was a long time where as a plumbing company or an hv AC company, you could create 17 pages on your website for each one of your services. And then you could create pages for each of the different cities that you work in. And then combine each of those services, which each of those cities with each of the services then wind up with, like a 300 page website for your plumbing or HVDC company. But the way the way we used to do it was we just have duplicate content on each one. So the only thing that changed was the city name or the service name. And so that used to work great, but Google’s got algorithms in place that are now catching that. And so you want to make sure maybe to kind of either reduce the number of pages or make the investment and having unique content created for each one of those city pages, each one of those service pages. Um, because that’s a that’s a big thing, like your website, over bloated with too much duplicate content can absolutely port your rankings.

The other the other thing is it used to be all about the links, right? How many of you guys have heard that the most important factor is links, just put links in chat. If you’ve heard a contractor tell you that or maybe somebody on your team, it’s all about the links. And so when that was the case, and it was just about links, and Google wasn’t paying attention to the quality of the links, the relevancy of the links, you could buy a bunch of fake links, you could set up what were

called PB ns, you know, like little blog networks that you controlled, and you could just drive a lot of links to your website. And it would rank.

Google’s made some changes again, and they’re, they’re paying more attention, they want to serve the best results, they don’t want people to be gaming the system. And so

the, the reality is, if you’ve got a lot of irrelevant links, that, you know, don’t actually serve the consumer, Google’s penalizing your website for that, I will talk a little bit on what to do if you’ve got some of these problems on your website. But that’s, that’s one of the big ones we’re seeing as we audit, plumbing HVC and home service websites. Number three, is that you need a real physical office to rank well on Google Maps. There was a time you know, and again, if you look at the history on this, home service companies were notorious for saying, okay, we know we want to rank on maps, and every little city and every little city, every little town. And so we’re going to set up an Judy’s house and claim that as our address, and we’re going to, you know, take up my buddy bills, you know, warehouse, we’re going to claim that as an address, and they wound up with 1516 fake listings on Google thinking I’m gonna rank for everything. And there was a period of time where that worked. And I was like, Look, we’re getting all this traffic, we rank everywhere on Google Maps. But Google has really track slammed down on that. And so to rank well, in Google Maps, what we need today is a real listing, you know, where you get a real location, and we have to eliminate a lot of the fake and redundant listings.

Number four is site speed matters. And it matters more than ever, in terms of your SEO strategy in terms of your your rankings, how quickly your website comes up, on desktop, on a mobile device, Google’s constantly tracking that and paying super close attention. So these are the big four, I’m going to unpack with you guys kind of how to deal with this and how to address it. Um, give me a four in chat if it’s helpful to kind of know, okay, these are the four things that I need to look out for my website’s history that might need to be addressed might need to be updated.

Okay, cool, we’re getting some getting some force, awesome.

We can’t get away with duplicate content anymore. Again, if you have a plumbing hbse company, you serve that 50 mile radius, and you’ve got little cities and city in little towns, we used to set up some pages for all that stuff with the same exact content.

Other companies have set up microsites, which would mean you set up like Miami plumber, candle, plumber, and created like these little sites for each and you wind up with a lot of duplicate content. here’s, here’s the latest and kind of what you need to understand what that’s really to duplicate content.

The actual text on your site from one page to the next from one site to the next needs to be unique, right. And that’s costly to have a decent writer write up 500 to 750 words of content that’s articulate that’s persuasive, is costly. So you either need to pay to have better content written, or you need to go find the duplicate pages and remove them so that you’ve only got

quality pages with quality content. Give me a one, if that makes sense. You know, we want to look at the site flagging the duplicate content and kind of streamline it.


Number two, that whole issue of having bad backlinks and links that aren’t relevant, used to be all about the links, Penguin, knock that all out. Really, what you’re going to want to do to solve for this is you’re going to want to have somebody that understands SEO to run a link profile analysis for you kind of pull up your website. And there’s lots of tools, I’ll share some of the tools with you on h refs, majestic SEO, where you can put in your domain, and it will give you a list of all of the hyperlinks pointed back from other sites back to your website. And as it relates to ranking, you either have bad links, because you did a lot of you know, questionable SEO, or somebody working for you to questionable SEO over the years. And you need to know about those, and you need to get those links removed or disavowed. So you can kind of clean up your link profile. or number two, you don’t have enough links, right? If you’re looking at your link profile, there’s nobody else hyperlinking to you. And that still does drive results, right but they need to be relevant and quality links. So what we want to do is diversify our anchor text and build more more high quality high relevance links. So just put links in chat. If you’re like, if you’re

You’re clear, you got to be careful with what you’re doing with your hyperlinking. You want to have somebody that knows what they’re doing look at the link profile, especially if you’ve had some type of slippage in terms of your rankings. Alright, good. Lots of lots of links coming in. And, you know, this is something we’ll do for you as a complimentary analysis. I’ll kind of share with you guys a couple different ways to do this. But if you schedule a strategy session with us, whether whether we wind up doing business or not, we’ll do a complete analysis of your links of your website, on page and off page, we’ll run a ranking report and kind of show you what the most important keywords are and where you’re ranking. I’m just on PowerPoint chat, if you think that would be, oh, now we’re gonna get some helpful so you can just go to that link right there, plumber SEO dotnet slash schedule. If that sounds sounds good to you.

Okay, number three, I mean, this doesn’t need a lot of additional elaboration, there was a pigeon update that came out where Google started to crack down on people with fake listings with, you know, they they’re using a UPS Store instead of a real commercial address.

And Fact is, if you’ve got a lot of fake listings, and Google catches that, even if you’ve got a great legitimate location in the city, where you’re based,

you can either just get wiped off Google Maps altogether, or have your listing filtered, where it just doesn’t come up. It’s like you shouldn’t come up, but it doesn’t at all.

