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How to Get Ranked on the Google Map in your Service Area for Plumbing & HVAC Contractors

Have you ever wondered if people are still clicking & calling from the Google Maps listings in your area?


With Google constantly moving things around and rolling out Local Service Ads, you might have come to the conclusion that the Maps are no longer relevant...


Well, our tracking tells us that it's still the #1 place your customers are clicking & calling from when they need a plumbing or HVAC contractor in your area!


What You're Going To Learn

Our Proven 4 Step Formula for Getting Plumbing & HVAC Businesses Ranked on The Google Map in even the most competitive markets.

The #1 issue that could be preventing your company from ranking on the Map in your area.

The key ingredient for a top 3 listing and how to leverage it for great long-term results.

How to properly claim & optimize your Google My Business listing beyond just typing in your PIN.

How to develop your authority through proactive citation development & the best tools to automate the process.

How to identify inconsistency with your NAP profile across the web and how to clean it up for improved rankings.


Click here to view the video transcript:


Well, hello, and welcome. Thank

you so much for joining us on today’s session, we’re going to be talking all about Google Maps, right, and really what it takes to get ranked on the Google map in your service area for the most important plumbing HVC, or home service related key terms. And I know you guys are visiting me from across the country, I just want to give you guys a couple minutes to get logged in to get set up, we’d get over 200 registered to attend today’s session, I’m sure some of you register and plan to watch the replay. But just just so I know kind of type maps in the comments, if you’re excited to hear some of my latest ideas and strategies on how to get ranked better in the Google Map. In your service here just type maps into the chat. Chris says maps. JOHN says maps awesome. Okay, good. We got some we got some map comments coming in, you’re in the right place. And I just want to start by saying, you know, getting ranked on the Google map is part of your your overall internet marketing strategy. If you think about how we can really maximize your lead flow via the internet, we think about foundationally, we want to have a good website that’s built to convert. And then we want to make sure that it’s ranking in the map in the organic listings, it’s coming up where your customers and potential customers are searching for you. And then we want to put some rocket fuel behind it by running paid search by tapping into Google Local Service ads by putting retargeting in place. So we can track the people that get to your website and kind of bring them back especially those that don’t convert, we want to make sure we’re in some of the paid online directories, maybe like Angie’s List and homeadvisor and different sites like that. And then we want to make sure we’re leveraging your smart marketing strategies with marketing automation to convert the leads that we get at the highest level possible, and to take our one time customer and leverage email and SMS to turn them into repeat buyers that do business with us again, and again, this is what we call our digital dominance method. It’s kind of the big picture to really maximize your lead flow via the internet. And earlier this year, when we did our planning session, we kind of mapped this out at the high level. Last month, we talked about SEO specifically how to set up your website to rank organically the month before that, we talked about how to set up your website to convert like what do we want to have on our website and the messaging to make sure that it converts at the highest level possible. Today, we’re going deep on Google Maps. So I’m just I just want to frame this is you don’t just do Google Maps in a vacuum, right? You do Google Maps as part of your overall strategy to truly maximize your lead flow. And if you want to go back and access any of those other trainings, just reach out to me I’ve got Christian or take on my director of business development on here, you can reach out to him directly to Hey, you know what I want the one on how to set up my website, or I want the one on how to get ranked for the most important keywords organically, we can definitely hook you up with that. So some ground rules before we before we get fully started. Um,

let’s do this. Let’s turn off our cell phones. Let’s close out Facebook unless you happen to actually be watching this on Facebook. It let’s give this an undivided attention and focus. You’ve decided to be here on this training to hear what the latest is with Google Maps. Let’s just get in the zone, close the other tabs close out the other windows. And let’s let’s just focus on this. directly. Give me Give me one in the comments. If you’re good with these rules of engagement, you’re going to zero and you’re going to one window me, you’re going to give this your undivided attention undivided focus. Because I really believe if you understand the way the Google Map works, you understand what you can do to tweak your Google Map strategy and you start to rank better on maps, it’s gonna make you a lot of money, right? And this this time is well worth it. So Gordon ansley. Dan, Chris, thank you guys appreciate you engaging with me in that way. So here’s what we’re gonna cover. Here’s how we’re going to dive into. On today’s session, we’re going to talk about the latest changes to the map listings. And like I said, the Google Maps are constantly changing, right? You know, what used to work before could actually be hurting you today. So we’re going to talk about what’s what’s the latest and greatest, we’re going to talk about five things that can actually be drawing your listings down. Like sometimes I talked with contractors that I used to rank number one for like all of this stuff. And now I don’t what happened, there’s five potential things we’ve found that could really be pulling your rankings down on the Google Map, we’re going to show you those and what you need to do to get around them. And then we’re going to show you our proven three step process for getting ranked in the Google Map. And I’m going to I’m going to share some of my favorite tools to systematize and automate the heavy lifting. I’m going to like kind of walk you through here’s how to do it. I’m gonna walk you through like here’s the ways to make it happen. And then I’m going to share some tools with you, they say, hey, look, you know, use this tool to do this, use that tool to do this. And we’ll make this really, really straightforward, really simple and most importantly for me, applicable, so you can walk away from today’s session with some very specific next steps very clear and what you need to do next. So give me a good in the chat. Just good if this sounds like a good use of your time, if this is what you showed up for today, Chandra says, perfect, Gordon says good, Justin good. Okay, awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Appreciate you guys chatting with me. I love to see the engagement. So before we before we dive all the way in real quick, who am I? Why should you listen? Um, first of all, I run plumbing and HVAC SEO. We are Google partners. We I’m the author of The Complete Guide to internet marketing for plumbing and HVC contractors how to triple your sales by getting your internet marketing, right. I’m active member of phcc que se nexstar service roundtable spoken and a lot of those events, a lot of my content and information has been published, published in articles like plumbing and mechanical contractor magazine h vac Insider. But I’d say more important than any of that stuff. Because that stuff’s interesting is that I’ve had the opportunity now to work with over 175, the top plumbing hphc and home service companies from across the country and have been able to, you know, help a lot of them go from obscurity online to the point where they’re now the dominant players in their area, a lot of them getting hundreds of calls every single month via the internet, especially directly through Google Maps. And so what I’m going to share with you isn’t based on theory, it’s not based on you know, other industries. This is based on my experience working with home service companies just like yours plumbing, hpac electrical companies, exactly what’s worked best to get them results. And what I’m going to do throughout the session is I’m going to show you why the examples I’m going to show you here’s the client, I’m going to show you where they rank and I’m going to show the results in terms of how many calls and how many leads they’re getting from Google Maps, you have a potential idea of what’s really possible. So just put a chat on examples if you’re okay with me spending some time sharing with you real world examples and case studies of this stuff and how it actually plays out in the in the real world. Just type examples in the chat. Right, Scott says examples Chris’s examples. Angelou says examples, perfect. I will say this is what we do my agency plumbing and HVAC SEO, we’re on a mission to help 1000 plumbing HVDC companies triple their sales by getting their internet marketing, right. We’ve got a team of full time employees that this is what we do all day, right? Build the websites, claim the the directory listings correctly, do the SEO, do the paper click and really help our clients maximize their lead flow. And so as you’re listening to this, if at some point, you’re like, you know what I would love to have Josh and his team do this for us to just manage our Google Map listings and get us ranked and help us take things to the next level. Reach out to me reach out to Christian who’s my Director of Business Development he’s on here, we’d love the opportunity to talk it would be a no obligation, no pressure, you know, evaluation, we would walk you through and just show you, hey, here’s what we do. Here’s how much it would cost. And if you want us to run with it for you, by all means we would love that opportunity. So

