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How Air Comfort Services Achieved Consistent Growth Through Proper Planning (And Five Questions You Need to Ask When Creating Your Marketing Plan)

Positioning yourself for sustainable growth is something you can start working on right now. It's only a matter of following the correct blueprint.

Air Comfort Services Heating and Cooling is a company that services the greater St. Louis area. Although it's one of the larger HVAC businesses in the region, it was missing good online representation for a long time.

The company also had a bad SEO experience that didn't deliver any of the promised results before joining us.

For three years since Air Comfort Services started working with us, the company experienced impressive growth. They achieved 5% to 9% growth each year and the company projects an 11% growth for this year - while sticking to the same marketing plan.

The fact is that proper marketing planning drives the growth of an HVAC company. It's what separates success stories from companies that stagnate after a terrific start.

If you find yourself unable to sustain growth, then perhaps your marketing plan needs an adjustment.

But if you lack experience in this area, you may not know where to start.

For that, we're here to help.

To start creating an awesome marketing plan, you have to answer a specific set of questions. Each answer will guide you towards the right moves to make.

Let's dive right in!


The Five Questions

Question #1 – Where Are You Now (And Where Do You Want to Be)?

Not knowing the answer to this question means you're not in a good position to create a marketing plan, and here's why.

The primary driver to getting results is to have clarity on what those results are. You need to know where you are now and where you want to be to work out how to get there.

And it's a numbers game - you have to work out the numbers you need to hit to reach your revenue goal.

If you know your goal, you can work out how many transactions you need. You can work out how many leads you need each month to get there.

Here's an example.

Imagine you set a goal to hit $6.7 million next year. 

From there, you can deduce that you need to rake in around $558,000 every month. This means you need around 744 booked jobs at an average transaction value of $750 for that to happen. Now, you can also work out your average number of leads if you know your conversion rate.

Do you see why it's so important to have clarity?

It allows you to map out the journey towards your goal.


Question #2 – Who Is Your Ideal Customer?

Working out your goal and path is only one small step. You need more information to come up with an effective marketing plan.

So, what else is crucial to the process? 

It's to understand your ideal customer.

You have to know their psychological triggers and where they hang out. Also, you want to iron out all the data on their psychographics and demographics.

The more information you uncover about your ideal customer, the better you become at targeting the right people in the right locations.

With this information, you can plan for local service ads, pick the right social media platform, optimize blog posts, and so on. It can also give you fantastic insight into how to make your message resonate with your audience so you can increase both lead generation and conversion rates.

You want to identify your ideal customer so that you can come up with a unique selling proposition and messaging that can give you the edge.


Question #3 – Is Your Website Where It Needs to Be?

How does your website look for the current environment?

The odds are your website isn't perfect right now, especially if you're struggling to sustain growth. That’s why you have to really dig in and find out what you can tweak to make it better.

What do we mean by better?

Customers who land on your website can make snap decisions based on its appearance and what you post.

Here are a couple of tweaks that often make websites better in consumers' eyes:

  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Authoritative vibe
  • Testimonials and reviews
  • A personal tone that speaks directly to customers

The key here is to stop thinking that your website is simply a bridge between a contact number and a phone call. It factors into customer decisions more than you know.

The whole point of this exercise is to create a great marketing plan, right?

For that, you have to min-max your adjustments across multiple areas of your HVAC business.


Question #4 – What Are Your KPIs?

You have to know certain KPIs if you want to ensure you can meet your goal by following your new marketing plan.

Let’s say you know your target and how many leads you need. 

But do you know where most of your leads come from? And do you know the cost of generating a new lead?

You have to work out things like the number of calls you get from the internet and their sources. Not to mention track how much it costs you to generate leads from SEO, pay-per-click (PPC), and even local references.

Metrics are very important in creating a relevant marketing plan.


Question #5 – What Are Some Incremental Changes You Can Make Now to Create Improvement?

You should also figure out if you can make some changes for immediate improvement before working out your plan.

Because if there are incremental changes you can make, it will only help you form a better vision for your plan.

What do we mean by incremental changes?

For example, start by analyzing your investment and return from Google Local Service Ads. Or, go deeper into your PPC advertising to find out if you can rank higher on Google Search.

Finding your incremental changes is about discovering if your HVAC business can tap into multiple lucrative opportunities.


Data and a Systematic Approach Win the Game

You need superior marketing skills and a better plan if you want to edge out your competitors. The more clarity you have on your goal, the easier it is to understand what you have to do to get where you want to be.

This still requires a systematic approach. 

You have to iron out all the details from who your customers are to how you get them, message them, and how you can tap into more lead generation opportunities.

Great marketing planning can maximize your exposure and put you in a place of sustainable growth.

If you'd like to discuss how you can generate better results online, let's schedule a time to chat. You can pick a time that works for you now by going to


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