So we don’t want fake listings, we want to make sure we’re not using ups stores, virtual offices mailbox, etceteras.

And we want to, we want to use a true physical address, Jenny’s asking what about home offices, you can still use a home office, it’s not going to work as well as a commercial office.

That’s just the reality of the situation, you may rank forward, especially if you hadn’t claimed your listing 235 years ago, at a home office. If you try to do it today, it probably won’t get you know, ranked quite as well. So my best suggestion is get a real physical address in the city where you want to rank. Again, you’ll see I can show you a lot of examples where people are getting away still with fake addresses, still, with ups stores and things like that. But it’s a matter of time, right? Google has made it clear on maps, they don’t want that they want you to have a real location in the real city where you serve. And so

I mean, make the investment, go rent an office, go rent a warehouse in the city where you want claim that listing, I’ll talk about how to build up your authority profile around it.

But that that’s the main thing, and or go find all of the fake listings that you have, and close them down, mark them as shut, and anchor to one main listing. Again, this is something we’ll do we’ll do for you as part of the audit process, we’ll be able to show you, hey, you’re not on maps. And this is why we would find these four fake locations that are really hurting your ability

to rank.

Kevin’s asking, should we should we add more service cities not hyperlink to your page anymore? I’m going to talk about that here in a minute kind of what to do. These are the things not to do. But yeah, you definitely want pages to reach your your city cities that you operate in. You just don’t want to have fake listings on Google Maps.

Okay, number four, and this one, this one’s a biggie is site speed. You know, Google is paying very, very close attention to how quickly your website pulls up on desktop and on mobile devices. And we’ve really done a lot of work in our agency over the last 12 to 24 months, taking our sightseeings speeds from you know, 12 seconds down to less than less than three seconds. And it’s had a huge impact on ranking. So I can I can tell you, for sure that this is this is important stuff. And so you want to know how fast your website loads on desktop on mobile. And so this tool right here slash site speed slash insights. I’ll pull it up for you guys. I will show you exactly how fast Google perceives your website to load. Anybody want to volunteer their website like give me your website address we’ll put it in here and see if this is super easy that as a visual representation, I just want you guys to see how easy it is to run a spot check for yourself and see

what’s the cardinal home man is volunteering up with pull up the site.

Alright, Reno got you in knots. Here we go. All right, looks good, nice looking site. Let’s put this in. So you can go to that URL. And just dropping your website does not take very long

What you’re looking for is green, ideally.

And there’s things you can do in terms of the hosting platform that you use, in terms of the way that you compress the images in terms of caching on the site to take a website from, like D’s and F’s on patient sites to to, you know, to green on green, basically.

And we’re proud to say we were tracking this extremely closely for our clients, we found that it does have a big impact on rankings. So we’re always looking for 95% or greater across our entire client base.

Almost there, but a little longer than I anticipated.

Adams asking, do you look at this just on the homepage, or the internal pages as well, you want to be checking all the pages of the site, especially the pages, you anticipate getting traffic to your city pages, your service pages on your About Us page, you want to be paying attention to the load speed, obviously, looking at the 8020 principle

20% of the activities right 80% of the results on your homepage is going to be the most important.

Okay, so Cardinal home came back with a 47 on mobile, out of 100, which is not good. So this could potentially be impacting you in two ways, it would be impacting your,

your SEO results, because Google’s gonna say, Hmm, this website loads slowly on mobile, pretty good on desktop, by the way, 82 is pretty solid.

The other place, it’s gonna hurt you as an in conversion rate, if somebody is looking for a plumbing company or an HVC company in your area, and they’re trying to pull it up on mobile, and it’s loading slowly.

That that’s going to some people will hit back and they’ll go to go to another page. So I encourage all of you guys go to that URL, put it in your, your website, and

oops, PageSpeed Insights here. And just check, right, I would say if it’s less than 90, you probably have some work to do, where you need to get with us when other companies say hey, how let’s figure out what we do to increase our load speed. Because we know that this is going to impact our conversion.

Give me speed in chat, let’s just type in speed. If it’s clear, like this is important. And now you’re a little bit clear on what you need to do. To check it out. Right, if you need to get 90 Plus, you can kind of pat yourself on the back and say, Well, I’m doing well here. If not, that’s that’s something to pay close attention to.

Awesome. And so this is this is one of our clients Valley plumbing, let’s see, they kind of bottled between 95 and 100 is kind of what we look at, because new new things get onto the site. But when we ran this couple days ago was was 100 sites, we know that one of the clients we work with is is comyns ac, and I just want to kind of paint the picture of how much

site speed impacts your your rankings. So this is this is their site. And again, we had done a lot of work to get it up wise to get it so that had all the right content had all the right on page elements we’re gonna be teaching you guys about had all of the quality links signals pointing back to it, but was coming up with a D on

on gt metrics, right a D and that’s another thing you want to look at gt metrics. com and other sites B tool that you can you can look at, we optimize it for speed. And you can see now you know, they’re they’re 100 on PageSpeed score 98 on why why slow.

And here’s really what I want you to see over about a three and a half month window of time once you really dialed in the site speed, because all the other variables were right, like they had more links, they have more citations, they had more reviews, they were better established than everybody else in their market. But this the site speed was was holding us back in terms of the results, you can see now, you know, done very AC very strong and Google Maps very strong organically. And it and it had a huge impact on the not just the rankings, but the results. And so I’ll pull up pull up these charts throughout the day kind of as we go through this. You can see here 2400 bucks a month 832 track phone calls, but an average of $8.80 per lead. And really what I want you to see is a lot of these leads directly from organic right 187 from maps and 53 from from organic traffic to their site. So just give me a clear if that makes a clear correlation between site speed and rankings and results. Awesome.