there is a prelude, let’s dive into it. And I think before we can really even talk about the How to on Google Maps, we need to spend a little bit of time just evaluating does Google Maps still matter? And you might wonder that because you’ve noticed the search engine results, listings have changed, right? They’ve changed a lot. It used to just be the map came up first. And there were some paid listings above it. Now the way it works today. We’ve got local service ads, and then we’ve got the maps and it’s kind of moved things down. So the question is, does it matter? Like is it even worth spending the time is the juice worth the squeeze? As I once heard Elon roar, say I was at a session with with Elon roar at somewhere doing a presentation is, you know, is the juice worth the squeeze, I thought was a funny a funny phrase. And I’ve used it ever since. So here’s the reality, like when we go to Google right now, or your customer goes to Google right now. And they type in your Sydney plus your shirt, and they type in, in this case to Orlando, plumber, we’ve got local service ads, we usually have one page result. We’ve got the map and then we’ve got the organic listings below that. Here’s what we’ve found. And what we’re seeing right now, as it sits today. Still more than 44% of the clicks and the calls are coming in directly from people clicking on the Google Map. Right. And I’d love to hear from you guys because we’ve got a 70 plus of you on with us live. When you look for a service, you know, maybe not your service. If you’re looking for a house cleaning service or someone to come clean your car, do you click on the paid listings, the local service ads when you click on maps, love to hear just put either LSA maps or organic or paid just your What do you collect? ansley says maps climate clear says maps, Josh says always maps maps the organic says Erica. Yeah maps. And it’s funny when I, when I have people on, you know, in live events that we teach at and on webinars, that tends to be the case. So yes, Google’s move things, they’re they’re trying to make money on local service ads, or trying to make more money on pay per click. But still, somehow or another that consumers still want to click on the maps, they want to see the reviews. And that’s where they’re clicking. That’s where they’re calling we see more than 44% of the traffic comes through that specific channel. So yes, without question, the juice is worth the squeeze Ellen. And you know, it’s worth the energy and attention to really get this dialed in. And when you can rank in the top three, it can make a big difference on your lead flow and your results. And I just want to show an example of this. So I searched Orlando plumber earlier today took a screenshot of it. And you can see there’s a company here at the top called shamrock plumbing and drink like this is the client we work with in Orlando, Florida. And we track for all of our clients we track really closely. You know, how many how many visitors are they getting? How many calls are they getting? Where the calls coming from? What what are the what are the impacts of the different rankings that we generate. And so for this client, we can see for their overall internet marketing strategy, they generate about 819 leads per month via dinner, this is just as of last month. And they have a total investment of about $3,000 in management fees. And pay per click is kind of what we do what I want to draw your attention to here. And yes, they get 283 organic and 53 pay per click and 78 web forms that people fill in on the website that get tracked. What I want to draw your attention to is the 405 leads that come in every single month in Orlando for them because they’re the dominant number one ranked plumber in their area. So just an example here, when you rent while on the maps, it will generate a lot of leads and calls for you in your business. Give me a yes. If you would love to be getting 405 plus leads per month from Google Maps. Just give me a yes. Some yeses coming in. Thank you guys. I appreciate it. Absolutely. So another example company we work with in Mason, Ohio. And again, I’ll get into this deeper kind of the How to but I want you to understand the potential here. When you rank well, Mason, Ohio not quite as big a market as Orlando, Florida. But you can see we type in Mason, Ohio plumber. And of course, it’s not just that one turn right can be plumber, plumbing, drain cleaning, Water Heater Repair, all of the different variations and permutations of splitting my type, you see they’ve got the number one spot on maps.

And I’ve been doing this webinar over the years. And so this was back in 2019. I took a screenshot of the track. And you see our reporting looks a little bit prettier. But you can see I’m a $2,007 fan about 421 leads some from organic, some from Pay Per Click 183 from Google Maps. And so that was in 2019. You know, has the number changed, right? They’ve been ranked on Google Maps for quite some time. But has has the results changed as the search results have changed? What do you think? Give me a yes. If you think it’s changed, less or more, less, meaning you think it’s gone down? Or more? If you think you know, people are searching more and there’s actually more volume than ever. Lots of lots of more. So you got you guys are you guys are right. So look, we’re going to fast forward to last year around this time. $4,744 572 leads 196 leads via Google Map. So that was last year around this same time when I did this webinar. I just want to fast forward one more time. So you think okay, there was a pandemic there was you know, the changes in local service ads at the top Google shifting everything around. Fast forward to just this last month 352 leads from Google Maps So again, I show you these to kind of hammer home the the point yes, Google Maps matter. Yes, if you get your your Google Map listing optimized and you position yourself following the strategies I’m going to share with you on today’s session. It can really position you for not just better rankings, but really more leads more sales more book jobs for you for you and your and your technicians. These are directly from the from the Google Map listings. So, yes, you know what I probably am overkill here, a company we work with in Fargo, North Dakota. This is Lenny’s, you can see they rank extremely well, in a relatively, you know, mid market far gone Fargo, North Dakota 835 leads via Google Maps three years ago. 1408 last year 1640. This this past month. So you can see there’s no decline in the number of leads that you can generate by ranking well, on the Google Map. I’m going to kind of skip through this one. But you can see this company Sun Prairie, they’re an HVC. Company, really dominant on maps 420. Last year 762 this year, so yes. Say we get it in the chat, we get it like you don’t need to like show 90 different examples. We get the idea, right? I did want to make sure I showed real examples. So it’s not just me hypothetically, saying, Here’s why you should focus on Google Maps, here’s what you need to do. I want you to know what I’m going to show you matters. And we have a proven model to get the result. Right. There’s, there’s one thing to say, here’s what you do on maps, it’s another thing to say, here’s what you do, here’s the results we’ve gotten. And here’s where our clients are seeing in terms of calls and leads via the Internet. The other thing I want to make sure that those examples drive home for you is you can’t rely on paid search alone. You know, a lot of us have been programmed to think well, it’s it’s, it’s all about paid search, right? So we’ve got to offer our local service at that budget, or we’ve got our pay per click budget, or we got to spend more on paid search, when the reality is you’ve seen in all these examples. The lion’s share of the leads are actually coming from organic search. And so yes, you want to do paid search. Yes, you want to pay per lead. Yes, you want to be tapping into all the lead sources that are out there. But you don’t want to rely on that alone. You don’t want to sleep on organic SEO, you want to sleep on Google Maps. So give me a yes. If that resonates if it’s helpful to see some examples. And if it’s clear that Yeah, you know, there’s more to it than just running paid search or upping your Google Local Service ad budget. Give me some more yeses. I know I got a lot of you guys on here.