Georgia says we love plumber SEO Awesome, man. We love you too. Alright, so what else

It’s changed a

couple things. I’ll skip through this. And we’ll start to get to what we need to do next, what we need to do going forward in our SEO strategies. Number one is, you know, old fashioned SEO is no longer effective. The post panda penguin home area, it’s really more about user experience.

Somebody’s got an unmuted line, Chris, I don’t know if you can grab that.

And so the new approach really is more about user experience optimization. Right, it’s more about once somebody gets to your website,

we didn’t just write it for the sake of the search engine, we wrote it for a real person, right. And it’s written in a way that they would scroll through, and they would get their questions answered, and they would click on something and they would engage with the site. And so like, just be thinking about your website, not just from a text based, let’s put all of these keywords, let’s write this very machine language to let’s write this for the human being, let’s write this and design it for the user experience. And that actually is playing a big, big role in your rankings. And I’m going to be showing you examples of this as we go. So some of the new ranking factors, first of all is is click through radius key, which means when someone runs a search for done Barre AC,

Google’s looking at how many people search for that, and what percentage actually clicked on on the listing, or clicked on the organic listing, click through rate. And if your title tag, if your meta description aren’t kind of selling the click like you would on a on a pay per click listing, that’s going to hurt you from an SEO perspective, not trying to get too technical. But you know, that’s what that’s what I’m talking about their click through rate is pretty important. Scroll rate is essential, right? We don’t just want someone to get to the website and be done. Right? We need them to scroll a little bit, because Google’s looking at, okay, how many people searched for the company and their listing came up? What percentage actually clicked on it? And then when somebody got to the page, what are they doing? Are they scrolling, and Google has access to all of the data on this, and these are things that we’re seeing actually really do impact the rankings. The other is, is time on page. How long are they staying? Once they get to your website? And you know, you can expand the time on site by having good content that’s written specifically for your consumer that speaks to like their main objections, you know, are they going to show up on time? Are they going to leave my house clean? Are they going to give me a fair price, right, if we can speak to the psychological triggers, they’re going to read a little bit of that they’re going to stay, if we can use real authentic imagery on the website, if we can use multimedia pictures and videos, all of that impacts your time on site, which is also very important. We want to watch the bounce rate closely. Bounce Rate is just the tracking of

what percentage of the people that get your website immediate, immediately click back or immediately close the window, that’s that’s your bounce rate. And you want you want to pay attention to it, it’s like 95% of the traffic to your site bounces, that’s a problem, Google’s gonna look at that it’s going to harm your your potential organic rankings.

And that’s a little bit hard to do sometimes in home service, especially considering most the people are going to get to the website from a mobile device these days. And if they’re looking for a plumber, they’re looking for an AC contractor looking for an electrician, sometimes they might just dial you right off the gates, right. And so we need to be conscious that yes, we do want the conversion more than anything else. But how long they stay on the site does impact our rankings. And then the last is our number of citations, which is the references of a company and online directories, the number of reviews that we have is very, very important factor and relevant links. So when I when I was talking about links earlier, I’m not saying weights are irrelevant, because they’re still a powerful proponent of your rankings. And we need to have a strategy to build quality relevant links.

But they have to be relevant. We can’t just fly links, we can’t just get random links from China and India, they need to be local, they need to be relevant, and they need to be contextual.

Putting factors just put factors in chat, if it’s like these, these factors are helpful to kind of see. And of course, the last is PageSpeed how fast your website is ranking. Awesome, guys, I appreciate. I appreciate you getting in with me here and keeping this in engaging.

So new, the new sto formula and we’re gonna we’re gonna go deep on this year in a second. Um, first of all, we want to figure out what the most important keywords are based on your service, your service area, and search volume, right, we need to do a little bit due diligence on the front end, because there’s more keywords than probably meet the mind. Right? If you just think, okay, I’m a plumbing company, um, someone’s gonna type in plumber, they’re gonna type in plumbing and those are the key words, when in fact, there’s specific services that you offer.

For that get a lot of search volume that have a higher search intent. So we’re talking about

repiping Drain Cleaning, tankless water heaters, right, we want to think about those keywords, we want to think about the commercial intent. And then we want to combine them with our geo modifier. We want to combine them with the city that we are in, and the surrounding cities that we serve.

Some great tools for this in order to kind of do your baseline research on Google Keyword Tool. If you just search Google Keyword Tool is a great tool for that word, spring SpyFu. If you run Google AdWords, Google AdWords gives you lots of great data in terms of search. And we’re going to give you guys some reports. Because we’re constantly looking at the latest search trends. We’ll give you some of the most commonly searched keywords, type keywords in chat, that will be helpful if I can give you a link to the most commonly searched plumbing and HVC keywords by search volume.


Okay, next we want to do is we want to make sure we’ve got a great website

with unique content that targets those keywords.

So we do need a great website that’s going to load fast that’s filled with great high quality content, and content specific to those highly searched keywords and key terms. So for me, what that means is a page for each of our services. So a patriot Drain Cleaning a crater water heater, repair a page for trench less a page for tank less a page for all of those different things that you do, and a page for each of the cities that you operate in. So if you were in Miami, Florida, right, then you’ve got Miami as your main city. But most of us serve between 25 and 30 mile radius. So making sure that we’ve got a page for Kendall plumber, and a page for Palmetto Bay plumber, a page for Miami Beach plumber, like looking at those surrounding cities and towns, and having pages for each one of those. In order to make sure we come up in search. I’m going to talk high level, and we’re gonna look at real examples here in a second. We want to optimize for the user experience. We’re not just writing it for the sake of the computer, but we’re writing it for the person, right the customer, the prospect that’s going to land on the page.

We have to optimize the site on page, which is like where do we put our titles? Where do we put our h ones? How do we write our meta descriptions? How do we interlink throughout the website, and then we need to build authority off track off site by building links by building citations by building web references by building online reviews. And of course, we want to track our results we want to track

how are we ranking? How many visitors are getting to the website? How many leads are we getting? What’s our average cost per lead generation via Seo?

These are the main things you want to focus on. These are the things that are going to move the needle for you in terms of SEO, would it be helpful if we start to share some examples like I pull up real websites and walk you through this new SEO formula and the impact? Just put examples in chat? If If you think that’d be helpful, because what I found is sometimes I just hit the bullets, people are like, you lost me a little bit. But when I show real examples, it kind of connects the dots. Right? Patti wants to see examples of picky electric wants to see examples Rebecca wants Okay, great. Well, we’ll show we’ll show some examples. So before we go there, though, we’ve got a list of the most commonly searched plumbing key terms, which you can get to by going to go plumber, SEO dotnet, slash plumbing, dash keywords, Christian, put it in chat a couple seconds ago, this will be a helpful point of reference for you. And then we’ve also got a list of the most commonly searched HVC keywords.

Thanks, Christian. And we’ll send this out as as a as a follow up for you guys, as well.

So let’s pull up let’s pull up a live example here. Let’s pull up Valley plumbing.

So I’m just going to go to Google, I type in there and they’re in Salt Lake City. They’ve got locations in West Valley. They’ve got West Jordan, they’ve got locations in salt in Sandy. So let’s just do West Jordan plumber.

And you can see we’ve got the West Jordan listing, the sandy listing, and the number one organic ranking on the on the first page. And so let’s walk through, you know why that is and then just kind of looking at the keyword list and then thinking about those key elements that I told you about before. These can load fast I don’t know if you notice but this site loaded. Super, super quick. I’ll I’ll run this in the background, as we’re looking at the site.

The second thing we talked about was user experience, right? We want to we want to think about the the customer, what are their fears? What are the

apprehensions, what are the questions that they have in their mind?

And most of the time, it’s like, are these guys professional? Are they legit? Are they going to show up on time? are they available to work around my schedule? Um, and sometimes imagery can speak to that more than just about anything else, like you can put the text but people’s subconscious mind connect with the imagery. So smiling faces of the owners immediately makes you feel like okay, this is a real company, they’ve got trucks, they’re professional, and provide exceptional service quality workmanship, 24 seven. And because it’s stacked in this way, yes, we’ve got a phone number. Yes, we’ve got links and stuff, it kind of lends itself to school, right, we want people just kind of scroll down to get some additional information. And you’ll notice this is text heavy, but the text is broken up. So we’ve got our keywords kind of scattered throughout the website, we look up here, this is our title tag. So that says, plumber, Salt Lake City, right, that’s speaking to the city and the service, then we’ve got trusted Salt Lake City plumber, this is our h1, we’ve got content that kind of speaks to the main services that they provide.

And we’ve got video and multimedia, which keeps people on the page.

More than one video. So that’s the first thing, just thinking about the homepage, what we want to do is make sure it’s inviting to the eye. It’s got our keywords in the title tag, the h1 tag, and the content throughout the page. And I talked about why pages for each of the services and pages for each of the cities. So if we look at, like this site, right, we’re like, Okay, what are the what are some of the things that valley plumbing does, right, they do tankless water heaters, they do water softeners, they do leak detection, they do some pumps, the new bathroom remodeling, they do repiping. Right. And so there’s a specific page for each of these. And up here it says, plumbing repiping Salt Lake City, right. And then we’ve got a lot of content that speaks directly to that exact service.

And the same for the drain cleaning stuff and everything in between.

What’s important to notice, yes, we want these pages when we need to also make sure that they’re one unique and that to their um

they’re written for the consumer, right? They speak to the consumer that’s thinking about having some Drain Cleaning done right. And so if you kind of scan through this, you’ll see there’s there’s videos for the main services and then clogged drain that just won’t budge called the experts, right kind of speaks directly to that and then fills in the gap more more information about that particular service.

So those are the service pages that we want to make sure we have in place and then when we think about the cities like they they serve a very wide area around Salt Lake City. So if we look at Salt Lake, we’ve got outta and Herman and Mudville and Sandy. So let’s click on the sandy page. This is a page specifically for Sandy plumber. In Utah, Sandy plumbing, water heaters Drain Cleaning,

good, unique content.

We use this tool called nearby now, which their technicians have on their smartphones they check in when they’re in the field, it automatically passes heat map data to the page. So each one of their city pages are being updated on a very consistent basis.

And this site, I will I will spare you the border ranks for over 500 different keywords in and around the Salt Lake City area, plumber plumbing, Water Heater Repair, Drain Cleaning excavation, and everything in between. And so I popped over to the sites feed, you can see 95 on desktop, I mean on mobile 100 on desktop. And these are the kinds of site speed numbers that drive drive performance drive rankings drive conversion. So there’s a there’s a specific concrete example, I want to show you

the results, so they rank for a lot of keywords search search and stuff. And you’ll you’ll see.

So here’s our reporting metrics, I’m reporting data $10,000 per month in SEO and pay per click advertising 460 leads to an average cost of $23 per lead. If you look at it 329 come directly from organic 36 from Google Maps and 93 from from pay per click. So again, a lot of leads coming directly from from SEO we really maxed out the SEO angle for this client. And if you just look at the SEO side of the equation, you know look at what their investment is in our SEO Services. That’s content the on page optimization the site optimized

The link building citation development, all of that stuff said about an average of $9.02. When you divide the number of leads from SEO into the

into the investment.

Give me a one if it’s helpful to see that kind of as a real world example.

So yeah, someone’s coming in. Excellent. Does anybody want to volunteer their site so I can kind of pull it up for you look at it from an SEO I give you some some feedback on where there might be some room for improvement. Okay, Rebecca quickly put hers in. That’s awesome.