Excellent. Excellent. Excellent. Excellent. Emily says yes. Erica says yes, Angela. Yes, perfect. So

I’m going to talk about some of the changes just because you need to know this is constantly changing and constantly evolving. Um, but then we’re gonna dive into the to the how to really what you want to do within your website, and within your your Google local search within your Google Maps optimization to get ranked really well. So the changes over the last, let’s call it three to five years, as I see it, map results dropped from seven on the first page to only three, Google’s now serving paid ads in the map results on Google Local Service ads is live across the country in almost every type of home service, and really showing up at the very top of the search results. I’ll talk a little bit about local service ads, but not but not a lot. You know, this is kind of how the the page has changed over the years. Right now we’re, instead of seeing this, we’re really seeing the maps, the one paid search, and then the three pack this, we call it a free pack. So the top three results in Google Maps. And this local service ads has become a big a big deal, right, and it is on top, it hasn’t negatively impacted our map rankings and our map results as you’ve seen, if you rank into maps, you’re still gonna get leads, you’re still gonna get calls. But I would say you want to be tapping into local service ads, as well. You don’t want to sleep on local service ads, I would say, you know, claim your local service, or set up your local service ads account, max out the budget there, the the average cost per lead is manageable. And there are lots of leads coming through this channel. Um, so I would suggest all of you if you haven’t, get on local service, dads get tapped into it. And if you if you need some help with that, we can absolutely help support you to get set up. If you’re a client, obviously, we will walk you through this process. We’ll help you with the background checks, we’ll help you optimize the results. I’ve also got a great training, where I unpack how to win with local service ads. It’s about an hour and a half and I really explain how it works, how to optimize your budget, how to optimize your service area. If you’d like to get your hands on that just reach out to me or Christian. We’ll make sure to hook you up with that training. But I mean, at the most basic level you want to go to this URL slash local search Splash sign up. And it, it will basically Google will baby step you through the process and starting the background checks and starting that type of stuff.


I think ultimately, the objective for all of us, as home service companies, is to try your best to dominate the search results to show up not just in the map, not just in local service ads, not just in the paid search, but really show up in local service ads show up on the map show up in the third party results. So if you run a search for your city, you know, plumber, your city, plumbing, your city Drain Cleaning, you’re probably going to see results come up for Angie’s List and homeadvisor and other providers like that, you want to make sure that you’re showing up on those as well, because we want to dominate the page, we want to get as many leads and as many calls as we can. For those people that are at that bottom of the funnel, they’re looking for your services, right at that particular moment in time. And the big trend that we’ve seen is that Google has significantly reduced the number of map listings over the last couple of years. And that’s really a function of they’re trying to clean up spam. They’re trying to clean up the the plumbing company or the HVC company, electrical company that set up a bunch of fake listings, just for the sake of ranking on Google Maps. And so I’m going to talk about some of the gotchas and some of the things that could be hurting you but pay attention to this stat because they’re, they’re really cracking down on this whole fake listing play. So things that could potentially be hurting your rankings, things that may have actually helped you in the past that could actually be hurting you right now. Number one, you need it, you need a listing in the real search city that you’re trying to rank. So I see Frankie Roman is on with us. Thank you, great to see you. You know, if you’re trying to rank in New Port, Richey, Florida, you need to actually have an location in New Port Richey, Florida, right, trying to play the game of, well, I’m in, I’m in brown, but I want to be ranking in Miami, why don’t I rank in Miami, you could you can do all of the right stuff, build out your website, claim your directories get hundreds and 1000s of reviews, use nearby now every single day, it’s going to be hard for you to rank outside this city. That that you’re in, right. So you need to have a physical location in the city that you’re targeting, um, if you try to do spam listings in the past, so this was people just going out and claiming GMB or claiming Google Map listings in the surrounding cities and towns where they don’t actually have a location. So they would go to their aunt’s house or they would go to their their cousin’s house, or they would go to their cousin’s, you know, office and try and claim a map listing there. Um, so they had five or six different locations around the area on google maps that worked really well, you know, 2010 ish. As of today, that doesn’t fly. So you know, what you want to do is make sure that you’ve cleaned any of those fake listings up, because that will actually bring you down, it will prevent your actual true listing from ranking well. The only thing that could be hurting you is is inconsistency of your name, address, phone number. So your net profile, you want to make sure you’re in all of the major online directory listings. But in some cases, you get listed as one company name on Google, which you got listed as a different company name on Angie’s List and a different company name on home advisor. And so as Google scans the web, there’s not a lot of consistency in your your, your thumbprint, so to speak. And so you want to make sure that you’ve got a consistent reference of your name, address phone number referenced across the web. And then you want to make sure that you’re not spamming your company name, you’re not spamming your categories in the Google My Business listings. Armand says, What if we have satellite offices, like Regis in multiple locations, Will that work? Um, in some cases, it will, I don’t recommend it. Regis would be like one of those places that they have an office building, they put like 19 companies in it, or as many as they can squeeze into it, and everybody gets to use that address with the unique suite number. Um, there was a time where it works pretty well. I think it’s on the radar now with Google. And so I would recommend if you want to play the game of getting ranked in different cities, you’re better play would be to rent a small commercial office. That’s what Jimmy Lee in that location that’s completely unique to you, and then do everything I’m telling you to do here, that’s going to work a lot better than a rageous appeal box, a mailbox, etc. You know, Google’s kind of flagged all of those types of locations. And it’s counter to what Google’s trying to do. They want to serve local businesses in the true local service area. So Are there examples of people that do rank with a Regis office? Sure, um, is it something that

you can bank on? No, I would feel like that’s like building your house on a foundation of sand, you might get away with it for a little bit, but eventually, Google catches it and that listings gone. And then probably any other listings under your your Google My Business account, are also, you know, messed up. And the other thing that could be holding you back is not having enough reviews, right, having more reviews than your competition is one of the critical ranking factors. And so as I see people go to multiple locations, they’ll they’ll add the second third location, and then all of the reviews will be on their main location, which is great, and that locations fine, what’s your other locations, and more competitive markets probably aren’t going to rank unless you’ve got the great listing and a real location with all of the things I’m gonna be showing you and lots of legitimate Reviews on Google and other profiles associated with that, with that listing. Give me a one, if this makes sense. I feel like you’re kind of clear. Okay, I see some of the things that could potentially be hurting the rankings. Awesome. Lots of lots of ones. That’s good. That’s good to hear. So I just want to unpack our proven model. And what we found. This isn’t super fancy stuff, right. But it works extremely well, as you seen in the examples that I showed, as we kind of walk through this, the first thing we want to do is we want to claim and optimize our Google My Business profile. Right? This is a free service from Google, you go to Google My Business, and you can claim your listing. And from there, you’ve got lots of little things you can play with. And I’ll show you some of the things you can play with like your images, your name, the categories, you’re in your service area, you want to make sure that you’ve claimed and fully optimized that Google My Business listing. So that’s the first thing. The second thing is you want to have lots of web references. So references of your company’s name, address phone number on all of the public sites across the internet, like, you know, you think about little things like Angie’s List and local calm and homeadvisor. And kudzu, there’s, there’s hundreds of these types of sites, you want to be listed in those sites with the same eight name, address phone number with consistency across the web. That way, Google says okay, this company is on Google Maps. And they’re also listed there all of these different places across the