Let me pull up Rebecca’s here.

Give me a yes. If you’re eager to see to see Rebecca has a


oops, I must not have done that. Right. Hold on one second.

Rebecca, thanks for volunteering here.

So the first thing I want to do while this loads is let’s drop it into a PageSpeed analysis.

Okay, so Fredericksburg in the surrounding area, we’ve got the time we’ve got the phone number, private services are in Fredericksburg, VA. So I do like the fact that it’s got the geo modifier. So we’re looking for our city, up here and the title tag, we’re looking for our city and state here somewhere in the h1. So that’s, that’s pretty solid. It does feel to me, like it’s written for the consumer, we’ve got some reviews, I would like to maybe see above the fold some imagery of the team imagery of real people in the company. But if I scroll just a tad, I can see here, somebody either the owner or somebody on the team with smiling face, which I which I like straightforward pricing time. Pretty good site looks pretty, pretty nice. Let’s see services, yet. We’ve got pages for each of the services, let’s just see water treatment. So this says water treatment, tried it. So the one thing I’d suggest is maybe adding Fredericksburg here in the title tag. So we’ve got that in the title. And then when we’ve got it in the h1 already, um, that might be a little bit stronger of an indication in terms of telling Google what this page is and what it’s all about. So it does seem like we get service pages, which is great garbage disposals.

Same thing, and maybe getting the geo modifier into that into that title tag, I would need to run a

duplicate content search just to make sure I can do that right now. But just to make sure that this is all indeed unique content. And I’ve been used by other plumbing or HVC companies online or maybe use somewhere else. Let’s see, service area. So looks like we serve Fredericksburg, Stanford, Spotsylvania King George and the surrounding areas. I don’t see. And sometimes people take these pages and they put them on the site within a link to them. I don’t see a page for Strafford and for spots Ville and for King George, if that’s not there, then that’s probably a pretty big opportunity to create those pages, make sure they’ve got unique content, make sure they’re properly optimized. And that might move the needle from from an SEO perspective.

Let’s see PageSpeed 35 in

35, on mobile 85 on desktop, and that’s what I see often is we’re usually pretty well optimized for desktop, but on mobile, it’s not great. And the fact is, most of your customers are searching from a mobile device.

So so solid roofing proven and load speed room for improvement and creating city pages on the site that are properly optimized. Um, you want to double check for any duplicate content. And then I would run some type of backlink analysis to see how many links and citations are there for the site. One thing I’m going to do, let’s just do real quick.

So we’re looking for Trident plumbing VA, not coming up.

Knock on coming up in the map.

Not coming up

organically for the main word, right. So this is something you want to you want to check a couple reasons the site probably doesn’t come up first reason couple tweaks to the on page optimization, the load speed. Second reason is probably the number of links, the number of citations and the number of reviews that the company has build that authority and this website should be coming up on on the first page especially for for Fredericksburg. Looks like you guys are blogging. So there’s content being posted out on a consistent basis. Something’s missing, you know, um, because we’re not coming up on that on

That first page is

relatively new Rebecca says so that’s that’s a big reason for the new domain, it takes a while for it to get indexed. It takes a while for your links and citations to get indexed. So that’s another another driver as well. All in all, I’d say I’d say it’s pretty good. But there’s definitely room for improvement. Um, give me a yes, if it was helpful to kind of see a breakdown of this client site to kind of connect some dots on how you want to look at your site and some things you might want to


Great, Rebecca, thanks for thanks for sharing your site, I’ll probably do one more as we go. Because it’s, I find it really helpful to see real examples of people that are live on the call.

I’ll show it I’m going to show you another example, a company we work with in sparks.

Nevada, outside the Reno area, and it’s IRA Hanson, plumbing you see there, they’re the number one spot

big driver of this is the on page optimization, and the online the online reviews, right. So having a great strategy to build up online reviews for your company, on Google, on Yelp, on Angie’s List, go a long ways. And so they serve sparks in Reno, their physical location is in sparks. So we’ve got that kind of integrated into the title tag, we’ve got it right here in the h1 tag, you know, personality, Authenticity, always my go to having that above the fold. Speaking of why somebody would want to choose them versus the competition. Um, then of course, having pages for each of the plumbing services properly optimized, having pages for each of the different cities that they operate in, that have unique, you know, content on them. goes up goes a long way. And again, we do love to use

this heat map system, which brings unique content in to these pages on the site.

I just want to show you the results here in terms of

how this works, right raking really well in sparks and Reno. Um, oops, can I skip it?

Hold on it.

Oh, I don’t have it from that one. Okay.

Is that heat map proprietary? Kevin, the the heat map is, um, is by a tool called nearby. Now. It’s a platform that we use. It’s an app that the technicians put on their phones.

And or automatically syncs with service Titan or housecall. Pro, like as you close a Java out, it automatically grabs the address, and then through a shortcode, we could put it on each of the city pages on the site. And so that’s that’s the tool right there. It’s something we implement for all of our clients as our core as our core program. What’s the five star contractors volunteered his site?

So let’s whoops.

Jose, you still with me? Still want to have us for you? Well, I’ll try to see if you do plumbing nhbc because it’s good to have an hva See, Okay, perfect.

All right.

Here is five star going through here. I’m going to throw this into a site speed test. And site speed is mission critical.

hang with me, guys. Because as I’m showing this, what I want you to be thinking is now I can go back and look at my website and see does it have these things in place? And what’s what’s missing? Um, so title tag up here says AC repair and installation services rolette, Texas and surrounding areas, I might want to move the city modifier a little bit closer in the search results. Our team works around the clock clockwise, we have this smiley face to me doesn’t feel authentic doesn’t feel like a real person. I’d rather see you know, the owner of the company, somebody on the team Jose, that’s right there on AC services. Can we kind of have our h1 here does have the services in the cities. We’ve got some you know, some content, I think well okay, yeah, there’s I was about to say is not a ton of content here but there are some big content. Let’s see. only doing residential, air conditioning, residential heating and commercial hv AC. I know you can expand that I know that you could go broader with the set of services.

As an example, you know, one of the companies we work with in Sun Prairie is Cardinal they’re an HPC company and plumbing and the like if we look HVDC we get furnace repair furnace replacement heat pumps, oil

or services, AC repair indoor air quality, but you can expand the set of services that people are typing in when they when they look for you. So I’m expanding that. And then I’m not seeing unless it’s hidden somewhere behind. Okay, here we go. So we do have Frisco Plano, let’s look at these pages, air conditioning repair, and replacement I want. So on the city pages, we want to have the city modifier in the in the title. So right now this just is Air Conditioning Repair replacement.

And it’s tronic. A, maybe you have Plano at the end, I’d like to see Plano the city sooner in the title.

But, but looks like you have that in place. So again, we want to double check the content, we want to double check whether there’s any duplicate listings on Google Maps, um,

I’d say I’d say this is pretty good, I would expand the number of services that you have 50, a 50 on mobile. So you definitely want to improve that site speed, something is loading slowly on the mobile version, and a 70. on desktop, I would place heavy emphasis on site speed here and make sure that this this is optimized to load as quickly as possible.

We could probably do a lot more of these guys, what I want to offer you as a free assessment, which what we’ll do is we will, we will do exactly what we’re doing here for you specifically. So I’ll just kind of pull this up. As I know, some of you guys have to go, we’ve got more to cover. But if you go to plumber SEO dotnet slash schedule, what we’ll do is we’ll run an analysis of the most important keywords and we’ll combine that with the cities that you operate in, we’ll be able to show you a ranking report that says, hey, here’s where you’re ranking now. And here’s where you’re not ranking. And that usually is a pretty good identify, like, Hey, man, we’re missing all these keywords, there’s a big opportunity for improvement. The next thing we’ll do is we’ll run a visibility scan, which will which will tell us

what’s wrong, it’s an inconsistency of your listings, is it you know, missing listings, what’s the visibility problem with your website, we’ll look at the at the on page and off page factors to be able to tell you hey, look, here’s what we would change. Here’s what you could do if you want to do it yourself. And here’s what it would look like, if you want to hire us to do it for you. Anybody want to volunteer, I’ll pull up one of these scans for you so you can get a sense of kind of how we how we show you where there’s room for improvement. I know a couple of you guys have volunteered Let me see Bishop plumbing.

Just give me a yes if it’s helpful because rather than me talking the whole time to kind of see real world feedback here.

Mark good. I got some yeses. So I feel I feel good about that. Alright, so this is Bishop plumbing. I’m just want to see where you guys are based. Nice. Nice, big team. I like that team shot. Oh, you know,

I also run a site speed test for everybody that jumps on up. It’s complimentary analysis, guys. So you can just go to

plumber SEO dotnet slash schedule.

Okay, so let’s see that site speed is running.

A little bit texted, you might want to break that up a little bit. I’m trying to see where you are. Okay, so you’re in the plane. This is what I wanted to get. So we can do a scan for you real quick here. So let’s do

a shop plumbing. I hope I spelled that right.

Now let’s put in your zip code.

I’ll just put my email for now.

Let’s see.

Super finds you. I see this is Bishop plumbing in the plank. And this is me what’s gonna do myself?

Oh, wait, that’s, that’s what I’m gonna do.

Alright, so this is going to load while it’s loading. What I want to do is just kind of look at this site.

Let’s see. So we got a bunch of plumbing services, we got a bunch of hbic services. Let’s look at Drain Cleaning.

The plain Drain Cleaning hydrojetting out looks pretty good. You need content there. This looks pretty solid. I mean, you got you got it dialed in in terms of pages, you’ve got it dialed in in terms of you know, I would imagine unique content and that would be one of the main things I would want to look at. I would also want to look at

like the link profile, any fake listings that might have been set up outside of the deplane area. Let’s see here. Exceptional Service. We got pages for each of these. Let’s just check one


While that loads on look, so this is a big gotcha. This site’s pretty good and somebody did a really nice job of creating content and creating pages reaching the surface.

pages for each of the cities on this page itself look solid eviston plumbing, right, we got a unique page I would imagine for that will probably benefit from having some heat map data hitting the city pages. But the big thing that stands out to me is on mobile, this has a 25 load speed. And I noticed it like the site was loading a little bit slow.

That’s going to negatively impact conversion rates and your and your rankings 74 on desktop, this is a big thing to pay close attention to. So I hope this kind of connects the dots for you guys. Even if you’ve got good on page optimization on the sites, we could get you the link profile could get you the fake listings could get you. Okay, so this is the visibility report. Basically what this does is it looks across all the main online directories looks for inconsistency looks for unclaimed listings, and you’ve got about a 60%, which means there’s room for improvement off page, big time.

It looks like the main ones, Google, Yahoo, Bing are pretty dialed in. I’m not a lot of positive reviews. on Yelp, we’re looking at an average of one star with 143. I don’t know if that’s an inaccurate rating. So you get the main ones looks like factual is missing from a data aggregator perspective. And a lot of tier two directories. So the secondary listings you might not think of looks like aren’t claimed. So I can tell you guys just looking at Bishop plumbing, this is a good company quality company runs a great operation, from what I can see right off the bat, done a lot of work from an SEO perspective, right, we get pages for each of the services pages for each of the cities. But the big room for improvement here, causing this website to not perform that rank as well as it could is the site’s feed, maybe dial that in? Is the probably the citation says we just saw there, and I want to look at the willing profile, see, do they have enough links? Or do they have a lot of, you know, on quality links? So I have a question for you guys here. I’m gonna keep going. And since I know I’m going a little bit long, but I’m going to go deeper on this if you guys are up for it. But the question is,

would you benefit from having us do an analysis like this for you, looking at the rankings, looking at the site speed, looking at the keywords and showing you exactly where you rank and helping you map out the plan to improve your rankings?