Number three, is you want reviews, right? You want to have real reviews from your real customers and your true service area, I would say, you know, all other things being equal, if you’re there, and your competition is there, as well. And they’ve claimed their listing, and they’ve optimized it, and they’ve got lots of citations, and you got lots of citations, the contractor that has the most legitimate reviews from the real customers on Google, on other public review sites is going to win, right, it’s going to win the day. So you want to be providing great service, you want to leverage automation to get reviews from your customers and your real service area. I’ll be sharing some of the tools to help with this as we go. But it’s like claim listing, optimize it correctly, get lots of citations, and build up your review profile on the public sites. And then number four is proper on page optimization. Right? It’s it’s making sure that your website is optimized for the cities for the services, and for the service area that you serve. Simple, simple stuff, we’ll dive into it as we go. But these are these are the key things. These are the key elements that drive rankings and results on on Google Maps. So the first where I talked about it was claiming your Google My Business listing. I suggest you want to know what your Google My Business login is, right? Whether you’re working with us, or you’re working with another company, or you did it yourself, you should have a login where you can log into Google My Business. And you can see how it’s set up. You can see what photos are being used. You can see what questions people were asking, you can see and respond to your reviews. You want to have access to this. So that’s kind of step one, make sure that you’ve claimed optimize, and you have a login that you have access to on Google Maps. Number two, is you want to make sure that your name as it sits on Google, my business is your actual company name. So if you’re a Roman plumbing, you want that to say Roman plumbing, not Roman plumbing, dash, your drain cleaning and you know New Port Richey, Florida, right. Some people try to spam a bunch of stuff into the Google My Business listings. And there’s actually some data out there that shows that can help your rankings. But it’s also a very big red flag. Right? Not hard for Google look at the public records out there and see what the company’s names are. And if you’re going to play games with Google and you’re going to try and stuff additional characters into your company name That can hurt your rankings, I really just recommend keeping your company name, what it is. And if you do want to and again, if you want to rank in Houston for

let’s just say you want to rank for Houston plumber on the Google Map and your company name is pick at Home Services, just as an example, you will get some bonus points in terms of ranking and will improve your ranking potential. If your if your name is picking Home Services, dash plumbing and drinks or picking Home Services dash Houston’s plumbing and drink company. But you can’t do that unless you change your company name and you’ve got it listed that way across the web, I don’t recommend it. I don’t think you guys probably want to do that. Or you want your contractors that you’re working with to do that. But it can’t work. And if you’re struggling with rankings, uneasy play would be to go out, set up a different DBA for your company, update that across the Internet, and then use that as your company names to kind of get some of your keywords into the name. But don’t do it. Unless that’s your actual company name. Make sure you’ve got your website address LinkedIn on your Google My Business listing, use a local number instead of an 800 number. Like when we’re in Google My Business and we’re putting a number, Google and your cut and your customers want to deal with local businesses. The whole idea of Google Maps is that they’re they’re looking for someone right in their shirt like in their neighborhood, they can call out. So don’t use an 800 number, use a real local number. Use a local address. Don’t use the peel box that does not rank. Don’t use a UPS Store. Don’t use a Regis for the most part, most of these types of locations can actually cause problems. As it relates to optimization, you do want to upload as many photos as you can and try and use authenticity. So don’t use stock imagery here. Use real pictures of your team real pictures of your truck, upload your logo, keyword enable those, those photos. So there’s lots of ways to do this. But the reality is just as simple as instead of uploading an image, that’s truck one, name it, new port, Richey, plumbing dash, Robin plumbing truck, right now you get your keywords in the image that’s being uploaded onto Google My Business, little things like that can actually make a difference in the way that Google sees the images and sees what’s on your site. Obviously, make sure that you list your hours of operations and the areas that you serve. When you log in, to Google My Business, this is kind of how it looks. You got a dashboard like this, where you’ve got your company name, you’ve got like home posts, where you can post Google posts, you’ve got the Info tab, this is where you’re going to do some of the basic optimization I’m talking about, you get insights where you can see who’s getting your site, how many views Did you get how many calls are actually coming from the mobile click to call, you know, you’ve got reviews, where you can see all of the reviews, you can respond to those reviews, you’ve got messaging where you can communicate back and forth with people if you’ve got that enabled, where someone can communicate with you. And then you get photos. And so this is what Google My Business back end dashboard looks like. You want to make sure that you got access to this so that you can double check some of these settings. You know, as you log in, you want to make sure that your listing is verified, this is important. And you want to upload those photos, pictures of your team pictures of your truck, you do that by clicking photos, and then clicking the little image icon. A best practice would be to save the photos, name them with your city and your service and your company name. And then upload those into Google Maps. And then within insights, something that a lot of people don’t realize, if you click insights, and you scroll down to the customer Actions tab, you’ll be able to see how many people are calling you from Google. So this isn’t necessarily you know, them actually dialing the number. It’s from a mobile phone. If they click call business, Google tracks that as an action. And so that’s where you’re able to track the actual click to calls that are coming in directly from your Google My Business listing. Other things you can do from a from a Google My Business perspective, update the photos, add to them on a consistent basis, try and be adding two or three photos per month just to keep fresh rotation happening on your Google My Business, leverage Google posts, Google gives you the ability to to create posts, which could be you know, updates that are happening with your business could be special offers and incentives could just be stuff that you want to put on your blog, just basic blurbs with an image. We try and post it to Google My Business at least twice per month.