Yes, yes, yes. Yes, absolutely. And again, this is complimentary. If you actually want to plumbing HVC home service business will do the work on this for you, we’ll invest a couple hours on the front end, we’ll invest a couple hours with you. If it’s a fit, we’d love to do business with you. If it’s not, you’ll walk away with the great assessment that you can run with and you can implement. So I’m just going to drop that link back in chat. Actually, Christian, I’ll let you do it.

All you have to do is go there, pick a time do it sooner than later because we’ve got 60 plus on here with us live and what can another 25 or so on?

on Facebook. So we can only take so many every week. But jump on that. Somebody was asking what do you do about site speed, do a lot of things for site speed, the main thing you can do, and I’ll kind of go back to my screen here, the main thing you can do is make sure you’re on a top quality top class hosting platform. The second thing you can do is optimize the images, optimize the plugins, optimize what’s loading on the site itself, and then leverage some caching tools. So that when somebody gets the page once, they don’t have to reload all that stuff again and again, and it loads much quicker. And so that’s how we were able to take you know, sites from

you know, 20 fives in 30s to 95 and 100.

Bob’s asking if we’re gonna do recording, absolutely, we’ll try our best I’m recording it. So I’ll share this out with a bunch of extra resources for you guys after

give me a give me a one if you’re okay to stick around a little bit longer. And I’ll kind of go deeper on this stuff for you. We’ll talk about some of the off page factors. Okay, I’ve got your attention, you’re still with me, for those of you that have to hop and you’re just like, no, Josh, I just want you to like show me the analysis and like do this for me specifically, just scheduled a one on one. And we’ll we’ll go deep for you. Okay, so let’s drop, let’s jump back to where it was.

Okay, so that most of what I talked about there is on page right on page is the title tags, h1 tags, unique content, user experience optimization.

That’s probably 20% of the battle. And a lot of us get you on page, right? But we still don’t rank and we’re like, man, I don’t understand why am I not showing up? Like I paid these guys to do it, but I still don’t rank. A lot of times it’s because the other 80% of the effort is what happens off of your website. It’s what’s happening.

Pulling off site. And so here’s the things you want to look at from an off site perspective, obviously want to claim and optimize the Google Map listing, we want to get lots of citations. So citations or references of your company’s name, address, phone number and website link across the web on not just like Google and Yahoo, and Angie’s List, but on localized directory sites, and on niche specific directory sites, you know, those pass signals to Google that say, this is an authoritative site, you want to build up reviews, you know, all other things being equal, the company with the most reviews is going to rank better and is going to convert better, right, because Google thinks it’s more authoritative. And the customers like, wow, they got a lot of reviews, they must be a good company. And so use some automation tools out there to drive more online reviews, whether it’s nearby now or bird eye review, boss, customer lobby or podium, Paul, Sam, right, make sure that a review request is going on after every service call, and making it really easy for you to get more online reviews.

And then build up backlinks, you know, build links from other sites, to your homepage to your city pages to your service pages. I’ll talk a little bit about how to do that. And some strategies that work well. Start looking into content syndication, kind of syndication is let’s not just post a blog on our site, let’s get it out into cyberspace. So we can build links for every piece of content that we produce. And that we generate.

I’m really a big believer, and I’ve been researching this and looking at it closely over the over the past couple years, is that just blogging to your website, doesn’t cut it anymore. What happens is your blog on your site, it just sits there on the site barely gets indexed, does very little to move the needle for you. We’ve looked at this again very, very closely. Really, what we want to do is a 4d signal generation. And we want to make sure that we’re amplifying our blogs, we want to amplify our videos. So we can build backlinks. And so we’re using a new proprietary approach that taps into the power of eat. And I don’t want to go too technical or go too deep. But looking at the the ranking factors. Google wants to rank the companies that have expertise, but to get good content, their websites properly structured, it’s got good, you know, multimedia content, it’s got a 40, which means not only is the is the website showing up on Google and on GMB, but it’s being picked up by quality recognized media sites that have authority. And it has trust, right and see how that high page rank, which which implies trust. And I know some of this is going to be to tax I’m not going to go super deep on it. This is the periodic table of rankings. We study this stuff very, very closely.

If we, if we boil it down, basically, Google wants to look at who’s closest to the searcher in terms of proximity. We do that by creating those city pages by including zip codes and things like that, that are on our site relevance, which we do that by writing good, unique content that is specific to the city and to the service. And then by including ourselves in localized directories, localized sites that referenced us.

And then prominence, right, and that’s where that’s where this whole EA t concept comes into place. And so what we have moved to is, rather than just doing a blog post that sits on the website, we’re doing a

signal generation, which is where we take our blog post, and we push it out to local news sites. And so I’ll just show an example of this for you. If we go to, again, let’s just pull up Valley plumbing.

If we go to about us, and we look at they’re at what would traditionally be a blog post, instead of just posting, you know, the best thing to do after a cold winter’s day is a hot bath. Like that would be maybe a piece of content that you pay a writer to write a piece of content on your site, sits on your site, doesn’t get picked up, doesn’t do anything to move the needle for you. We’re pushing this through a news release process where in addition to being on the website, it’s getting picked up by new sources across the across the country. So if I just took this as an example.

Now this blog sits in a lot of places. The attribution is Valley plumbing, the actual website, the actual your actual website as the company but these news sites are now passing follow links back to the water pressure, you know section on your website, sedimentation build up on water heater services, right so this takes a lake straight back to one of our blog posts to the water heater services page on the web.

Like passing more juice in authority for every post that we do to that page on the site. And then it also passes citations to all of these local news sites. So here’s the name, address, phone number, that’s a citation, right? The company’s phone number, their website address, these are all references that are passing more 40 back to the site. And so if we’re looking for West Jordan plumber,

that’s why they’re able to be so dominant, right, they’ve got a great website with solid on page optimization properly claim listings, lots of online reviews, 1000. Plus, I’m good on page factors. And then also off page, lots of links, lots of citations, and new content that’s being syndicated out and bringing countless links, citations and references back to their site.

So just put

amp in in the chat if you feel like if you did that. And you had a strategy like that happened on a consistent basis, it would amp your your rankings, which ultimately amp, your results are good, we got some we got some apps in place. We’re the only SEO digital marketing company that I know of that’s doing this in the plumbing and HVDC world. And we’ve kind of proven out this whole strategy really, really well. So I’ll just show you some real examples on Fox and sons as a company we work with in Vernon BC. As we started doing this, if we look at a bright local report,

over about a four month window of time, they saw 151 of their keywords go up in rankings, and they saw 352 keywords show up on the first page that were not ranking prior, a company called flow plumbing works in Brentwood 65 rankings that moved up 117 that were new company, I was talking about all of our plumbing in Sun Prairie 135 102 new, and we can run keyword reports till we’re blue in the face. And you guys can see where these companies are ranking. Give me a one and chat. If you feel like if you really dialed in your off page and you started to build some authority, you can move the needle with your rankings, just just a one inch chat for me.

Awesome. So I want to I want to give you guys a checklist we covered a lot of ground.

I’ve got this in a document I’m gonna share with you here in one second. But we want pages for each of the services. We want to optimize the title tags, h1 tags, URLs, images, etc. We want unique content for all of the pages throughout the site. We want to on Google Maps claim the map listing add yourself to a lot of citations, I like to use yaks or some other platform management tools. We want to add ourselves to all of the major aggregators, we want to put a system in place to automatically request to get online reviews, we want to add new citations above and beyond the standard and 50 on a monthly basis to continue to build that authority. We want to be pushing out content on a consistent basis. But we want to be blogging in a way that builds up

more than just being on our site, but it builds up signals with our name, address, phone or builds up links build up links to the internal pages on our site, which moves all of the pages up in search.

We want to use expertise, authority and trust. We want to make sure we’ve got do follow links and nofollow links pointed back to the site, the GMB listings, we want to do map embeds across the internet. And we want to be leveraging fresh content on a consistent basis.

And the SEO of the new SEO formula basically boils down to these key things, a great website pages for all the services keywords in the geo modifiers in the title tags, which I showed you guys again and again, on example sites throughout the day, leverage multimedia, unique content citations and updating the content on a very consistent basis. I put this into a nice little checklist format for you. If you could just type checklist into the chat, it will be helpful to get your hands on the checklist. Yeah, Christian already put the link still probably a lot of you guys are going to resist the temptation to type tech checklists now.

You can grab that it redirects you to should redirect you to a place where you can

download this checklist as a PDF.

I’d love to hear any any takeaways. I covered a lot of ground here.

We’ve got a great group that you stuck around with us live from the majority and I thank you guys for that. And anybody want to unmute and just kind of share a couple takeaways that they can take away from this session.

I want you Kevin Murphy.

There you are, there we go. Yeah, no great content really been enjoying it. We’re starting to update our website and have someone working on that sort of curious to kind of see what we can implement and then kind of go from there super excited. Awesome. anything specific that you maybe was new or something that kind of stood out to you from today?

Just since the last

webinar that I watched from you guys, the kind of the change with the unique material in the in the links?

Pretty much we were just going to be reciting that back to our homepage. But looks like we have to make some changes there. Yeah, no doubt. Good stuff, man. Thanks for unmuting for a second and engaging. And anybody else, maybe like one one more willing to share?

How about you, Donald?

Donald, can you hear me?

Just like me. Oh, man. I was gonna call it out.

Y’all hit the mute button.

Hey, go. Can you hear me? Yes, any any takeaways or insights?

There’s a lot of takeaways and like that speed test, learning the speed of what your website’s uploading and the importance of all stuff behind the scenes that

you don’t see that, you know, bring the website up faster and all that. So site speed kind of stood out to you something? Oh, that’s an obvious thing that I can check in. dial in.

Awesome, man. Thanks for hanging out. Thanks for engaging here with me for a second. I’m going to share my screen one more time. And then we can we can wrap up.

So you guys got the checklist, you got the overview, saw some real world examples, and some ideas, if you’d like some help with this, right. And most importantly, if you just like for us to do this analysis for you. It’s completely free of charge, we’ll run a ranking report for you to show you the most important keywords and where you’re ranking today, we’ll do an analysis of your sites of your site, we’ll do an analysis of your visibility in terms of where there’s missing gaps. And we’ll give you a clear plan to move the needle with your rankings. And you can decide, hey, look, I’d like to pay you guys to take care of it for me and run with it down the track. Because Hey, thanks for the time. Good to know you a little bit. We will appreciate the time one way or the other. Brian says he already said his up thank you appreciate taking the time.

Hopefully you got some good insights and some some value from today’s session. That was the goal. That was the objective. If you could just in the chat type in helpful if you feel like this was helpful and you had some takeaways, and you feel like this was a good use of your of your time. I’d really appreciate that. Awesome, good, some helpful coming in. Um, any questions before we wrap up? Anybody have any questions or anything they want to talk through?

Alright, looks like I looks like I covered it. Again, if you should be able to download that checklist. Go ahead and schedule your FREE analysis. And if there’s anything we can do to help serve or support you. Let us know we appreciate your time. We appreciate your attention, and have an amazing afternoon. I’ll talk to you guys later.

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