I would think they start to rotate out every 90 days. So you do want to make sure that you’re updating Google posts consistently either heavily The hours is doing it for you, or you’re doing it yourself, just keep fresh activity going, we feel like that is a legitimate ranking factor activity on the listing, all of those things equal is going to absolutely help respond to your reviews. Like, if you’re going to rank well, on maps, you’re going to have to have reviews, and you’re going to have to have new reviews coming in on a consistent basis. The other thing you’re going to want to do is not just get the review, you want to respond to it, the good reviews and the bad, right hopefully don’t get a lot of bad reviews, no one likes bad reviews. But it happens, right, we’re going to get some bad reviews every now and then the important thing is that we respond. So when the person says Billy came out to the house, and he showed up one time, and he was great. And I highly recommend the company, here’s my five star review, you want to follow up to that, hey, thank you so much for taking the time to post your review, we really appreciate your business and honor to serve you. And if you want to be smart, look up what the ticket was that that job was relevant to. So if it was a Water Heater Install, you might say, it was such a pleasure to install that water heater in your home. Right. And by doing that now, your your review that the person type, ideally, they’ve got some keywords in there, if you start to respond to reviews and get some keywords in there, that’s going to help give context to the services that you provide. Right? Because we don’t just want to rank for plumber or AC repair, we want to rank for plumber Drain Cleaning, Water Heater Installation trenchless sewer replacement repiping. And so yes, we’re gonna have that on our site. Yes, we’re gonna have that in the Google My Business listing, we’re going to do all of that. But we can also be creative and trying to get them to write that in their review. And then we can we can kind of drop that on our responses to their review. Give me a one if that makes sense. If like, if you think you could do some of that, with getting your reviews and responding to your reviews. Awesome. The other cool thing that a lot of people don’t take advantage of is questions and answers like people can ask questions right within your Google My Business listing. Obviously if they ask questions, you want to respond to those. But something we’re testing out i think is a good idea that you guys might want to think about doing is seating some of your own questions, right? You know, what services do you offer? Oh, we do Drain Cleaning and we do water heaters and we do this that the other? What areas do you serve? Oh, we serve this city that city this city mumbo jumbo, um, come up with like five or six questions and place them in your Google My Business listing, and answer them and make them long form, you know, responses. This is a great way to again, give more context to your Google My Business listing, get yourself ranked in a wider area for for more of your keywords that are most important to you. So that’s just a high level snapshot, some things you can do on Google My Business to improve your improve your rankings. Give me a one, if this is helpful if you kind of took away some things that you can go back and implement. Erica Paul, Dan, one’s coming in. Excellent. Good, good, good. So that’s step one, we want to claim and optimize our Google My Business listing. Step number two is we want to build up those citations, we want to build up the references of our company’s name, address and phone number across the internet.

And there’s there’s like three critical parts of this. First of all, more is better, right? We want lots of citations. So we want the main ones like Google and Angie’s List and city search. And you know, the ones that everybody knows, we also want the second tier ones that the ones that might not come to the top of your head, there’s literally 1000s of online directories, and there’s like prominent ones, but then there’s local ones like local to your service area, like specific The, the new port, Richey business directory, right, you want to be in those. And also industry specific ones, like the plumbing guide, or the the, you know, specific services that you offer. There’s all kinds of directories out there, you want to be listed in those. So that’s one thing you want more citations. Number two is you want to make sure that you’ve got consistency. So decide in advance what your company name is going to be, what address it’s going to have and how that address is going to be listed. You know, is it going to be Southwest spelled out or is going to be SW Are you going to write sweet or s w, we’re just going to put the hash just to see what that is going to look like across the Internet, and then your phone number, right, you want to use the same number as often as possible in most of these places. I do recommend using a tracking number that way you can track the number of calls coming in across the web from those citations that you have there. But one number, not a dozen numbers, not a different number for each of the different listings that you have. And then number three is we want to limit duplication and invalid information. Right? This is a big gotcha. Like if you’re listed three times on Google, with slight differences in your company name or slight differences in your address. That’s going to create problems if you get lots of duplicate listings. With fragmented information about you and your company on those second tier and third tier directory sites, that’s going to negatively impact your ability to rank. We want to have lots of listings, but we also want to be consistent with how we’re referenced. Who would like to get like a shortcut on how to make this a little bit easier? Like obviously going to 1000s of directories and putting in your name, address phone numbers a little bit complicated? Just put shortcut in the chat if you’d like some shortcuts kind of ways to automate this a little bit, make this a little bit easier. Okay, Dan wants the shortcut. climatecare wants it. Okay, good. So, one shortcut is to add yourself to the main data aggregators. So, you know, there’s citation services. And then there’s data aggregators, data aggregators are the sites that basically how’s business information, and a lot of times personal information, like the the contact details of businesses and individuals, and, and kind of push that out to the, to the sites like like Google and Yelp, and Angie’s List, the four main data aggregators are factual axiom, info group, and new store. And if you want to be in control of your company’s name, address, phone number, and how it’s being distributed across the internet, you want to make sure that you’ve got access, or whoever it is that you work with, has put you into those data aggregators, and has control to say, no, that’s not our company name anymore. That’s not our website address anymore. That’s not how we want to be referenced on the internet. A lot of times, you can go in and update Google. And you can go in and update, you know, brown, or all these other sites. But if you haven’t claimed, your data aggregators, and there’s a cost associated with these, if you haven’t properly set these up and control what’s being listed on your data aggregators. Your information is going to be incorrect across the web. If your information is incorrect across the web, it’s going to spawn duplicates, it’s going to spawn incorrect listings, it’s going to spawn fragmentation, which will ultimately result in poor poor rankings like I showed you before on the maps. Give me a one if that makes sense. We want to get toward data aggregators, so we can control like the ripple effect of the information that’s being sent syndicated across the web force. Awesome. some really cool citation tools that will help you with this process. So I recommend against you know, claim yourself in the data aggregators, spend the money or invest in a company like ours that will get that dialed in for you and invest that on your behalf on and then there’s tools that will push you out to the most important directories. But my favorite is Yext. I know. They’re like the 100 pound gorilla in the space, and not everybody loves them. But the reality is Yext is the category King. They’ve got direct API’s into the, the most important directory sources. So

if you think about the 8020 principle, we know that 20% of activity drives 80% of the results. That’s true with directories right in the power of the directories that you’re in, and the consistency of listings and directories. Yext controls the 20%, that drive 80% of the results. So whether you use a tool like Yext or Moz, local, or advice, local, these are all sources that you can go in, say, Okay, here’s my company name, address, phone number, give them the power to control those listings on your behalf. And know that at least the main sites on the internet are claimed and verified and inconsistent. So like, like any of these three will help automate your listing management process. But again, you don’t want to stop with just the 20%. There’s another 80% of directory sites that usually need to be claimed manually. They’re the local business directory in your town, they’re the industry specific directory on the internet that wouldn’t hit the radar of these big profiles. And so either build your own list or use a tool like bright, local or white spark to help you find additional directory sources. And this will really help with this full citation play. It will help you find any consistencies and will help you find third tier and second tier listings that you can add yourself to which again is going to help with your your directory listings. I’m not trying to get technical, but the fact is, you know, if you want to get this done right, and you want to optimize your opportunities to rank in Google Maps, these are the things you want to think about you want to know about. And you can choose to run down this path on your own or you can hire a company like ours where we do this right and we would just handle it on your on your behalf. I’ve got a great free resource in Christian if you could pop this in plumber SEO dotnet slash scan. And basically what this does, it gives you an opportunity enter your company name, your address your You know your your basic details, and it’s free. And what it will do is it will scan the internet. And it will tell you how consistent or inconsistent your listings are on the main sites like the things like Google and Yahoo and Bing and city search and white pages and MapQuest, the 20% part of the equation. And so if you go to a plumber SEO dotnet slash scan, maybe Christian put the actual hard URL in there, that way it doesn’t, they can click in it doesn’t redirect. It’s just a free way to get an audit kind of of how you’re sitting in the in the listings. And sometimes this is a problem. Sometimes it’s not a problem, right? Um, but you want to know about it. So citation, best practices here, the key things you want to take away, manually claim your Google My Business listing, right? Don’t let Yext or one of these other profiles do this manual claimant use a tool like Yext or something else to push out to the top 50 directories, that kind of that 20% of the most important directories, get yourself under control on the data aggregators, those four data aggregators I told you about, and then leverage a tool like bright, local or white Spark, to find those second, third, fourth tier listings to get more of the less obvious listings that you can tap into john Yes, it should work in a Canada

as well.

And we’ve put together a list of we find to be the most like the most relevant citation listings for plumbing nhbc. So if you wanted to get that you can go to plumber SEO dotnet slash citations. There, we’ve got a list that you can list, you want to do it one by one, and you want to kind of look, what are the ones I need to make sure that I’m in that I could tap into go there plumber, SEO dotnet, slash citations. And you can you can get that. So we’ve talked about the two keys, right, the first key is we want to claim an optimized Google My Business. second key, we want to make sure we get consistency of our name, address phone. Number one, the main online directories, we’re in the secondary online directories, we’ve got control of how we’re being listed, and we’re listed in a lot of places. Give me a one, if this is helpful. I’ve like kind of just thinking through the citation PCA equation, if you took away some things that you’re like, Okay, I get that better. Now, I see what I could do on this front to make things more effective on our Google Map listings. Excellent. Okay, so that’s number two. Number three, is we need reviews, right? all other things being equal, the company with more reviews is going to win. Right? If you know all of the things being equal, your competition has also claimed their Google My Business, and they’ve optimized it. And they’ve got lots of citations. Ultimately, the company that has more real reviews from the real customers in the real service area, is probably going to wind up winning out over time. So there are things you can do to optimize for online reviews to get more reviews, and I’m not talking about gaming the system. I’m absolutely not talking about fake reviews, I’m talking about real customers, from your real reviews from real customers in your true service area. First thing on this front, the first thing is you have to create a great customer experience. And you guys know this, so I’m not gonna spend a lot of time on it. But you want to go out and you want to show up on time and you want to do the pre call and you want to, you know, put down on the mat, when they open the door, you want to put on the booties, you want to create experience where they’re like, wow, that was cool. climatecare provided a great experience, they were a great company. That’s the first point. The second thing is you want to train your technicians that they need to create the experience and that their job is going to be like gauged on the feedback that customers are giving on their ability to get reviews from the customers that they serve. You want to bake that into the culture of the business. So your technicians know, after the service call review request is going to go out, they shouldn’t be planting that seed with the homeowner, they should be saying, Hey, you know, it was great to serve you today. We really appreciate your business. You know, just you know, you’re going to get a review request here in a couple minutes on your cell phone. It means a lot to me if you would click that button and write a review like my performance as an organization is gauged on those reviews. Mr. Customer, Mrs. Customer, will you write a review for me? Yes, I find that our clients that have trained their technicians to have that conversation and to plant that seed, get more views and wind up being more effective over time. Um, we find it to be good practice to leave something physical, right? Leave something physical that says hey, again, you’re going to get a text message but if you prefer, you can just go right here to this link on our website to post this review. Again, train your technicians to plant the seed. Make sure that they walk them through the process where possible some of our clients actually will push the review request right there when they’re in the hall. And ask the customer Hey, did you get that? Hey, why don’t you pull that up real quick. All right click there, all you got to do now is put your stars in, write the review, no pressure, just share the share the experience. And I would say a lot of this stuff is commonplace, there’s lots of tools that help to automate this. But if there’s one thing I found that has a bigger impact than anything in in our clients ability to get online reviews, it’s that they baked it into the into the company culture, which means as you meet with your teams on a on a weekly basis for you do your monthly huddles, you’re teaching them you’re training them, you’re bringing them up to speed with what’s going on. Part of it, though, should be to, hey, look, this is how many reviews we got this last week. And congratulations, you know, Johnny, Johnny, you got 17 reviews, average five stars, well done a round of applause in front of the peers. And if you do that, and you make that part of the way that you operate, you’re going to get more reviews, it’s going to be more consistent. And of course, your clients are gonna be getting a better experience as well. Give me a yes, if you took away like one or two things, maybe just in the way that you think about reviews, or, and kind of what you could do to generate more reviews for your clients for from what we talked about here. Couple a couple of yeses.

Awesome. And like I said, there’s lots of tools that can automate this use automation. Like Please don’t be sending one off emails, or one off text messages after every service call. You know, nearby now is a tool we implement for all of our clients. So it just basically sends a review request via email text message after every service call after they complete a check in review, buzz is a great tool, bird eye, customer lobby pulse M is probably more like but these are the most common tools. I don’t really care as much about what tool you use. I do care, though, that you’re using automation. And then an email and a text message with a little bit of follow up goes out after every service call. And if you do that, you’re going to have consistent reviews, right? And then don’t just send them to Google, send some of them to Google send some of them to Angie’s List and some of them back to thumbtack, whatever source it was that they they got to review from. There is a ninja hack that works extremely well. And if I look at the clients we work with, the people that use this ninja hack usually have about 10 times more of us than all of our other clients. Give me a 10x in the chat, if you’d like to know what that ninja hack is.

Erica erricka 10x climatecare. Thanks. Okay. The Ninja hack is to leverage automation. And by automation, I mean don’t if somebody has to push a button on your team to request the review, that creates friction, it slows the whole process down. So if your technician is manually checking in on nearby now and request to review, I find that like one in 10 Review requests actually get done. So what you want to do is make sure that you’ve tapped into the API and whatever platform you use on a lot of our top clients use service Titan, some of our clients use house call Pro, others use field edge and things like that. The clients we have, they are getting 10 times more reviews than everybody else, basically have it so that once the job is complete, the review request is automatically triggered, right? So you close out the job. And that automatically sends a text message in an email to the customer, it automatically does the check in if you happen to be using your by now, it automatically triggers the next step in the process and eliminates any extra friction from your team. So if you’re not doing this, I really want to encourage you try and figure out does your platform have some type of API? And could automation be used to eliminate all of the extra friction and just every service call results in a review request, every review request, you know, one in five results in a review. If you can get that type of velocity, you’re going to have so many more reviews than your competition, that it’s going to be hard for them to keep up you’re going to dominate the map results. And if you’re consistently responding to the reviews, as they come in with intelligent responses that also infuse your keywords. If you start to see questions and answer those questions. You’re going to have a better footprint across the internet. Give me a one if that makes sense. If you feel like you’re clear like I can tap into that 10x advantage. ansley says one Dan says one Erica says one. Excellent so so don’t sleep on that right make sure that you take advantage of it. So step one was we want to make sure that we’ve claimed an optimized Google My Business step two, we want to have lots of reviews, lots of citations and consistency of our Name, Address phone number. Step three, we want to have lots of Google reviews. Step four is we want to optimize the on page elements on our website. And so I’ve got an hour and a half long training that unpacks, what you need to do from your website in order to make sure that it’s optimized for the search engines, I’m going to give a very brief overview of this. If you want more details on like SEO, and how to optimize the website, the content on the site, the links, the citations, definitely reach out to us, I can get you a link to that training, where I go deep on it. Um, but thinking about it from from the most simple perspective, is we want to have a good website, right with pages for each of our services pages for each of our cities, we want to make sure that the content is unique. So we’re using not copy and paste content, but very unique content from one page on our site to the next, we want to optimize our keywords into the title tags, and h1 tags, the meta descriptions, we want to make sure we get the name, address phone number in the footer, we want to make sure that we’re putting out new content on a consistent basis, you know, putting out blog updates, making sure that those blog updates are syndicated and pushed out. We want to make sure that the website loads quickly, this actually does have an impact on your, on your Google My Business rankings as well. And then it loads quickly on desktop, and mobile. So that was a mouthful, what I’m going to do is I’m just going to show you a live example of this for the sake of visual because it’s I’m not gonna spend a ton of time on it. But I do want you guys to connect the dots with what I’ve just said. Hold on one sec. Give me Give me some feedback as I pull this up. Is this helpful? Just give me a chat helpful if this is helpful, you feel like you’re getting some good usable takeaways. Anthony says helpful good. Okay, so I’m going to go Let’s do West, Jordan. Our,

the company we work with in West Jordan, is Valley plumbing. I said at the beginning, you know, we don’t want to just rank in one place, we want to dominate the page where people are looking. And you can see there they are in local service ads, the very top they’re the number one organic listing in Google in Google Maps. And they’re also number one organically, right. So they’re dominant in their in their service area and dominant for literally hundreds of keywords. If we look specifically at their Google My Business listing here, you can see no, no crazy keyword stuffing in the name REITs real company name 1178 reviews. This is because every service calling service Titan gets closed, and the review request is automatic automated through nearby now. So we do use nearby now it creates an immediate checking on its I’ll talk a little bit about without going super technical. And then it pushes out an email and a text message asking the customer write a review. If they’re already on Google, which a lot of people are already logged into Google because they use Google for email and other things. It’s going to take them straight to Google where they don’t have to log in. And that’s where they’re they’re able to get a lot of reviews. About three years ago, they had about 100 Reviews on Google My Business on Google Maps, when we started to automate the the the completion process, that’s when it just exploded in terms of number of years, that’s when they like really moved up aggressively in the rankings on Google Maps. If we look at their at their listing, right, you’ll see, we’ve got lots of great pictures and authenticity. So pictures of their trucks, pictures of their team, you know, these things have have an impact. These images are named and optimized correctly. They’re getting lots of reviews, they’re responding to the reviews, all of this stuff has an impact on what what we want to talk about now is specifically the website itself. And what we do on the website to make sure that it’s optimized, which of course passes signals to Google and passes signals to the Google My Business listings to get it ranked. So so this is their site, right? You’ll see there’s lots of content on here. I really believe that having lots of content, Google reads content, right. And that has an impact on the rankings. If you look at the title tag, which is going to come back to clicks, Western plumber, dash Valley plumbing and drainage. So we’ve got the the name, the key word in that in that title, West Jordan, plumber, drain cleaning, drink cleaning services. You’ll also notice the system their homepage. This is like this is a location page on their website that’s ranking really well in Google Maps. You’ll notice this heat map here. A map with lots of little check ins and lots of reviews. This is nearby now. So used to be nearby now was an app that was installed on the technicians phones, and the technicians were supposed to check in at the house, it would grab their GPS location. And they would type in, you know, a brief description of what they did. still works that way, but very convinced that we had a hard time getting valid plumbing and their technicians to do that, because it’s an extra thing that the technician had to do. Why integrating this with service Titan, they basically just have notes for each of their jobs, every time a job is completed it through a shortcode passes a little bit of snippet code to the to that page on the site, a little bit of snippet code, with data about the services that are doing. And so this keeps these pages very active and very dynamic. I don’t want to get too technical. But that’s that’s a big part of this strategy. If you look at the website, and I talked about some things, right title tag, which is up here in the in the header, the h1 tag, they’re based in Salt Lake City, so we’ve got Salt Lake City plumber, I’m used to what by media text on the page to keep people engaged, obviously, a lot of thought in terms of optimization for conversion, which is we don’t just want visitors to the site, we want them to convert into leads, we want them to convert into collars, what really having pages for each of the different services that they have, that they provide to Water Heater Repair, Water Heater Installation, you name it, um, and then having this marked up data down here for each of their locations, name, address, phone number with that consistency, so it matches the Google Maps, and then it matches to the citations they have across the web can have a really big impact in the in the rankings. And in the in the results. So again, I didn’t want to I don’t want to go too technical, but I do want to give you the details on what kind of what we want to do from what on page optimization perspective. And you can see here 460 plus leads just for one of their other locations, and they’re in Salt Lake City. They’re

in West Jordan, they’re in Sandy, and they’re in Lehigh. I’m doing really, really well on on Google Maps. Give me a one in chat. If that’s helpful. It’s kind of like, bridge the gap here, kind of bring it all together. do you suggest list all the locations in the footer depending upon your location strategy, if you’re driving citations back to the homepage or to the to the actual location page. It could go you could do either way. But it really depends on a case by case basis. Here’s another company IRA Hanson based in sparks Nevada, we were on a search for sparks Nevada plumber plumbing drain thing, what are your repair, you can see here that the number one in Google Maps, you can see here 214 leads directly from Google Maps 642 total 340 from organic, so don’t sleep on organic either 47 from paid search, of course, we can absolutely increase the pre budget for this client. So again, the the proven formula that we talked about today, we will add on pack that I showed you example after example of this working and the kind of the results of it, we’re going to claim an optimize the Google My Business listing, we’re gonna make sure we get name, address, phone number consistency in the main online directories in the secondary online directories and control our name, address, phone number profile across the web, we’re going to make sure we got a process in place to get real reviews from real customers and our true service area. And then we’re going to optimize the website itself. You know, make sure that we’ve got pages for each and the service page for the cities, we’ve got good, unique content, we’re leveraging microformat data across the site. And then of course, we can’t sleep on off page factors like what’s happening off the website has an impact, as well. I’m sure I’m building up links, building up citations having a strategic approach to syndigate content. I’m not going to go deep here. But something we’ve rolled out over the last 24 months I’ve had a huge impact in our ability to get our clients ranked is signal generation, which is basically taking our blogs and instead of just loading up a blog with content on the site, we take a blog, and then we syndicate it to local news sites, those local news sites then embed the content, embed the GMB listing past even more citations and results back to the client site. And so this is a big part of the reason our clients, it really just rank extremely well on the Google map in their service area. It’s because we’ve got the proximity we’ve got the relevance and we’ve got the prominence prominence being we’ve got more reviews, we’ve got more citations. We’ve got more red web signals. We’ve got more GMB listings pointed back to us. We’re we’re just setting our clients up to be the dominant plumbing hv AC electrical home service company in their service area and that’s why we To get such consistent, dominant results. So just a visual example of this, if you want to look at Valley plumbing, if you click on the news and media section, you’ll see each one of their blogs is getting syndicated out to a lot of different local news sources. And then those sources, then, instead of just being on a blog, now it’s listed on let’s call it 100 to 150 major sites that now have hyperlinks back to the homepage, the service page, have a Google Map embed, which builds that ranking authority builds that context in conjunction with everything else we’re doing. And this you know, I can, I think I’ve already used a lot of cases, I could go for literally 2030 minutes, just showing you example, after example, after example of clients really just dominating the Google My Business results in their in their service area. This is a simple checklist I want to give you guys access to if you want to stick around to the end. There’s gonna be a simple SEO checklist and a simple GMB checklist that you guys can look at and say, Okay, I know we said it, but sometimes having a checklist to kind of go along with to see Okay, are we doing this? Are we doing that we have this, what can we be doing here? Is is helpful. I’m just like checklist in the comments. If you’d like to get your hands on some checklists specific to this, you think that would be helpful.

Awesome. Excellent.

So that’s it. I’ve given you examples. I’ve given you real world case studies, I’ve given you the step by step, this is exactly what you need to do on your website, on your Google My Business profiles really rank. Hopefully, you’ve got what you need, I’m going to give you the link to the checklist here in a second. If you’re like most plumbing hkc home service companies, you’d like to understand how this works. You’ve tried it, you’ve been through the wringer you hired you know, Scorpion, or you hired Rhys local, or you hired yodel, or you hired one of these companies that promise to get your result on the internet on Google specifically, and didn’t work. And maybe you hired the kid next next door, maybe you tried to do some of this stuff yourself. But you just haven’t gotten the results. What I want to do is I want to offer you a free evaluation. Because let’s face it, you shouldn’t be doing this yourself. Most of you guys. And maybe some of you, if your marketing director, your company, you want to do it, you shouldn’t be doing this yourself, you need to understand how it works, you need to understand why it’s not working currently. But ultimately, you need to find somebody that can do this for you somebody that can understand how to claim this stuff, understand how to manage this stuff, understand how to optimize this stuff, and as proven results. And this is what we do. If you’re a plumbing hv AC electrical company. You know, we’d love the opportunity to to look at what you’re doing today and see if we might be the right fit to help you dominate your local market and generate more leads more book jobs and more growth in your company. So if that sounds good, the next step that we want to do is schedule a complimentary lead flow acceleration session. Again, what we’ll do as part of this is Christian put the link it’s plumber SEO dotnet slash schedule, we’ll run an analysis of the most important keywords for you will run a ranking report, we’ll look at your website, we’ll look at your paid search profiles. And we’ll be able to tell you like here’s what you’re doing. Here’s what’s good, here’s what’s where there’s room for improvement. And here’s what we would do differently. And here’s how much it would cost if you want us to just take this and run with it for you. So if that sounds good, you can call us at 866-610-4647. Again, it’s completely free, where you go to plumber SEO dotnet slash schedule, it’ll take you to a calendar page where you can pick a time that works for you. And and we can schedule a time to meet. So if you’d like the the guide to Google Maps, which kind of has some of the the items we talked about here, go to plumber, SEO dotnet, slash maps, plumber SEO dotnet slash maps. If you want the SEO checklist, which will walk you through those basic things you want to do, on your website, off your website, you go to plumber, SEO dotnet slash SEO dash checklist, SEO dash checklist. And I’d love to hear some takeaways. We’d love to hear like, what were some of your takeaways? What are some of the things you know you took away from today’s session? Either unmute yourself or put that in chat just so I can I can hear some of the things and take always be like something you’ve learned something that you’re going to do differently something that maybe you’re going to do the you know, implement on your own. Melissa, Jamie are saying we’d love to work with you on but I’ve been told you can’t because we already work with someone in your market. Yes, that’s true. We only work with one company in each major market. So if you happen to be in one of the markets where we already have a client unfortunately We only work with one. So you know that that is is what it is right? However, reach out, let us know that you’re interested. And we can tell you whether the market is open or not open. And in worst case scenario, if you really want somebody that can help you, we might be able to refer you to somebody we know that that might be a good provider. So, Melissa, Jamie, I’m sorry that we couldn’t work with you because we’re already closing in that area. Reach out to Christian and we’ll make a referral to somebody you know, we believe you can trust Scott Walker says citations. Leo’s Leon says thinking about blog syndication, diving into citations. Excellent. So again, next step here. If you go to plumber, SEO, dotnet slash schedule, you can pick a time we can look at your online marketing, we can talk about the possibilities of working together. If you have any questions, I’d be glad to keep the meeting open for a minute to answer any questions that you might have. Otherwise, plumber SEO dotnet slash schedule. There, you can pick a time.

Let’s see Erica says naming pictures. Arman says can you talk more about blog syndication? I’m not really I think that’s something that that we’ve we’ve invested a lot of time and energy in. And it’s a proprietary thing that we’ve developed for our clients here plumbing and echeck SEO. So I’m happy to talk a little bit about the strategy like yes, this is what we do. Instead of just writing a blog we syndicated in terms of the how we keep that for the clients that hire our services. If that’s if that’s fair.

Excellent. Well, Hey, guys, it’s been it’s been an honor, it’s been a pleasure. Thank you so much for taking the time. I truly hope you got value out of today’s session. If you have follow up questions, feel free to reach out to me You’re Christian. If you’d like to schedule a time go to plumber SEO dotnet slash schedule. If there’s any other resources I’ve talked about today that you’d like to go back and reference feel free to reach out we’ll get you the links you can just send an email to Christian at plumber SEO dotnet if you’re watching this after the fact give me a give me a rating on a scale from one to 10 one being this was terrible and a waste of your time. 10 being over delivered you got value. You enjoyed it, just so I can get a sense of kind of maybe Am I too technical? Am I not technical enough? Alright, some 10 is coming in. Dan says 10 Jamie says 10 Scott says 10 excellent. I appreciate that feedback. guys. Thanks so much for your time. Have an amazing afternoon. We’re here to serve and support when give me 9.5 fair enough. I will talk to you all again soon.


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